How nutrition can impact your child in the long run


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How nutrition can impact your child in the long run

Good nutrition is integral to good health and development during the early years of your child's life. Getting optimal nutrition or introducing ways to course-correct nutritional deficiencies are particularly important since this is the time children learn best.
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Just like adults, children develop preferences and can become picky eaters. They like some foods more than others, and often these are not the most healthy choices. Even if they do eat vegetables, it may not include all the ones needed to create a balanced diet. As a parent and caregiver, you are responsible not only for providing the right mix of foods but also helping your child build a sound immune system and create good food habits that will last for life.

In the short term, this can mean better resistance to illnesses or infections and more stable moods and energy levels. In the long term, it can mean taller children, better BMI indexes, stronger memory and better academic success.

What is good nutrition?
From birth right into puberty, your kids' bodies change rapidly. Along with it, their needs for macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) change too. Sufficient nutrition consists of a balance of foods and drinks that give our body all the fuel it needs to function adequately. If your child’s diet consists mostly of street food, aerated drinks and candy, chances are your child's belly is full, but his body's hunger for nutrients is still raging.
While they probably get some of these from the foods they consume in the day, how do you know they are getting enough?

How nutrition can impact your child in the long run

How to ensure sufficient nutrition.
If your family already eats a balanced diet full of a large variety of fruits and vegetables, you don't need to make significant changes. If your family's diet isn't as full of healthy foods as you'd like, then early childhood is the time to set it right!
Encourage your child to eat intuitively until they are full, create healthy routines like starting the day with breakfast and introducing alternative sources like an appropriate Health drink without any added sugar to help support your child’s nutrition.

Creating a situation where children have a positive relationship with food is something they will take with them throughout life, but finding the right one can be tricky.
NANGROW is a nutritious milk drink in a delicious, creamy vanilla flavour specially formulated for growing children between the ages of two and five years old.

How nutrition can impact your child in the long run

A Health Drink to Support your Child’s Nutrition
Nestle NANGROW is a nutritious milk drink which contains essential nutrients that help support children’s growth & development.

DHA contributes to normal brain development
Iron & Iodine help support normal cognitive development
Immuno nutrients like Vit A, C, Iron, Selenium help support normal immune system function
Whey protein is a source of all essential amino acids and is easily digested and absorbed.

Finally, parents who reinforce the importance of good nutritional choices in early childhood are more likely to have children who develop correctly and grow up to be able to reach their full potential with ease. Sky’s the limit, remember!

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