Bigg Boss 10, Weekend ka Vaar, 13th November, 2016: Navin Prakash gets eliminated; Om Swami breaks down

Unlike yesterday, when the Bigg Boss host Salman Khan was not in one of his best moods and took some celebrity contestants to task for no show, today he is in a fun mood. And as he himself says during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode that there are varied emotions on the show. He kick-starts theSunday episode on an entertaining note with singer-composer Himesh Reshammiya joining him on stage. Making it a complete musical extravaganza, Salman shakes a leg as Himesh sings some of their hit numbers like ‘Tera Naam’ and ‘O Priya O Priya’. Himesh also goes into the house and tells the contestants that he is all set to convert the Bigg Boss house into a Night club and all of them groove to his several tunes. Before making an exit, Himesh states that Gaurav Chopra could be the winner. He finds Om Swami interesting and Manveer mazedaar (good fun).

Bigg Boss 10, Weekend ka Vaar, 13th November, 2016: Navin Prakash gets eliminated; Om Swami breaks down

Shooting up the temperature inside the house, Salman gets into his Sultan mode by introducing Kushti or wrestling task for the contestants. The actor, who tells them about his experience playing a wrestler in Sultan,  pairs them up and asks them to show some moves inside the Akhada.  Bani- Lopa and Gaurav -Manveer are pitted against each other to fight it out in the Akhada while Navin is elected as the judge. Adding some fun to the task, Salman says that the contestants losing the task will become the sevaks of the winner for next 24 hours. Navin announces Navin and Lopa the winners and in the process Bani and Navin have a showdown like every other time there’s a task and Navin has to decide the winner. Bani calls Navin a liar and further abuses him and Navin yells at her. Salman wonders how Bani, who is the fittest contestant could lose the task. Both, Bani and Gaurav are upset about losing the wrestling match obviously because now they will have to be the sevaks of Lopa and Manveer respectively for one full day. Mona has been given the task to check if Bani was a good sevak, which affects Bani more since Mona and Lopa get along famously. Nitibha comments that the losers should accept their defeat gracefully.

Furthermore, former Bigg Boss contestants VJ Andy and Tanishaa Mukherjee join Salman for Salman Ki Sabha segment. From an observer's point of view, Andy and Tanishaa give the contestants a feedback about their performance and how the audience is perceiving them. While they call Manu the ‘Shakuni’ mama of the house, they tease Lopa’s for having a fake accent. They tell the celebrities that they are playing a safe game and are unable to portray their real personalities on screen and find ‘commoners’ natural. Happy about seeing Bani on the show, while on one hand, Andy supports her for going strong in the game, Tanishaa criticizes her stating that captaincy is taking away her courage to make the right decisions. They also question Manveer on how he felt when Bani punished him the other day which leads to an argument between Manveer and Bani. Moving on to On Swami, Tanishaa and Andy questions him for being the biggest player inside the house when Salman  jokingly says that ‘Swami never lies’. Later, as it usually happens after the departure of celebrity guests,  Manu and Bani get into an ugly argument, and Rahul Dev sides with Bani. Well, it looked like Rahul took Salman’s advise seriously and has begun taking a stand and voicing out his opinion.

Towards the end of the episode, Salman gives the contestants a sneak peep into Om Swami’s secret room shenanigans by showing them a small video. It shows Swamiji making comments about each and every contestant leading to his pardaphash. While some get affected leading to embarrassing moments by Swamiji’s baseless comments, others enjoy it as a dose of entertainment.

And it’s time for Salman to announce the contestant who gets eliminated among Rahul, Navin and Lokesh. As soon as Navin Prakash’s name is announced, Om Swami breaks down and so do Manu, Manveer and Mona. Nitibha is seen sulking as Navin was nominated because she’d refused to part with her make-up kit during the nomination task, and Salman’s heard saying, “It’s make-up versus Navin.” Earlier, before the announcement, when Salman asks Rahul who according to him should be evicted, Rahul mentions his own name as "he can’t scheme or plot against anybody". “Lokesh didn’t understand the task and was nominated accidentally while Navin is a sportsman who kept playing despite a broken hand, so ideally I should be going out of the show,” says Rahul.

Meanwhile, outside the Bigg Boss house, when Salman asks Navin to name the hero of the show, Navin mentions Manveer’s followed by Manu, while he felt Rahul Dev was zero. However, while leaving the house, Navin calls Mona and Lopa his favourite contestants and thanks them for his wonderful stay. And in one word, Navin tells Salman that his journey in the house was 'Shandaar'.

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Updated Date: Nov 13, 2016 23:48:47 IST

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