Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 5, 21st October 2016: Rocking horse task creates quite the stir

The first cat fight of Bigg Boss Season 10 kick-started with a war of words between ‘Indiawale’ (commoner) Priyanka Jagga and celebrity contestant VJ Bani. On Day 5, they are back at it as the first week in the house comes to an end.

Priyanka has been one of the most active contestants in arguments, spats and fights, and has often shown that the celebrities, who are still ‘sevaks’, are no good at any household work. However, it looks like she won’t be 'spared' by the show’s host, Salman Khan, today, or at least the promo reveals so.

Salman is seen asking Priyanka whether she teaches her children to say 'Please', 'Sorry', etc, as she complains to him about celebrities having an attitude. Bani appears to be a volatile personality, however, her passive behaviour has come as a surprise to many.

 Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 5, 21st October 2016: Rocking horse task creates quite the stir

Swami Om and Monalisa in the Bigg Boss jail.

After being locked inside jail, Om Swami seems to have lost his composure, as he asks Bigg Boss to install an air conditioner in the jail area to avoid getting a heat stroke. Manu Punjabi pulls his leg saying that he claims to be a sanyasi but wants to live a luxurious life. Om Swami's absurd remarks may be entertaining some of the housemates but are pissing off most, including the viewers.

Earlier, the self-styled godman had claimed to have saved the country from a missile attack through his tantrik powers. Further, he rubbed most of the contestants the wrong way, including Lopamudra Raut, Mona Lisa, Akanksha Sharma, Gaurav Chopra. He was heard telling Antara Biswas aka Mona Lisa that she isn’t an actress as big as Katrina Kaif.

In the fifth episode yesterday, Swami threatens Bigg Boss while demanding an air conditioner, saying, "Main duniya ka sabse bada dhongi, sabse khatarnak badmaash hoon, sabse bada rakshas hoon. Bigg Boss bahut garmi lag rahi hai, yaa to air conditioner chala dijiye, warna main surang khodkar ke, jail todkar baahar bhaag jaunga. (I'm a fake baba, I'm a fraud, I'm a devil. Bigg Boss, please switch on the air conditioner or I will dig a tunnel in the jail and flee out of the house)." Salman Khan, as the promo suggests, will be taking up Om Swami's case today.

As the day progresses, another task is introduced to for the celebrities (sevaks); one more chance to become the rulers of the house as Bigg Boss feels that the commoners or the masters of the house need to be punished for cooking their own food, as against the rule book.

Day 5 (1)

Bigg Boss contestants before the Rocking Horse task.

The ‘Rocking Horse’ task is launched wherein Bigg Boss asks the sevaks and maliks to nominate two contestants from their respective teams to perform the task. According to the rules, the selected contestants are required to sit on a top of a rocking horse and keep it in motion at all times without their feet touching the ground. If both the members of either of the teams quit, the other team will be declared as the winner.

The celebrities elect Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani, while commoners elect Navin Prakash and Priyanka to take on the challenge. Both the parties try to distract the opposition team members with various antics which also leads to heated arguments and thereby emotional breakdown. When Akanksha tries to displace Bani from the horse by stroking her face with a dirty sock, latter gets miffed and gives Akanksha a piece of mind by telling her that she has lost all respect for her due to her actions. Hurt by Bani's comments, Akanksha breaks down and is seen sobbing in the baggage area.

Soon after, Bani drops out of the task after consulting the rest of team members, and Navin follows. With only two contestants – Gaurav and Priyanka - left in the game, the competition gets tougher and more intense as the day passes by. Gaurav and Priyanka stay strong and showcase great endurance as they continue to perform the task to save their respective teams.

And since the challengers are also supposed to drink water at every alarm, the task proves to be extremely difficult for them. However, Priyanka, who can never accept defeat, is not able to control her bladder and as a result she pees in her pants. Earlier, Bani too had reached her tipping point, but unlike Priyanka she had refused to pee on national television and hence had called it quits from the task.

Priyanka and Bani get into a kind of debate and heated argument on this topic as latter wonders what makes Priyanka so desperate to win the task or the game. Priyanka says, she wants to win for her children. “We aren’t poor but we aren’t rich either,” she says.

Day 5 (3)

Gaurav and Bani during the task.

Gaurav gives up soon after, thereby making Priyanka the winner. Gaurav isn’t happy with the fact that he lost by a whisker and he’s seen mumbling in the bathroom with fist clenched, “I hate losing.” With Priyanka’s win, the Indiawale maintain their position as the maliks and taking advantage of the situation, Priyanka asks Bani to wash the clothes she peed in.

However, she pretends to be a bit soft on Priyanka as she tells her that she’s already washed her clothes and Bani just needs to do a final bit. Bani has no choice but to obey ‘master’s’ order, however, she grudges about it in the bathroom.

Since Priyanka won the task, she is given an advantage wherein she can free one of the two contestants (Om Swami and Mona Lisa), who are locked in the jail. No points for guessing, she chooses her teammate Om Swami with who she shares a great rapport in the house. Mona Lisa feels lonely and isolated and breaks down wondering why she’s in jail – ‘Have I committed any murder?’ she mumbles with copious tears flowing down her cheeks.

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Updated Date: Oct 22, 2016 15:48:20 IST