Children Have Another Reason To Stay In School Post 2020 Era


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Children Have Another Reason To Stay In School Post 2020 Era

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted our social and professional networks in unimaginable ways. Whether it’s working from home, or curtailing our holiday celebrations, it’s restricted all manner of activities. While for working adults there have arisen new professional networks to maintain productivity and morale, for school-going children, suddenly shorn of their regular routines and their social circles, it has been a much more profound and detrimental change. It has denied them the chance to explore their personality and to grow as people, which a school environment provides them. That’s why great weekly boarding facilities, like the one offered by Ebenezer International School Bangalore, which was named the Leading Residential School In India by BWEducation, have been gaining credence as an alternative to regular school.

A Perfect Place To Grow

Ebenezer International School Bangalore offers students a perfect refuge, where they can test and develop their intellectual and physical abilities. Following a progressive EBEN education system, which stands for ‘Education Based On Engagement and Nurturing’, the learning philosophy at EIS aims to inculcate a love for knowledge in students, allied with a pride in achievement through hard work. It’s a teaching method fine tuned to produce innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners, fully equipped to master the global knowledge economy of the 21st century. It was a philosophy validated by the school’s 100% success rate in the ICSE exams in 2020, which saw more than half the students score more than 75%.

As Jesus Lall, Chairman of Ebenezer International School, says, “Our intention and efforts are coupled to provide an education that does not tire the child out but refreshes him, as it takes cognizance of his emotional well-being; an education that makes him an active seeker of knowledge, an education that enhances his compassion for each and every member of his ecosystem.

Ready To Conquer

It's a statement of purpose that bears out in the world class facilities and opportunities that EIS provides its students, especially in the realm of sports. With great facilities, like a synthetic track, half Olympic sized pool, cricket and football fields, equestrian and archery zones, skating rink and fitness training from international experts, it’s little wonder that students of EIS regularly win accolades at sporting competitions. To add to these great facilities, our students also receive great support. As Smaran R, a former student who passed out in 2019, said, “I was playing cricket, and was in the school team. The school management was an asset to me during the time, as I could play cricket and manage my academics well.”

Children Have Another Reason To Stay In School Post 2020 Era

Ebenezer International School Bangalore has a history of dominating inter-school T20 competitions, both at the state and zonal levels. A number of under-14 cricketers from the school have also been selected to play in a Karnataka State Inter-Zonal Cricket Tournament, organized by KSCA. All this, without letting academic levels drop. A student, Paras Gurbax Arya, detailed the special effort for students involved in sports. “The teachers would help me with extra classes and worksheets so that I could catch up with my studies and be prepared for my board exams.where ever I am now as a person or an athlete is because this institution and I shall always be grateful for their support”

Safe And Secure

All these ambitious avenues of growth can only be fully realized when the health and safety of resident students can be assured. While Ebenezer International School Bangalore has adapted to the need for remote learning, there are many safety measures in place for the coming year. These precautions follow the recommended health guidelines and include mandatory campus sanitization, thermal screening at regular intervals, staggered class schedules, compulsory donning of mask and gloves, enhanced vitamin and mineral consumption and proper ventilation.

Children Have Another Reason To Stay In School Post 2020 EraChildren Have Another Reason To Stay In School Post 2020 Era
A School That Feels Like Home

It’s in keeping with the school’s avowed aim to never compromise a child’s health and safety. And to let them enjoy a great boarding experience, which comes through beautifully in a special film produced to illustrate it. Watch it below.


The Covid-19 pandemic might have put temporary breaks on the development of our children, but it’s time to give them back the opportunity to blossom. With a great combination of national and international curriculum, together with progressive facilities for overall growth and development, Ebenezer International School Bangalore is a worthy standard bearer of this new paradigm of education.

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