Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 25 December 2016: Manveer is Sonakshi Sinha’s fav contestant

It’s Christmas time and the Bigg Boss contestants are also basking in the warmth of the holiday season home away from home. All get dressed for the occasion in special outfits and are seen partying in the garden area. Surprising them with lots of gifts and goodies are Sonakshi Sinha and anchor-host-actor, Manish Paul.

Ringing in celebrations inside the house, Sonakshi and Manish play fun and entertaining games with the contestants and join them for the Appy Fizz Christmas party. Sonakshi gets the housemates to read out the messages they have written for their favourite fellow contestant. While Mona writes a message for Manu thanking him for his love and support, Gaurav writes one for Bani stating that she is his support system and an integral part of his Bigg Boss journey.

Up next, Sonakshi plays spin the bottle game with the contestants wherein they have to guess who said the following statements about them. If they fail to give the right answer, they have to drink a can of Appy Fizz.  Well, the game is a perfect way of creating controversies and misunderstandings between the housemates. In the first round, the bottle points at Bani and Sonakshi asks her, ‘Who said that you are a hypocrite, Nitibha or Lopa?’ Bani takes Lopa’s name and has to gulp a can of Appy Fizz since it is a wrong answer, and Bani doesn’t believe that Nitibha could have said this.

 Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 25 December 2016: Manveer is Sonakshi Sinha’s fav contestant

Sonakshi Sinha and Salman Khan perform during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

In the next round, the bottle points at Mona and she has to identify the person who said, ‘Agar Mona apne Sunny Leone image follow karna chahti hai toh kyu ro rahi hai?’ Mona gets the answer right, it’s Nitibha who said this during her conversation with Priyanka. And during the process of this game, Nitibha gets upset with Manu, who had earlier told Lopa and Rohan that she (Nitibha) was using Manveer’s friendship to stay in the game.

Soon after, Sonakshi and Manish call Manu, Manveer and Bani for a quick rapid fire round that unleashes many hidden emotions and opinions.  After spending few more moments inside the house, Sonakshi and Manish make an exit. Sonakshi and Salman sashay onto the stage performing to their popular dance numbers and are shocked to find Manish hosting the show on Salman’s behalf.

 Furthermore, Salman tells Sonakshi that they have named a game- ‘Thapad Se Darr Nahi Lagta’ after her signature dialogue from her debut film, Dabangg. He tells her that he will shoot few Bollywood trivia questions at her and she will have to guess the right answer. Failing to do so, she will gets a ‘Thappad’, the same way that the contestants get. The first question that he asks Sonakshi is to name three movies wherein Salman’s name was not Prem and she gives a right answer.

Next, Salman asks Sonakshi her father Shatrughan Sinha’s first film and she gives a wrong and gets a 'thappad' as a punishment. The game gets even more interesting after Manish goes through the process and is asked questions like 'Akal Badi Ya Bhais'? 'Murgi Pehle Aae Ya Anda'? It puts him in a complete fix while Salman and Sonakshi have a good laugh. Before making an exit, Sonakshi tells Salman that the atmosphere in the house was positive and that her favourite contestant was Manveer.

Further, the contestants surprise Salman by giving a performance on his hit numbers on the occasion of the mega star’s birthday that falls on December 27.  Salman compliments Gaurav and Rohan for their dance style and reads out some fun 'love' letters written by Manveer, Gaurav and Manu to Nitibha, Bani and Mona respectively during the 'Hostel' task. After this, Salman plays a game with the housemates to find their compatibility and how well they knew each other.

Manu and Manveer pass the test but Mona later pulls up Manu, as during the game he indicates that he was now fed up of his friendship with her (Mona).  To which, Manu explains to her that it happened during the period when she was extremely unhappy in the house and would constantly breakdown due to her friction with her boyfriend, Vikrant, who was suspecting their relationship. Gaurav and Bani, too, pass the compatibility test.

Subsequently, Salman meets the family members of the contestants who had visited the house, and all three, Manveer’s father, brother, as well as Gaurav’s brother, Raghuveer, don’t hold a good opinion about Manu.  The former two tell Salman that Manu had lied to Manveer by saying that he had seen a huge crowd outside his house because of his popularity. They say that Manu never visited their house in first place which leaves Salman surprised probably because Salman had himself declared Manu the 'Man of the Week' this weekend. When Manveer’s father met his son in the house, he warned him of Manu, to which he (Manveer's father) explains saying that Manu was a tough contender and now Manveer has to play smart and not get carried away in friendship.  On the other hand, Raghuveer feels that Bani was playing smart by being individualistic, she often puts Gaurav in a spot and he feels uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, in the house, Nitibha, who is a bit disturbed, is asking for Manu’s explanation about her using Manveer to stay in the game, and Salman tells the housemate that he met and had a chat with all their family members. Soon after, the Appyfizz caller of the week questions Bani that how come she and Gaurav continued playing some game while there was so much tension in the house with a huge and ugly fight between Priyanka and the rest during the Hostel task.

Bani explains saying that it gets very complicated during such verbal battle and taking a stand becomes a big deal. Also, with everybody screaming and shouting, it doesn’t make any sense in her butting in, she says. However, Bani says, in the past, she has stopped people from fighting. Further, the caller tells her that it didn’t look nice when Bani wondered that how did Priyanka let her children play with Lopa after such an ugly fight, to which Bani replies that she couldn’t understand how they resumed to be so civilized after such an ugly fight. On this, Salman interrupts and makes Bani understand that children should not be involved, the fight was only between their mother and Lopa.

As we said yesterday that there won’t be any evictions in the Christmas weekend, the nominated contestants — Gaurav, Bani and Lopa were declared safe for this week, but their nominations will be carried forward the next week. Manu and Om, who had put themselves in the risk zone for Bani and Lopa, to enable them to meet their family and friend, receive good news with Bigg Boss announcing them safe for the next week.    

Updated Date: Dec 26, 2016 10:43:18 IST