Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, Episode 63, 17 December 2016: Salman slams Gaurav

The last couple of episodes of Colors TV's Bigg Boss have been quite entertaining. With Lopamudra becoming the captain, she punished Om Swami and Priyanka by sending them to jail, and made Bani follow her while holding an ‘I’m sorry’ placard.  Lopa also confessed that she feels uncomfortable with Om and that he never looks her in the eye when he talks. Well, that was not surprising, what was surprising was that Manveer and Manu actually taking Om’s side and telling Lopa that she cannot accuse him of such things. To add more drama, Om refused to eat and even threw the plate of food offered to him until Lopa apologised  to him, which she refused.

 Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, Episode 63, 17 December 2016: Salman slams Gaurav

Salman in Bigg Boss 10's Weekend Ka Vaar

Kickstarting the 'Weekend Ka Vaar' special, Salman is set to grill Gaurav, beginning with delivering the famous dialogue from his blockbuster, Maine Pyar Kiya – “Dosti mein no sorry, no thank you”. Salman is obviously referring to the ups and downs in Gaurav and Bani’s friendship. He also wonders who was the bigger drama queen between Om and his ‘daughter’ Priyanka. Then, he points out the ‘new and improved’ Manu, who entered the house after a week's break, due to his mother’s demise.

Salman interacts with the housemates through Jio TV.  First, he pays his condolence to Manu and tells him that he made a wise decision of returning to the house so that his mind could be distracted from his recent loss.  Salman is also amused to see Manu, Mona and Manveer wear the T-shirt with M3 logo on it. Complimenting  Bani and Lopa for their looks, Salman pulls Gaurav’s leg as he had said that he would have more choice (of women) for taking a woman on a date if they were in the second or the third week in the house. As of now, Gaurav, as part of his reward, had decided to take Bani on a date. Salman jokingly asks him if his choice would have been Lokesh or Akansha, in the second or the third week. “Finally you have come out of your image and could not hide your feelings,” Salman tells Gaurav.

Evaluating the incidents of the week gone by,  Gaurav is elected as the 'Khalnayak' of the week.  Salman accuses Gaurav of pushing Bani in the nominations' hell-fire in order to save himself. The atmosphere heats up quickly after Priyanka reveals the real face of Gaurav, who was the master-mind behind this week’s nominations. Gaurav was at the receiving end of his fellow contestants' ire, and Salman was also visibly disappointed with him.  Following this tamashaa, Salman again advises Bani not to expect anything from anyone inside the house. He also tells her that no one will stand by her side till the end.  While the entire house hurls accusations at him, Gaurav tries his best to prove his point and come clean on the allegations.

Up next,  Salman rebukes Om for his indecent behaviour towards Lopa, and tells him that he needs to watch his behaviour and comments.  Om tries to defend himself by pointing out Lopa’s ‘indecent’ clothes and Salman slams him saying that the more he talks on this topic, more he will get into trouble. “Lopa can wear whatever clothes she wants to but you have to stay under control,” Salman reprimands Om and congratulates Lopa for attaining captaincy while saying that she played the captaincy task with lot of patience, understanding and will power.

Gaurav tries to explain his actions to his Bigg Boss co-contenders

Gaurav tries to explain his actions to his Bigg Boss co-contenders

Lightening the atmosphere, Salman brings up the 'BB Democracy' task.  During this task, Manu and Priyanka were calling the shots from the secret room for certain rough decisions, and the other housemates were unaware of this until they returned to the house and revealed this themselves. So Salman decided to finally show the results of the votes that the contestants were casting but were not considered then.  And Bani is shocked to see that Rahul was against her using the gym.  Further, discussing the Jacuzzi task for which Gaurav and Mona had to spend half an hour in Jacuzzi, Mona says that all the difficult tasks come to her, making Salman wonder how staying in the Jacuzzi was so difficult. Salman also addresses Mona as 'Devi' which doesn't seem to go down well with her.

Analysing the captaincy task of holding the ring, between  Bani, Manveer and Lopa, Manveer points out certain unfair tactics and strategies of Lopa during the task, while Lopa appreciates Manveer for not snatching the ring from her hand as he felt that it could have hurt her hands. However, Manveer gets the good news from Salman that he was safe from nominations. Salman then makes  Bani’s day by showing her a video message from her sister saying that she should continue being the sunshine girl and stay happy inside the house. And as the icing on the cake, Salman announces Bani is safe from eviction and asks her to “stay strong”. With Manveer and Bani safe, the rest of contestants in the danger zone, include Rahul, Nitibha, Rohan  and Lopa.

Meanwhile, the Appy Fizz caller of the week puts Om in a spot by exposing his act of stealing fruits from the kitchen and storing it in the jail’s wash room. And also for fooling the housemates that he was fasting unto death, whereas he’s actually seen going to the washroom and eating the fruits without the knowledge of the housemates, who are concerned for him.  Later, Manu and Manveer go into the washroom and find one big pot full of apples, and they bring the pot in the kitchen. Lopa warns Om that he will not take anything from the kitchen as it belonged to everybody. Looking a bit hurt and upset, Manu tells Om that he can’t be fooling them.

Mona breaks down, probably over the conversation she had with Salman over the Jacuzzi task, and the latter addressing her sarcastically as 'Devi'. While Manu and Manveer try to console Mona,  Priyanka and Nitibha discuss the reason for Mona being upset.  Priyanka tells Nitibha that Mona considers herself to be the Sunny Leone of Bhojpuri film industry. Nitibha feels that was fine but wonders what makes Mona cry, to which Priyanka says, “Because now Manu has come”.

After the fights, accusations and tension in the house, the next episode will see actors from leading Colors TV shows enter the house to lighten the mood. Karanvir Bohra, Adaa Khan, Rubina Dilaik, Mouni Roy will be seen putting up a play with the contestants in the house.

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Updated Date: Dec 18, 2016 11:10:58 IST

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