Bigg Boss 10, Weekend Ka Vaar, 1 January 2017: Gaurav Chopra evicted; Mona's safety shocks all

At the onset of 2017, host Salman Khan commences Bigg Boss ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode on a positive and happy note. Following Bani-Gaurav and housemates’ showdown during the 'Bani and Gaurav show' task, Salman gives both of them a fair chance to cross-question their fellow contestants (who had found Gaurav and Bani’s answers unsatisfactory) and seek answers. Here, the most pertinent question was their total non-involvement in the ugly fight between Priyanka and Lopa.

Seizing this opportunity, Gaurav asks Manveer why he said that he had a lot of expectations from him, and that he disappointed them with his answers during the task. To this, Manveer replies that he has always come across as a sensible and judicious person but his dawdling responses were uncalled for. However, Gaurav counters this by saying that Priyanka had spoken about her ill-health to him and she was decent towards him. While putting things in perspective, Salman explains to Manu and Manveer that they will also become image conscious like Gaurav and Bani if they were to participate in more such shows. “Have you seen Bani on Roadies? You will also behave like Gaurav and Bani if after few years you were to participate in Bigg Boss, Season 15,”  Salman tells them.

Earlier, we see a petty fight between the housemates over coffee. Certain housemates feel that it was not being distributed equally between them while blaming the new captain, Manveer. It implied that Manveer and his supporters had hidden the coffee for their own consumption. Mona interferes in the argument between Bani and Manveer, and tells Bani that she, too, has hidden eggs in the past thereby depriving the others to which Bani strongly objects. Continuing on a positive note, Salman picks few contestants and tells them to praise their co-contestant. Praising Gaurav, Om says that he could take charge of the house and also control his (Om) anger. Gaurav says that Om had an endearing and child-like laughter but he hardly laughs. Lopa praises Bani for her discipline in her diet and workout schedules while Bani returns her compliment by calling Lopa a sincere and helpful friend, a good cook and a generous person who shares everything.


Gaurav Chopra gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house.

Further, Salman, who earlier pointed out that the competition has become tough between nine contestants and that the countdown has begun but no clear picture has emerged as yet, asks Manu about his thoughts on four weak contestants. Manu names Mona, Nitibha, Rohan and Om. Mona tells Salman that she isn’t good with tasks unlike others and is always left behind while doing it, but the host encourages her saying that if she could act in over 100 films and face worse situation and people in Bhojpuri film industry, then this was just a child's play. Both, Manveer and Lopa are on the same page and they feel that, Om, Gaurav, Mona and Nitibha were weak. On this, Nitibha breaks down and Salman consoles her. Nitibha says that she is totally involved in the game and all the tasks, and if she has come so far, she is confident of reaching top five.

Moving towards the highlights of the luxury budget 'Igloo' task, Salman castigates Om for stripping off his clothes on national television and troubling Rohan, Manveer and Manu in the very last and crucial stage of the task. He also accentuates the fact that Om knows how to make every task all about himself and ruin it completely for the other housemates. But the host also blames the other contestants for following Om who was breaking the rules of the task. Since Om was sitting just outside the ‘igloo’ to get inside first, rest of the contestants had followed suit. “All of you were playing like him. Did you all realise that he made all of you dance to his tunes? Were you all insecure?” Salman tells the contestants while calling Om, ‘Dhongi’ and ‘Farzi’ Baba.

Talking about one of the biggest fight of the week, Salman justifies Bigg Boss’s decision of nominating Rohan for the entire season. As Rohan continues to sulk and explain his side of the story, Salman reminds him that since his move of jabbing Om was a planned one, it can’t be justified in any way. Since Rohan felt that the decision was unfair as many a times in the past, other contestants had also pushed Om, Salman makes Rohan understand that he pushed Om when the matter was sorted and all was quiet.  Rohan had suddenly gone and pushed Om.

He also questions Lopa about her decision of supporting Rohan and going against Bigg Boss’ decision (of nominating Rohan for the entire season) when she had not even witnessed the fight. He also points out that she blindly supported Rohan and it eventually made him look weak and feeble. “It appeared as if you were making fun of his emotions when you were making faces and joking while you waited outside the bathroom. It didn’t look good. It made Rohan look small,” Salman tells Lopa, who justifies her stand. Further, Salman advices Rohan to control his temper and tells him that his image was in his hands. Rohan apologises, and later Gaurav is heard telling Rohan that he appeared adamant. Lopa also justifies her behaviour to Rohan so that there was no misunderstanding between them.

Furthermore, the spotlight moves on to Nitibha who gets a call from Appy Fizz caller who questions her for giving impulsive reaction (of flunging her shoe at Bani and Gaurav) during the Bani and Gaurav (when Gaurav had taken her name for nomination) show task and how it portrayed her in a bad light. Nitibha says that it was an ‘honest mistake and lack of judgment’, and that she didn’t realise that it will look bad. “It was disrespectful and uncool,” adds Salman. Post speaking to the caller,  Nitibha apologizes to Gaurav and admits that it was her lack of judgment that prompted her to behave in a certain way. Nitibha also has a verbal fight with Rohan over this issue as he had informed Gaurav about Nitibha’s act. She tells him to stop talking behind her back like "aunties".

Joining the guest panel this week is television actor Aamir Ali and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Diandra Soares. From pointing out Bani and Gaurav’s weird friendship to analyzing the contestants’ game plans, the two had a lot to say and share.  Diandra also reminisces her times of sharing a room with Bani when they participated in the reality show, 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' few years back. She also adds that Bani’s attitude has undergone a lot of change since then and that she is not being herself all this while on the show. She finds Bani over emotional and also feels that Gaurav and Bani were friends of convenience. Aamir, who says that they may not even talk to each other outside the house, feels bad for Gaurav because of Bani snapping at him all the time.  Further, Aamir expresses his displeasure in Rohan for questioning Bigg Boss’s decision and creating unnecessary drama around it. Both feel that Manveer, Manu, Lopa and Bani were the top contenders of the game.

It was then time for this week’s eviction. But we wonder why Salman doesn’t announce and leaves with the words that elimination was a suspense. Soon Bigg Boss announces that Mona was safe, leaving her and all the contestants shocked. Everybody congratulates her and Manveer sings a song for her. This meant either Bani or Gaurav have to bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house. Bigg Boss calls Gaurav and Bani in the activity area and the rest of the contestants are able to watch them on the screen. They are told to sit on their favourite bench and are shown some dramatic old clips, while rest of the contestants break down.

Subsequently, Bigg Boss announces that Gaurav will have to leave the house because of less votes, and Bani is called back into the house. Manu and Manveer feel bad that they couldn’t even meet Gaurav before he left. While Manveer says that Gaurav left even before they could understand him, Manu remarks that it was a one-sided friendship (between Bani and Gaurav). Tomorrow will be yet another day of action and we will see the nomination process being held in a very unique manner with contestants sitting in pairs in the confession room. We will also see cracks forming in the friendship between Lopa and Rohan as both will have a huge showdown.

Updated Date: Jan 02, 2017 10:06 AM

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