If walls could speak, they'd tell you about the germs on them.


FP Studio January 05, 2021 15:32:17 IST
If walls could speak, they'd tell you about the germs on them.

Over the past few months, life has taught us new ways and routines in order to keep ourselves safe. By now we all know how to sanitise our hands carefully, wear a mask when outdoors, and be mindful of social distancing. But what about the inside of our homes?

 You might be surprised to learn that one of the highest risk areas in your home is your walls. While they protect you from the germs and muck of the outside, they often still harbour invisible viruses, germs and bacteria despite your best efforts to keep them clean.

Yet, we're always leaning against them, touching them and coming in contact with them throughout the day. Toddlers and young kids more than anyone love running their hands along walls and decorating them with stickers and stains. But, when you're stuck indoors, play is essential. So how can you give your loved ones the freedom to stay home yet stay safe?

If walls could speak theyd tell you about the germs on them

An easy solution

At this time more than ever, your walls must become the ultimate germ-fighting structures. Besides, if you have furry pets or adults with allergies, it becomes even more essential to find ways to maintain the hygiene of your home and the health of your family. In this case, the right solution to this problem is the simplest one. Painting your walls with a reliable antiviral and antibacterial paint like Nerolac Excel Virus Guard could be the best thing you do for your health in 2020.

What makes this paint extraordinary?

As India's No1. Antiviral paint, this eco-friendly interior paint reduces viruses, germs & bacteria by 99.9%. Among its other great features, Nerolac Excel Virus Guard has also proven to be effective against ten different bacterial strains that include E.Coli, S aureus, M.tuberculosis, S.pneumoniae and more. Its CO2 absorption properties help keep the air in your home clean while a ton of unique ingredients helps to sterilise your walls, eliminate odours and even control your in-room humidity. How's that for fantastic?


If walls could speak theyd tell you about the germs on them

All round home care for the win

Developed with Japanese Shiquy Technology, this antimicrobial paint reduces germs, viruses and bacteria by a whopping 99.9%! That’s not all. It controls humidity, kills bad odour and it’s CO2 absorption technology purifies air that you are breathing. Nerolac Excel Virus Guard doesn’t only protect walls, it also imparts  a unique fabric finish which gives premium fabric finish.

Easy to apply and long-lasting, painting your home with this paint is one of those things you can check off your list and forget about for months.
If walls could speak theyd tell you about the germs on them
A hassle-free solution to take on the challenge of a post pandemic world, remember, disinfecting your walls is fleeting but choosing an emulsion that protects your loved ones from harmful germs is priceless. The only way to get through the next months unscathed is to practise good hygiene, and there's no better place to start than your walls.

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