Bigg Boss 10: Navin Prakash opens up on being eliminated instead of 'inactive' Rahul Dev

Bigg Boss 10 contestant, Navin Prakash, who has been eliminated after four weeks on the show, has absolutely no regrets from his stint, barring one. That he lost against “non-performer” and “inactive” model-actor Rahul Dev.

After coming out of the house on Saturday, Navin, who was nursing a broken hand because of a task, said, “I enjoyed my journey inside the house. It was all good, there’s no disappointment, no bitter experience, no hatred for anybody. I’m upset and sad only about the fact that for four weeks I gave my 100 per cent, be it participating and helping out my team in tasks, keeping the team together and united, but I have been voted out, whereas Rahul, who was also nominated along with me, is still inside the house.”

He continued, “The ratio between Rahul and my contribution was almost 1:99 but only on the basis of voting I am out of the show. I wouldn’t have felt bad if I was competing with celebrities like Gaurav Chopra or Bani because they’re quite active. But losing against Rahul is something I can’t fathom.”

Bigg Boss 10: Navin Prakash opens up on being eliminated instead of inactive Rahul Dev

Navin Prakash with Monalisa in the Bigg Boss house.

Incidentally, after coming out of the show, when the show host, Salman Khan asked Navin, who did he consider the 'Hero' of the show, Navin named co-contestant Manveer Gurjar closely followed by Manu Punjabi, and called Rahul as 'Zero'.

As we saw on Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman was quite upset with the non-participation of Rahul and his co-contestants, Karan and Rohan Mehra, in any task or activity inside the Bigg Boss house. Further, the host made Rahul watch his own footage in the house where he is almost non-existent on the show. Sounding a bit sarcastic, Navin said, “These celebrities seem to be more mature and smart. They only want to do so much. They are only counting weeks, they want to take their money and leave whereas we want to leave an impact. They don’t want to create too much controversy and thus save themselves from nominations.”

Navin also felt that it’s probably due to celebrity’s fame and status that they are getting votes from the audience while commoners are being voted out. In the previous weeks we saw Priyanka Jagga and Akansha Sharma being eliminated from the show. “I’m a complete newcomer with absolutely no image, so I stood no chance especially since there’s lot of brand consciousness and celebrity obsession among people. There are enough supporters of celebrities. Even though people in my hometown in Jhajha (in Patna, Bihar) know me and would want to support me, they don’t have access to television sets whereas for someone like Rahul, even his driver or his make-up man or his spot boy can vote for him,” said Navin, who’s a teacher by profession.

He further said, “But these 26 days that I spent in the Bigg Boss house, I was treated very well. I would never go up to the celebrities, it’s they who would come to me to talk. They were curious about how someone from a small town was part of such a big show. They felt I was performing well and nobody ignored me.”

Navin’s entry into the show was quite interesting as he was picked up from a celebrated news show. He showed a lot of promise but his co-contestants like Manu Punjabi and Naveen Gurjar were more in the limelight sidelining Navin. “No, I never felt sidelined except on weekends when Salman was on the show. But otherwise, I was like Manu and Manveer’s backbone. I would brief them and participate actively during the tasks. Just that Manu and Manveer have a bigger image, they are a bit popular and even as personality I couldn’t be compared to them. But I clearly stood apart as an individual and contributed a lot for my team," he said.

Navin seemed to have developed a deep bond with the controversial contestant, Om Swami as he was found overjoyed when the latter returned to the house from the secret room, and when Navin was evicted, Om Swami was the most affected of all.  Explains Navin, “Our team was dwindling. Priyanka and Akansha were out. So when Om Swami returned to the Bigg Boss house, I was happy with the addition of one more member in our team. I would have been as happy even if Priyanka or Akansha would have come back.”

During his stint on the show, Navin always showcased a fighting spirit and went to any extent to win the task. During the BB Laundry task, he changed the game at the very last minute by pouring water on the celebrity’s consignment box leading to his team’s victory. During the immunity task, Navin drew a lot of criticism for deceiving co-contestant Lokesh by destroying her set of blocks when she was close to winning the task.

Navin’s frequent mood swings, yelling and indifferent behavior came as a surprise to many contestants. “There are some contestants who did worse things on the show, for instance, Lokesh getting nominated due to Karan’s misinterpretation, or Bani pushing Lokesh into the pool during the sting operation, but only my issues were discussed,” justified Navin.

Navin feels that the contestants who stand a good chance to win include, Manu, Manveer, Gaurav, Bani, Lopamudra and Mona Lisa. “Mona may have been lying low initially but now she’s become a strong contender. She takes a stand and even if she fights with you, there's some logic to it. People think that she’s learning from us but it’s not true. Her reasoning and thoughts are quite appropriate,” said Navin, who named Mona and Lopa as his favourite contestants. “Lopa gave me a nice haircut and Mona would give me lovely head massage every day, it will always remain memorable to me.”

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Updated Date: Nov 14, 2016 10:36:47 IST

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