Aaj Careful toh Kal Colourful

The wonderful philosophy by Nerolac was brought to life by an equally beautiful social media contest

FP Studio February 23, 2021 12:56:21 IST
Aaj Careful toh Kal Colourful

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone in more than one way. From out-of-the-blue lockdowns to making various sanitation tactics a habit, we all have had to adjust and improvise on the go. While it has been a major shift that has also been inconvenient at times, we have managed to keep the bigger picture in mind and make careful choices to protect ourselves to ensure a better tomorrow.

Nerolac decided to spread some cheer exactly for this reason, under their #AajCareful toh Kal Colourful philosophy. As Kansai Nerolac celebrated its 100th year, the ACKC Contest seemed the perfect way to spread some cheer, and at the same time salute the spirit shown by everyone. Nerolac asked people to share their stories about the careful choices they made the new rituals they adopted as a part of their lifestyle to ensure protection of themselves and their loved onesThe best stories will receive a colourful surprise from Nerolac, i.e. painting a full room in their homes!

At the end of the stipulated time period, an overwhelming 200 entries poured in, with lots of humane stories about how people tried to adapt and make changes as part of their lives today, to ensure a better, brighter, more colourful future. While it was great to see how people responded, what was better was seeing how well people have adapted and were making proactive & careful choices to stay protected.

It was all about the small things. Right from ensuring to have a bath as soon one returned home, ensuring one never steps out of home without a sanitizer, wearing a mask and urging others around them to do the same, and many such habits & lifestyle changes were shared by a lot of people. While it was a difficult task, three lucky winners were chosen who will get a room in their house painted by Nerolac Excel Virus Guard, a paint that protects your walls from 99.9% viruses and bacteria. It also helps control odour and humidity and imparts an international appeal fabric finish.

Pooja Garg, one of the winners spoke about how she made it a habit to stay in the house as much as possible; by that we mean she became excruciatingly thrifty with going out, and stepped out only in dire circumstances. This way, she not only protected herself but also others. Nisha Dhingra was also one of the lucky winners, and she spoke about regular sanitization as well as ensuring to leave footwear outside the house at all costs as one of the habits she cultivated. For Renu Thakur, the third winner, it was all about ensuring maximum cleanliness. Along with sanitizing everything that entered the house, she also washed the reusable masks every single time she came back from the outdoors.

These are the winners of the contest who knew the importance of careful choices today for a better, more colourful future; but in reality we all are winners. We, the citizens of India have done an exemplary job of fighting the pandemic by ensuring sanitation and hygiene are integrated in our lives. After all, it is all for a better future. Hopefully, these new-found rituals become a way of life, and we all walk hand-in-hand towards a safer, better, more colourful future!

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