Bigg Boss 10: Yuvraj Singh's mother speaks out against Akanksha Sharma's allegations

Bigg Boss 10, hosted by Salman Khan, got off to a controversial start on Colors TV. Even as contestants like Priyanka Jagga and Bani J bickered in a way that would have made previous Bigg Boss alumni proud, another contestant, 25-year-old Akanksha Sharma from Gurgaon, grabbed viewers’ attention with her declaration that she was cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s former sister-in-law.

Akanksha was married to Yuvraj’s younger brother Zoravar for four months. However, the couple has been estranged for nearly two-and-a-half years ago.

Akanksha said on Bigg Boss that the problems were not between her and Zoravar, or Yuvraj, but with their mother Shabnam Singh. Akanksha said she will soon get a divorce, and her purpose for coming on the show — when Salman Khan quizzed her about it — was to start life afresh after a bad marriage.

Akanksha Sharma with host Salman Khan on Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10

Akanksha Sharma with host Salman Khan on Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10

As can well be imagined, Shabnam Singh is none too pleased with these “revelations” made by Akanksha on the reality TV show.

“This is really upsetting to our family,” Shabnam told Firstpost. “First of all, the matter is sub judice and neither Akanksha, nor any of us, are allowed to talk about it. It is contempt of court; the matter will come up for hearing in some time.”

Shabnam’s statements make evident that she believes Akanksha is raking up the past for publicity. “I don’t know why she had to come up with it now, it’s about a three-year-old issue,” Shabnam said. “She could have done this earlier also, but she didn’t. Just because she has got a platform now, she is saying all this.”

Shabnam further specified: “We were the ones who filed for divorce because we had some really strong reasons. There’s a special petition I had filed in the High Court; it’s a case of blackmail. If she had to take any action or say something about any alleged cruelty from my side, she could have done that earlier as well, or filed a case back then.”

Shabnam also added that when the family had made its appearance in court, Akanksha had clearly said she did not want a divorce. “But now, on national television, she’s saying the exact opposite,” Shabnam pointed out. “Anyone can understand the agenda here… We’ll let the law take its course. I have faith in the judiciary.”

The fact that Yuvraj’s name is connected with the issue is what has bought it so much publicity, Shabnam rued. “Which house doesn’t have issues? Which house is perfect? Just because it concerns Yuvraj’s family, the matter has become a talking point. People should respect our privacy; nobody has the right to know about our personal matters. We are a reputed family, we are dignified people and I’m not guilty. My son and I need to be protected. I’m not going out and speaking about Akanksha — I care about her dignity,” she said, adding, “Let the truth come out, and if I have done anything wrong, I will admit it.”

Updated Date: Oct 21, 2016 18:26 PM

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