Unlock a customised curriculum and access to highly experienced coaches with BasicFirst's revolutionary e-learning program. 

Whatever school, course or educational program you are following, any student performs better with one-on-one teaching. Yet in large-format, in-person classrooms, this is not always possible. The sad reality then is that some students who struggle with complex ideas get left behind. Yet, the pandemic is proving that e-learning can be a blessing for students of different ages and the future of education as a whole.

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Unlock a customised curriculum and access to highly experienced coaches with BasicFirst's revolutionary e-learning program. 

Aptitude-based personalised platform BasicFirst is leading the charge with a unique approach to e-learning. It allows every student to have a personalised curriculum and access to some of the most experienced teachers, mentors and coaches from the country's top IITs and IIMs. Whether you need customised options for IIT, Medical courses or help with competitive exams like Classes 10 and 12 board exams across various States, BasicFirst puts the right students and tutors together to allow for the best results possible.

Now students don't have to wait to clear a doubt or worry about not understanding a topic. With ready access to educators and unlimited doubts clearance via chat or a phone call, students can feel empowered to question, consult and learn more efficiently. All the student needs to do is log on to the Basic First portal and select the 'Ask Response' section to submit your question. Soon, a professor will call back and help you with your query one-on-one.

This kind of personalised attention and care for student welfare is what sets BasicFirst apart from many of the e-learning programs on the market. When it comes to making education and e-learning approachable and fun, it doesn't get better than this.

With a no-student gets left behind policy, the program's goal-oriented approach allows students to plan and adapt their curriculum and learning to suit their strengths and study more efficiently. Guided course content makes even the most challenging concepts easy to absorb by breaking it down into bite-sized pieces that allow better retention. 

Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Science, Geography, Commerce and more, every learning module is backed by a free Wiki. Students can easily make reference notes and conduct an in-depth study for better understanding. Besides, Free books solution, SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis and 750+ Pre and Post Assessments, Mockups and practice tests make sure you are completely prepared for your final tests and exams.

Unlock a customised curriculum and access to highly experienced coaches with BasicFirsts revolutionary elearning program 

But perhaps one of the most significant plus points is that with the help of teachers, students can plan their academic calendars. Classes are self-paced, and there is no stress or pressure to conform to unrealistic academic schedules. Pre and post-assessments help to tweak course content, while routine SWOT analysis and specialised textbooks make sure you stay on track and are thriving. Besides, BasicFirst makes it possible for students to study from virtually anywhere. Course content is available online but can also be downloaded via the app. This makes it easy to store it for future review and round the clock learning.

No more are students, educators, and parents confined to the locality they live in. The active peer-to-peer discussion channel helps students feel like they are a part of a class of group students while giving them all the benefits of individual study. 

With content and coursework based on some of the best material in the country, Basic First's engaging and interactive model of learning paves the way to the future of young generations with ease. 

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