Are You Forgetting To Clean These Spaces In Your Home?

Using appropriate products, from cleaning materials, disinfectants and even bacteria- resistant paints such as Asian Paints Royale Health Shield, can go a long way to keeping your household free of worry and disease.

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Are You Forgetting To Clean These Spaces In Your Home?

The COVID-19 virus has us all scrambling for the sanitizer and disinfectants, wiping down kitchen countertops, furniture and other surfaces compulsively as we try to banish an invisible foe. Now more than ever, hygiene is of utmost importance. Besides not wanting to contract the potentially-deadly COVID-19 virus, the logistical nightmare of needing medical attention for other illnesses stemming from poor hygiene is a thing of dread. So we go on with the daily rituals of rinsing, scrubbing and disinfecting. But are you getting every nook and cranny? Your home could look spotless, but still be hiding a host of dirty secrets - unlikely places collecting dust, fungus or germs that could be breeding grounds for disease. Here are eight places you may be overlooking during your cleaning drill.

Behind the bed

Chances are your bed is pushed up against the wall and that bed hasn’t been moved in months (or years?). Heavy furniture often sits in its place for ages - after all, who wants to huff and puff to move that almirah that weighs a ton? Get a buddy to help you shift those hefty items and you’ll be shocked at what you may find - spider webs, dead insects, insect eggs, piles of dust and (if you’ve been especially unlucky) rat poop.

Check your walls
Are You Forgetting To Clean These Spaces In Your Home

Walls are not cleaned or painted nearly as often as they should be. If your home is in need of a new paint job, consider products that can help protect your family against disease.

The hygiene of our home is of utmost importance today. Thus protecting the surfaces in our home and keeping them safe, is the need of the hour. Paint your house with Asian Paints Royale Health Shield range of products – The Anti-Bacterial Multi-Surface Paint.  There are two sets of products in it - Royale Health Shield and Royale Health Shield Clear. Royale Health Shield can be applied on your walls to give a new look with the color of your choice and also gives Anti-Bacterial protection to your walls. Royale Health Shield Clear is a protective clear coat that can be applied on your pre-painted interior surfaces to give anti-bacterial protection. Royale Health Shield range of products can kill 99%# bacteria on painted surfaces within 2 hours of exposure. The Silver Ion Technology in the paint is recommended* by the Indian Medical Association. Royale Health Shield range of products is a revolutionary solution that combines hygiene and aesthetics to ensure safe and beautiful surfaces in your home.

Under furniture

Sure, you get the floor swept on the regular - you may even be conscientious enough to swipe the broom under the sofa and TV unit every day, BUT, have you taken a look at the underside of those items? The underneath of the bed frame, sofa, tables and chairs can unveil a whole world of dirt that’ll give you the heebie jeebies. It’s a favourite space for spiders, grime and dust.

Under your window air-conditioner

If you have a window AC, you’ll probably have had pesky pigeons trying to build a nest on its shelf outside. These ‘flying rats’ are named so because of the diseases that they transmit. They might cause a mite infestation in your home. Their droppings also cause a host of diseases in humans, which can affect the lungs. The next time you get your AC serviced, clean out the rack for nests, eggs and droppings. Disinfect the area - and don’t forget to wear gloves.

Go above and beyond 

It’s important to go above eye level when looking to clean thoroughly. For example, the tops of kitchen cabinets can collect grease and grime but are often ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Get the step ladder and steel wool out and scrub the tops of those cupboards, cabinets and doors.

Sweat the small stuff

We’re so used to seeing clocks, picture frames and curios everyday that we don’t really SEE them. These are big dust collectors and can contribute to allergies in those who are sensitive to dust. Don’t forget to dust those fans, lamps and light fixtures as well.

Dust the decorative and real plants

Indoor plants don’t get the same regular washing that the rain brings to outdoor flora. They need a good shower now and then. Small plants can be sprayed under a shower or tap to get the dusty leaves clean. Larger plants can be cleaned with a spray bottle or a microfiber cloth to each leaf. Those with fake plants will also want to clean these dust collectors regularly.

Clean wardrobe shelves

Every once in a while, you need to take out all those clothes, boxes and bags (yes, all of them) from inside the wardrobe and wipe down the shelves. You’ll be surprised at how much dust (or heaven forbid, fungus in the monsoons) can accumulate inside your cupboard. On the plus side, you may find some of your favourite old clothes way in the back.



#Royale Health Shield range of products with Silver Ion technology, within 2 hours of exposure kills 99% bacteria on walls.

*Fomite Infections (bacteria) can spread through infected walls among other indoor surfaces in homes and offices.


Refer to ‘Antibacterial Silver’, 1994, School of Chemistry & App Chemistry, University of Wales by Julia Clement & Penelope Jarrett


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