Gaurav Chopra on Bigg Boss 10 eviction: Manu, Mona, Manveer are manipulative; Om needs help

After a 75-day run on Colors TV’s Bigg Boss 10, celebrity contestant Gaurav Chopra was ousted on the 1 January ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode in a surprise eviction.

Now out of the Bigg Boss house, Gaurav chatted with Firstpost about his run on the show. Excerpts from the interview:

“Post-eviction, I feel lost”

Gaurav Chopra on Colors TV's 'Bigg Boss 10'

Gaurav Chopra on Colors TV's 'Bigg Boss 10'

Gaurav admitted that after his sudden eviction from the show, he felt bemused and directionless. “I was joking that I should switch on GPS in my mind,” he said. “I didn’t expect it to happen, so mentally, I wasn’t prepared (to leave). I felt I would be inside for another three to four weeks and be eliminated from the competition only in the 13th or 14th week.”

“Who says relationships made in the Bigg Boss house don’t last?”

Gaurav says he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support post-eviction. “Bigg Boss made an emotional farewell speech… The culmination of the journey became so emotional. I have done 8-9 reality shows and surprise evictions do happen on these shows. But after Bigg Boss, there was a tsunami of messages and calls. My name was trending on Twitter.”

Among Gaurav’s supporters on Twitter was co-contestant Rahul Dev, ousted in a previous episode. “Disappointed with the eviction of Gaurav Chopra... really don’t what audiences want. Hope it’s an act,” Rahul tweeted. Gaurav replied: “That’s my elder brother and his love. And they say relationships made in the BB house don’t last!”

Aam aadmi or atrangi characters?”

This season saw the introduction of non-celebrity contestants — called the ‘Indiawale’ — on Bigg Boss. Did Gaurav at any time feel that the show was biased towards them?

“People have said this… for instance, when the ‘Indiawale’ made a mistake, it was just pointed out to them, whereas even when we celebrities followed all the rules, we were punished. Maybe they hoped for and expected more from us. Then again, it is a show and it is based on their (the BB team’s) discretion,” said Gaurav.

He added: “Look, when I went on the show, I was told that there were two teams — ‘Indiawale’ and ‘Celebrities’, and without any game or task, we would be the 'sevaks' and they would be the 'maaliks', and I understood what would eventually happen. How can ‘Indiawale’ lose on a reality show where the aam janta’s vote makes a huge difference? I didn’t bother much because I wasn’t there to just win the show. I went for the experience.”

He did, however, point out that contrary to the showrunners’ claims, the representation of the aam aadmi was completely missing from the show: “A common man is a tolerant, middle class person with an inner strength. But Bigg Boss is a controversial reality show which needs atrangi characters so that the makers can get the desired TRPs,” Gaurav said.

“Mona, Manveer and Manu are the most manipulative contestants” 

“Manu Punjabi is openly manipulative, as he feels it’s the only way to play the game. Manveer Gurjar’s family have called him a liar. He (Manveer) was very respectful towards me, but he’d bitch about me when I wasn’t around. He does the same with his friends. Manveer may project that he’s playing he game from his heart, but he isn’t: he knows that Manu is using him and at some point of time he will turn the relationship around. As for Mona, she suddenly becomes this poor girl who can’t do tasks, cries at the drop of a hat and wants to leave the show and go home. It is felt outside that the commoners were very simple, innocent people playing from the heart — but actually it is the other way round. They are all quite manipulative in their game,” Gaurav told us. “I feel that Swami Om has a clinical disorder, he needs help. He also has a criminal bent of mind.”

“I feel protective of Bani J”

After his eviction, Gaurav has showed his support for Bani J, his friend in the Bigg Boss house. Of their unlikely friendship, he said: “We were two very different people, but with a strong bond. I felt protective and responsible for her, she has a childlike quality… She has her mood swings, her health-related stuff and I always respected all that. We had code words and even in when we’d be fighting, she would whisper those words to me. She made parathas for me — and Bani cooking for someone else in between her own workout and food schedules was a big thing! I thought it was important as a friend if I could do something for her. I got out of the show in an abrupt manner, but she has one of my shirts, so there is a part of me still inside the house.”

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Updated Date: Jan 03, 2017 13:56:27 IST