Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, Episode 56, 11th December 2016: Priyanka Jagga evicted?

After wild card entrant Sahil Anand's exit from the Bigg Boss 10 house, the contestants aren’t aware of the twist that will take place with yet another eviction on 11 December's episode of Weekend Ka Vaar. Salman Khan gives an electrifying start to Sunday’s episode, shaking a leg to the beats of ‘Desi Beat’.

 Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, Episode 56, 11th December 2016: Priyanka Jagga evicted?

Priyanka Jagga

Soon things take a hilarious turn as Salman is surprised by stand-up comedians Krushna Abhishek and Bharti Singh. The duo walk onstage to join Salman, dressed like kids and grooving to the song, ‘Mujhe Maaf Karna’. Salman asks Bharti about her favourite contestant in the house, to which she innocently replies that she likes only the one who shows up on the weekend wearing a suit, and grills the other contestants. She calls him “Salman uncle” while answering all his questions. Adding to the fun, Salman plays the 'thappad’ game with Swami Om, Lopa and Bani and Swami emerges victorious with the most number of slaps. Taking the show further with more funny moments, Salman asks Mona, Bani and Swami if they have any twins or lookalikes. Salman then clears the air and reveals the trio of Krushna Abhishek  (Swami), Sudhesh (Mona Lisa) and Aditi Bhatia (Bani) of Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza. The three comedians then mimic the contestants and recreate their infamous antics, much to the delight of Salman while embarrassing Mona and Bani. Everybody is left in splits when Krushna announces that the Bigg Boss house is famous for just two things: Priyanka Jagga and “Swami’s Mugga”.

The comedians take some fun-filled swings at the housemates, starting with Krushna who's dressed up as Swami. Bharti takes over soon after, as she takes on the role of the ever watching Bigg Boss eye and mocks Swami for his boisterous behaviour pointing out his weird antics in the house. Following his comic partner’s cue, Karan Wahi teases Bani on her ‘Walkout Queen’ persona while Pooja Bose, as Lopa’s doppelganger, pokes fun at the beauty queen’s ostentatious demeanour.

Moving on from the fun and festivities, Salman hosts his ‘Salman Ki Sabha’ with actor Hina Khan (Rohan’s friend and co-star from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai), and Bani’s friends Nitin and Sheetal. When Salman asks Hina about Rohan's performance, she replies that she is really proud of him because he has carved a space for himself in the Bigg Boss house and is not afraid of making his opinions clear despite being an introvert. While Hina reveals the shock she felt on seeing Rohan’s volatile temperament, Nitin defends Bani’s evasive nature, citing her craving for emotional support. Salman tells Nitin that Bani’s unpredictable behaviour is harming her image in the people's eyes. Further, while grilling Bani’s friends by asking them whether they find her antics immature, Sheetal says that Bani was a self-made woman who started her career very early. Salman snubs her saying that everybody these days is self-made. The sabha ends with Hina advising Rohan to clean up his act inside the house and points out Priyanka’s crude behaviour of spitting on his face.

The night takes a magical twist with Israeli mentalist Amir Lustig joining Salman on stage, with the aim to aid the superstar in this week’s second elimination. After leaving Salman and the audiences in awe with his mind-games and spellbinding tricks, Amir enters the house to mesmerise the housemates. Some of the contestants feel that he was a wild card entrant, but soon he reveals his identity and gradually shows his tricks one after the other.  Right from bending cutlery to using his mind to manipulating their thoughts and hypnotizing, Amir enthralls the contestants.

But it's Amir’s last trick which dictates the fate of one contestant, which is Priyanka Jagga. The final trick by Amir is that he makes contestants, unknown to them, spell out Priyanka’s name. They pick cards with random letters on them, and when they’re combined, it spells PRIYANKA. Bigg Boss then announces that Priyanka Jagga is evicted from the house, leaving every body shocked. However, there is a twist in the tale: while the contestants feel that she has been evicted, Priyanka heads towards the secret room just like Swami, who also spent few days there while watching the contestants from the house. Priyanka settles down in the secret room with headphones and watches the contestants on a television set. Most of them are found complaining about her.

Lopa says that she was not feeling bad about Priyanka's eviction and that she was a split personality, while Manveer says that she was overacting all these days.  Nitibha is heard telling Manveer that even Salman disliked Priyanka. Obviously, Swami is deeply upset and has a major breakdown. He tells Bigg Boss to send Priyanka back into the house. He tells all the contestants who are ‘celebrating’ that Priyanka will “come back and show them their place".  And in an interesting turn of events tomorrow, the contestants start romantically linking  Manveer and Nitibha, with the latter getting a bit upset while wondering how her parents would react. Bani tells Gaurav that the attraction between Manveer and Nitibha seemed mutual. Also, during a task tomorrow, Rahul and Manveer will have a big showdown.

Updated Date: Dec 12, 2016 11:24:27 IST