Notes from hell: Ah, such deceit and chicanery...

She "passed away peacefully", they say.


If this is a peaceful death, then may we all live peaceful lives.

Harsh as it sounds, I can’t help but wonder if this will be a fleeting kleenex moment for us.

Heart says, no. It won’t be. This will be the one that triggers something good, if I may call reducing the bad by a tad to be good.

Mind says yes. This will be  just another temporary kleenex moment, in a long string of kleenex moments, interspersed as they were with water canons and a dented MP with a tainted mind here and painted flaming-red herrings there ; a fleeting sense of sympathy and empathy. Some tears, some gas and some teargas.

It is a matter of time before the Braveheart gangrape victim becomes another piece of statistic. Reuters

It is a matter of time before the Braveheart gangrape victim becomes another piece of statistic. An integer enclosed in a cell within a spreadsheet on some government-formed committee's database. They will pivot-table it like this and they will pivot-table it like that, before transferring smart-looking tables and charts to a PowerPoint slide (which will show how the overall picture is improving and superior to,,,,,Mali or Botswana of course).

A report, two inquiries, three commissions, four speeches, five times six tch-tchs from professional, paid tch-tchers who will talk airily on TV debates before they go back into the dark underbelly of some temple where they fling papers and mikes while legislating!

May  her family and loved ones get the strength to bear the loss; all else is temporary, other than their pain and loss.

As for the rest?

Ah, the vile vile deceit and chicanery.

The violence first. The constable.

Then moving her out like it was a high-security operation dealing with issues of national safety.
The media changing course and taking the debates to the fringes by some intellectual auto-eroticism.

A sudden spurt in this MP or that MLA (and that DSP), what he said, she said, and what he said back. Society this, Culture that. Very bad, tch-tch, we must we must, we must do something. Like me on FB, RT my gems on twitter. My TRP strongest, your TRP thhmmbbtt!

Paint and apologies. Dents and tautologies.

They just took all the energy away and dissipated it across a 100 issues.

All to keep themselves safe from the ire that was building up?
She just became a pawn in games within games.
Ah, the vile vile deceit and chicanery!

Updated Date: Dec 29, 2012 11:57 AM