Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 15th January 2017: Salman Khan, Govinda partner up

Kick-starting Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with a bang, Salman Khan along with ‘Partner’ Govinda make a dhamakedaar entry by dancing to a mashup of 'Soni De Nakhre' and 'Do You Wanna Partner'. Elated to have his close friend on the show, Salman introduces Govinda as the liveliest hero of Bollywood. Reminiscing about the good old days of shooting for their movie Partner, Govinda tells how Salman showed extreme faith in him and helped him make a successful comeback in the industry by casting him in the movie alongside him. Salman further adds that no one could have played Bhaskar’s character better in the movie but Govinda and it's because of him that the character is still considered iconic. Adding some more fun to the evening, Govinda gets Salman to mouth his famous dialogue ‘Apne aap Ko Mughal-e-Azam aur hume Anarkali samajh rahe ho ka’. Salman impeccably replicates it, leaving everyone in splits.

 Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 15th January 2017: Salman Khan, Govinda partner up

Salman and Govinda on Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar

Meanwhile, inside the house, Bani, Manu and Manveer are seen discussing the live voting and while Bani and Manveer feel that Manu didn’t make the best use of the opportunity given to him, Lopa tells Manu that he spoke well. Further, Manu is seen telling Mona that Manveer wasn’t the same with him and that since last fortnight he has changed.  Manu also tells Mona that from the time Manveer was declared the first finalist of the season, he thinks no end of himself.

Salman gets Govinda to interact with the housemates through Jio TV. Salman also gives a few titles to the contestants and tells them to attribute to the co-contestant they deem fit. In the process, Lopa gives the title of ‘Rondu No 1’ to Mona; Manu gives the title of 'Matlabi No 1' to Rohan, and Manveer gives the title ‘Bachkana No 1’ to Rohan again. Bani sportingly gives the title of 'Pakao No 1' to herself. Soon after, Govinda calls for a dance-off between the male and female contestants to his song ‘Lohe Ka Liver’ from his upcoming movie Aa Gaya Hero. After having an entertaining interaction with the housemates, Salman and Govinda make an exit.

While Salman and Govinda are engrossed in a conversation, they hear a loud noise and see Krushna Abhishek descending from the stairs dancing to 'Main toh cycle se jaa raha tha'. While they both are at first taken aback, Salman and Govinda give him a warm welcome. As soon as he spots his Chichi Mama, Krushna bows down to greet him. He introduces himself as a struggling actor who is there to seek few acting tips from Govinda.  Following this, on public demand, Salman gets Krushna and Govinda to dance to 'UP wala thumka'. After spending some time entertaining everybody, Govinda and Krushna make an exit. Also, inside the house, stand-up comedian, Bharti interacts with the housemates as a fortune-teller and in a humourous way tells Mona, Manveer and Rohan what the future holds for them in the coming weeks.

Earlier, Salman discussed the crucial Solar System Task which got the final two contenders — Manu and Manveer — to interact with their fans on a personal level. While Rohan accuses Bani along with Nitibha of plotting to play a dirty game with Lopa, who had an advantage of entering the task from the second round, Bani denies it completely. Rohan says that when Lopa’s shoelace opened up during the task, he saw Bani gesturing to Manveer to make use of the opportunity. Bani finds this accusation baseless. Further, Salman questions Manu that if he, Manveer and Bani had made a pact of not pushing anyone while walking on the final ring, then why did he push Bani and get her disqualified from the task? Manu clarifies saying that the game’s format was such and that he was helpless and hence took the decision of pushing Bani. Salman finally advises everybody that they were now close to finale and they can play the game the way they wanted to without making any pacts but keeping their conscience in mind.

Tomorrow, in one of the most emotional tasks that will test their friendship, the housemates will play postmen and will carry parcels for their co-contestants. If they decide to deliver the parcel they will automatically get nominated. Lopa, who is carrying Manu’s deceased mother’s belongings, will be heard saying that all should deliver the parcels and get nominated but Manu will suggest that everybody should think about their game and not get carried away by emotions. Bani, too, will be on the same page as Manu, and Manu and Lopa will break down.

Updated Date: Jan 15, 2017 23:36:05 IST