Firework's leading Web 3.0

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Firework's leading Web 3.0

Over the past decade and now, if we have to timeline privacy and security issues stemmed from big tech giants, we will all be sufficiently surprised to see the consistency of these incidents. As a result, cracks have started to appear in the impregnable walls of the closed gardens that are still controlling the internet ecosystem. It is fairly clear that internet is now going through a critical transformation and Internet 3.0 is a reality.

The Walled Gardens

One of the most critical, digital economy, challenges we face today is the continuing concentration of advertising budgets in the hands of social media tech giants. While they do not represent the vast majority of time spent on the internet  and they certainly are not responsible for the vast majority of original content, they capture the vast majority of growth in digital advertising budgets.

If we look at data presented by Similarweb, the monthly active users of social media giants, all put together, stands at roughly 5-7 billion a month compared to 250 billion monthly visits across 350 millions websites across the open web.

It is then fair to say that while the open web commands significantly higher user visits, the social media or the ‘walled gardens’ have derived better engagement through content-which they don’t even own. And that has handed over control of the digital economy to a select few.

Firework’s initiative to unite the open web to take on the mighty social media have emerged from the need to decentralise content and information on the web and build a democratic digital ecosystem. Much like the way Android united the mobile handset ecosystem to take on the mighty Apple and ended by owning 80% of the mobile handset market globally. A new era of advertising is taking shape, now!

Fireworks leading Web 30

An obsolete Open web-without an upgrade

Building a digital asset for any small or large business is necessary today. Your digital asset is meant to drive users to your platform and you end up developing content to facilitate that. However, the social media remains the only option that uses your content to build their MAU. How much of visibility do you have on the data, especially when you are governed by a set of opaque rules, that perhaps only benefits the social media.

With Firework, you have a chance to deliver an experience that is similar to that of a social media, without really having to develop anything that creates a dent on your budgets. Firework upgrades simple websites and transforms them to mobile friendly web assets that deliver app-like seamlessness and immersive experience, powers the website with vertical short video storytelling capability with an unmatchable e-commerce experience that drives business revenue and consumer delight.

Web 3.0 is certainly about decentralised internet that will democratise the web. However, if businesses fail to offer an upgraded user experience then the might socials will continue to dictate the digital economy and the open web will cease to exist.

On the Open web, it’s your data

To take on the mighty social media and build an ecosystem that encourages decentralisation of web, only upgrading and uniting the open web will not serve the purpose. We realised that it is equally important to stay connected to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Firework have created a network of more than 500 publishers that businesses will be able to connect with and serve your content. With the simple click of a switch you will be able to discover users that are most likely to engage with your content and product, without really having to invade privacy or track users or disrupting their regular web habits with intrusive advertisements. Firework have created a future proof ecosystem that allows a business to engage with users without ever having to use cookies-which certainly is the future of internet.

Saddle up for the new era of internet

The new era of internet is here and now. If WordPress powered the last 20 years of internet, Firework is poised to power the next. With 450 millions page views, on course to cross a billion in the next 3 months, Firework will spearhead the shift to Internet 3.0 touching 5 Billion page views by the end of 2021.

While Firework is born in Silicon valley in the US, Firework’s India first strategy will mean that all of this is being led by India and is poised to significantly benefit the local businesses that have emerged out of the country.

In line with that , Firework in India will see a host of innovation that will empower the local businesses to truly enjoy the fruits of a decentralised web for the first time, very soon.

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