Bigg Boss 10: Obscenity case against Swami Om, Salman Khan, Colors TV CEO

Colors TV's reality show Bigg Boss has had its fair share of controversies in its tenth season, however, it now finds itself in the midst of a potential legal mess.

Colors TV's CEO Raj Nayak, celebrity host Salman Khan and ousted contestant Swami Om have been named in a case filed by a lawyer in Bareilly for 'promoting obscenity'.

 Bigg Boss 10: Obscenity case against Swami Om, Salman Khan, Colors TV CEO

Swami Om on Bigg Boss 10

The lawyer, Anil Dwivedi, filed the complaint before the chief judicial magistrate of Bareilly on 18 January, Wednesday, reported The Indian Express. Dwivedi requested the court to register a criminal case against Nayak, Salman and Om, and CJM Kusumlata Rathore has set 13 February as the date for hearing the case.

In his petition before the court Dwivedi stated that Om, a self-styled godman used foul and abusive language in the episodes that were telecast. He named Salman and Raj Nayak in his complaint for 'promoting' Om's behaviour.

Swami Om was among the most infamous contestants on this latest season of Bigg Boss. He was made to leave the show after he urinated on fellow contestants Bani J and Rohan Mehra while performing a task.

Dwivedi's complaint also claims that Om has 'hurt religious sentiments' by consuming meat on the show while claiming to be a spiritual leader.

“He (Swami Om) was shown consuming meat while wearing that dress thus demeaning the importance of saints in the Hindu religion,” states the complaint.

Meanwhile, a Hindustan Times report recently stated that an eight-member team of the doctors of the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) had said that Swami Om needs “thorough psychiatric evaluation”.

Updated Date: Jan 19, 2017 22:16:10 IST