Get stable, clear shots with these sturdy tripods

FP Studio January 29, 2021 09:10:57 IST
Get stable, clear shots with these sturdy tripods

Affordable and effective
Made from a strong aluminium alloy, this tripod features three-section extendable legs and a centre shaft, making it steady support for your camera. It comes with a three-way mount that fits any camera, as well as a handy phone mount that firmly grips your device.
This tripod is equipped with a spirit level that is great for stabilizing the tripod when working on uneven ground. With a 360-degree swivelling head, you'll find it makes capturing panorama shots effortless. With all the features of high-end equipment at a pocket-friendly price, we find this tripod worth the cost.
For a basic tripod that's budget-friendly, choose this one.

Great travel companion
Ideal for use on a table or the floor, this versatile tripod extends to up to three feet in height. It's aluminium and plastic construction make it lightweight, and it collapses to a compact size, so you won't have any trouble carrying it with you when you travel. It comes with an adaptable phone mount that fits most smartphones. The three-way head gives you endless possibilities when it comes to your camera's orientation, allowing you to express your creativity. A feature we appreciate is that this tripod comes with a shutter remote so you can capture spontaneous photos without setting a timer.
If you're looking for a travel-friendly tripod, your search ends here.

Ideal for a home studio
They say big things come in small packages and this tripod's proof of it. Extending to a height of up to seven feet, you can use this tripod for everything from shooting product videos to creating content for your social media. Rubber foot pads give the tripod sturdy grip on all types of flooring, and the leg braces help keep it steady. While its load rating of 3kg makes it suitable for most digital cameras and cellphones, thanks to its standard ¼-inch mounting screw, you can even use it as an additional mount for lights.
If you're looking for an excellent tripod for home use, this one checks all the right boxes.

Great for beginners
Equipped with rubber feet and a central column for stability, you can say goodbye to camera shake when using this tripod. When it comes to build quality, this tripod delivers excellent results. With a high load rating, you can use it with a wide range of still and video cameras. The aluminium legs extend smoothly and come with robust flip locks, so you can adjust each one's height to suit your requirement. Ideal for beginners, it is simple to use and easy to set up. The adjustable head lets you quickly switch between portrait and landscape mode, and you'll find the handle convenient for panning the camera around.
For a robust and hassle-free tripod, we recommend buying this one.

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