How to choose the safest skin care products for your baby? Your baby’s skin deserves the best. Here’s what you can do.


FP Studio November 25, 2020 19:17:00 IST
How to choose the safest skin care products for your baby?  Your baby’s skin deserves the best. Here’s what you can do.

The world is a scary place for new parents. From the moment a couple receives the news that they are expecting, to the period of pregnancy, and right to the delivery, time just flies. But it’s when the baby is out in the world that things become very real very fast. Once the parents hold the baby in their arms, their parental instinct kicks in and their brains go in overdrive, wanting to protect the baby at all costs. And among a lot of other important factors, one very important aspect is the skin of the baby, and how sensitive it is, and how it demands a lot of care and attention.

Why think twice before choosing a product for your baby’s skin?
Your baby’s skin is thinner and more delicate as compared to your skin and even the slightest of irritations lead to inflammations, rashes, and skin conditions. And that’s why it’s important to use only the safest natural products for your baby’s skin. And we can all agree that nothing is ever good enough or trustworthy enough for parents, especially when it comes to their baby’s health and wellbeing.

Rest assured, parents never stop looking for the safest natural skincare products for their baby’s delicate skin and The Moms Co. is made to deliver just that!

Why The Moms Co. products are the ones you need to trust.
The Moms Co. is India’s largest Nature In. Toxins Out brand and has a range of baby care products that are Australia-certified toxin-free and made with the safest natural ingredients. The range of products include everything you would need to protect and nurture your baby’s skin such as tear-free baby wash and shampoo to diaper rash cream, talc-free powder and mineral-based sunscreen. Why trust The Moms Co.? It is because this brand believes in being transparent about everything; not only about how their products will work on the baby’s delicate skin, but also about what goes inside the products and how they are created. Every ingredient that they use is checked against 5 international toxicity databases including EWG, Paula’s Choice, Made Safe, Whole Foods and Safe Cosmetics Australia. The Moms Co. takes ingredient safety a step further by refraining from using ingredients that can be potentially harmful. For example, their baby powder uses Cornstarch instead of Talc. Corn Starch is naturally derived from Corn and safe for your baby’s skin. Their baby lotion and baby cream are made without Mineral Oil and contain natural oils such as Calendula, Chamomile, Avocado and more which are beneficial for your baby’s skin. Along with being open about what goes inside and where the ingredients are sourced from, The Moms Co.’s baby care products are all dermatologically tested, Australia-certified toxin-free, PETA-certified cruelty free, hypoallergenic and clinically-tested tear-free. These products are safe to use on your baby’s skin from Day 1.

What do The Moms Co. products contain?
Be it nourishing your baby’s skin with natural ingredients such as Shea butter, Cocoa Butter, Apricot and Jojoba oils which moisturize and softens the skin to gently cleansing your baby’s skin and hair with Coconut-based cleansers and natural oils in their Natural Baby Wash and Natural Baby Shampoo. Other products in The Moms Co.’s baby care range include Hair Oil, Massage Oil, Face Cream, Diaper Rash Cream, Soothing Relief Wash and Lotion, Talc-free powder and Mineral-based sunscreen. All in all, you get all round protection for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin with The Moms Co. products.

These products contain ingredients especially curated to target the trouble points that come in with the sensitive skin of the baby. For example, the diaper rash cream contains 15% Zinc Oxide which creates a barrier on the skin and protects it from irritants and also has Calendula oil that soothes the skin. The baby bath products which play an important role in revitalizing the skin contain natural ingredients and organic oils like Moringa, Calendula, Aloe Vera and Chamomile, which ensure the product is gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin.

All of The Moms Co. products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and Australia-certified toxin-free to ensure that nothing but the safest natural products are created for your baby’s delicate skin. So rush over to and take a look for yourself. Give your baby’s skin and hair the best natural care with The Moms Co.!

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