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Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 6, 22nd October 2016: Has Priyanka Jagga been eliminated?

With the first week coming to an end, the Bigg Boss season 10 contestants had a face-off with the show host Salman Khan, who was clearly not pleased with their performance, “non-involvement” in tasks and a bit aloof  behaviour of the celebrities or the ‘Sevaks’.

“It seems like a one-sided contest with Indiawale (commoners) completely destroying the celebrities,” said Salman. However, on one hand he found an aggressive Priyanka good as a player, at the same time, he was unhappy with her screaming, screeching, fighting and throwing tantrums over small issues inside the house with her fellow contestants.

During the course of conversation with contestants, Salman pointed out that some of the contestants have watched previous episodes plenty of times and they think by creating lot of drama they would win the game. Probably he was hinting at Priyanka. Rumours has it, Priyanka will be ousted from the show and will thus be the first contestant to be evicted.

It’s said that the tipping point was a recent contest between the two teams in the house, the celebrities and the commoners, to stay put on a rocking horse while constantly drinking water, without getting up for a loo break. Priyanka beat her rival VJ Bani in the challenge by peeing in her pants. She then went on to order Bani to wash those same stained clothes.

Apparently, people are disgusted by her behaviour and hence she is set to be booted out of the show. Also, Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa, who has not made an impact yet, seemed like a more obvious choice for public elimination. Interestingly, Salman compared Mona Lisa to the previous year's contestant, actress and his former co-star, Rimi Sen, who’d also been passive on the show. When Mona Lisa tells Salman that her two-day jail experience was good, Salman says, in good humour, that it wasn’t so good for him too, obviously referring to his legal cases.

 Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 6, 22nd October 2016: Has Priyanka Jagga been eliminated?

Salman Khan in Weekend Ka Vaar.

Meanwhile, commoner Lokesh Kumari Sharma, who speaks in a sing-a-song tone seemed to have impressed Salman with her funny antics, and the actor even imitates Lokesh. Celebrity contestant, Rahul Dev, who has so far remained quiet on the show, accepts that it's a very difficult and challenging show. “In this one week I have learnt everything – how to wash utensils, clothes, cleaning, cooking..." to which Salman says with a laugh, “Now you have become a complete man.”

Further, he asks the inmates to pick a Khalnayak (villain) right in front of everybody. The contestants were asked to support their answers with valid explanations.While everyone was nominating, commoner Manu Punjabi managed to irk Salman because he didn’t address Rohan Mehra with his name. This doesn’t go down too well with Salman and in a very indirect way calls him ‘badtameez‘. Meanwhile, Priyanka has been selected by majority to sit on the Khalnayak Kursi (Villain’s chair).

Salman fires Swami for his behaviour as he was seen threatening Lopamudra Raut a few days back. Salman was more pissed with the fact that Om Swami threatened a woman on national television. The two got into a heated war of words, but ultimately Om Swami accepted his mistakes and apologised to Salman.

On the Khalnayak Kursi,  Priyanka clearly says that she doesn’t feel comfortable with celebs in the house as they make commoners feel that they were ‘aam’ or common, and that the celebrities were uptight. Celebrities, on the other hand, refused the allegations. Salman too felt that the celebrities had distanced themselves from commoners and advised them to start getting to know the commoners more from the second week.

Bani, who lost the rocking horse task, is then pulled up. The superstar was not very happy with Bani given that she didn’t allow Rohan to take part in the task even though he'd shown interest, and gave up too soon.

Priyanka, Manu, Antara Biswas aka Mona Lisa and Gaurav Chopra were in the danger zone this week. Salman didn’t announce the name of the first evictee yesterday, which will be done today (Sunday) and the elimination will be shown on today’s episode of the high voltage reality show0.

As the show continued, in a lighter moment Salman cracked a joke on Priyanka Chopra. He said that if Priyanka Jagga married Gaurav Chopra, she would be Priyanka Chopra. Salman also accepted that not just for the contestants but this season was extremely difficult for him, too, as he was also a commoner once and later became a celebrity because of the love and support of aam aadmi or Indiawale. “As a result I can’t take sides of any one," he said.

It was certainly an interesting first week that saw huge amount of drama essentially due to the first Luxury Budget task. While some contestants like Nitibha Kaul, Rahul Dev and Navin Prakash were tight-lipped during all the arguments, some like Priyanka Jagga, Manu Punjabi, Bani J and Rohan Mehra were quite vocal and at times aggressive. And then there was Om Swami, who created controversies and laughter with his weird revelations about himself.

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Updated Date: Oct 23, 2016 11:21:44 IST