Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar, 12 November 2016: Salman Khan lashes out at 'celebrities'

As we observed yesterday, the Bigg Boss show host Salman Khan finally gets into the act and pulls up those contestants who have been passive and putting up a poor show. In tonight's episode of Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman gives some of the celebrity contestants like Rahul Dev and on-screen father-son duo, Karan Mehra and Rohan Mehra his honest opinion and tells them that they were boring, lazy and lethargic and to prove this he shows a video of Rahul, Rohan and Karan tucked into their beds for the entire day.

Salman further gives the celebrities a earful and questions them that would the Bigg Boss fans across the country watch the show if the contestants don’t work. “You have left your comfortable homes to participate in the show, to work and not sleep. This is not cool at all. You’ll are performing pathetically in the important task of nominations as well. At least the Indiawale is coming out to support each other but there’s no involvement or point of view of celebrities,” said the host while reprimanding Rahul, Karan and Rohan. Since Rohan had performed well initially, Salman asked him, “What happened to you, you were doing well, why are you now punctured?” Looks like the commoners are the only ones getting the audience to the TV sets every evening, what with Bigg Boss 10 not making it to the top 10 shows in the previous week.

Bigg Boss 10 Weekend Ka Vaar, 12 November 2016: Salman Khan lashes out at celebrities

Salman Khan during Weekend Ka Vaar.

Salman also tells the celebrities that so far they have been getting votes because of their celebrity status and the work they have done outside the house, or the character they have played so far, on screen.  “Slowly those fans will leave your side if they find your real personality boring. Celebrity advantage will gradually go away, so make yourself a hit,” said the host.

As the fourth week comes to a close, the environment in the house has undergone a change with Bigg Boss demolishing the malik–sevak rule and celebrities and commoners getting equal footing. Plus, Om Swami, Bani J and Manu Punjabi got the opportunity to fight it out for the first captaincy of this season. Bani managed to beat Om Swami and Manu and became the captain, and the first day of her captaincy brought a storm inside the house. And how can we forget the dramatic nominations-cum-task, which was definitely hard on all the housemates as everyone right from Karan Mehra to Manveer Gurjar and Manu were made to sacrifice things that were close to them.

Adding some fun to the seriousness, Salman compliments Manveer for his new look saying, “It’s good that you shaved your beard as the audience will finally get to see your real face.” Talking about nominations, Salman questions Nitibha for not giving up on her makeup to save Navin.  When Nitibha tries to provide a justification, Salman tells her that she did it intentionally as she didn’t wish to save Navin in the first place. In her defense, Nitibha says that she feels uncomfortable without makeup and additionally she wanted to save Lokesh from being evicted. When he asks Lopa if she would have given up her makeup to save Navin, she says that she would have sacrificed only half of it. However, Salman tells her that she looks more beautiful without her makeup that makes her blush in happiness.


Clearing out the miscommunication that leads to Lokesh’s nomination, Salman shows a video to explain what Bigg Boss exactly told Karan in the phone booth task and what he actually interpreted.  After looking at the video Salman questions Karan that if it would be fair if Lokesh gets evicted today. Guilty about his actions, Karan tells Salman that he misunderstood the whole thing and would feel terrible if Lokesh gets eliminated.

Earlier, commenting on Bani’s captaincy, Salman is heard saying that it isn’t captaincy but total confusion referring to rewarding Manu during the day by treating him with sumptuous lunch and later punishing him by sending him to jail along with Swami Om. “This can get frustrating,” says the host.

Meanwhile, Manu, who is clearly upset because of being sent to jail, comes out on the pretext of dirty toilet and refuses to go inside the jail again. However, when Bigg Boss calls him in the confession room and accuses him of breaking the rule, Manu enters the jail again.  Tomorrow, on the weekend episode we will see former contestants, Tannisha Mukherji and VJ Andy pulling up Bani for her “wrong” decision of putting Manu in jail in the process of  “experimenting” with her captaincy.

Today, Manu clearly came across as a fair person and a strong contender. When the Appy Fizz caller of the week congratulated him for playing the game well, and further asked him that why didn’t he win the captaincy, Manu candidly replied that it all depends upon the team process. “There are two teams and we are few in number. Also, couple of our team members supported celebrities. It was definitely unfair to me, I should have won the captaincy,” Manu explained.  It appeared that Salman, too, approved of what Manu replied, and the host further added to boost his confidence by singing the song, “Manubhai motor chali pump pum pum.”

While Manveer has been declared safe, Rahul, Navin and Lokesh have to face few tense hours as one of them will be eliminated tomorrow. Meanwhile, Lokesh is back with her old team -- her brothers in the Bigg Boss house -- Manu and Manveer. Mona and Manu are making her understand the dynamics of the house, relationships and how celebrities will never come to her support.  Tomorrow there will be some more excitement in the house with wrestling matches between Gaurav and Manveer; Lopa and Bani.

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Updated Date: Nov 12, 2016 23:24:54 IST

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