Bigg Boss 10: Imam Siddique says he isn't entering the house, contrary to speculation

For last couple of days there has been buzz about celebrity stylist Imam Siddique entering the Bigg Boss 10 house, and the person responsible for the ‘news’, which spread like wildfire, is none other than Bigg Boss 10 contestant Manu Punjabi — a strong contender, who was out of the house for about a week due to his mother’s demise. When Manu returned to the house a few days ago, he was initially kept inside the secret room along with his co-contestant Priyanka Jagga, and during one of their conversations, he told her that the show is going to get more exciting as the makers are bringing Imam back.

 Bigg Boss 10: Imam Siddique says he isnt entering the house, contrary to speculation

Imam Siddique

Imam, known for his eccentric temperament and style, wreaked plenty of havoc inside the Bigg Boss house during his participation in season 6. Not only the contestants, but Imam also had a huge showdown with show host Salman Khan. As a result, he was temporarily evicted from the show, but was readmitted. Coming back to the present season, Manu mentioned to Priyanka that Imam would be in the house just for a week, as a guest.

And since then, Imam’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. When Firstpost questioned Imam whether these rumours were true, and was he all set to enter the house, he initially kept us guessing by saying that he was bound under contract, that the matter was confidential, and as a professional courtesy he can’t reveal anything.  But when probed further, he gradually changed his stance saying that the news wasn’t true and that he hasn’t been approached by the makers at all.  “In the last 10 years, I have always approached the makers to participate in the show, and finally I did. It’s a great opportunity, a great platform for anyone. I would have gone on the show from day one. Also, if I had to go,  I would rather go as a proper contestant, not as a wild card entrant, and not merely for a week,” said Imam while thanking Manu for “doing my PR”. “He has done my branding for two years (sic),” laughed Imam.

Further, while explaining how the rumours of him going on the show started going around, Imam said, “When I heard about Manu’s mother, I quickly sent him a condolence message through social media. Then both Manu and I, with the help of the Ministry of External Affairs, were trying to help out an Indian national who was stuck in Saudi Arabia. Soon, Manu went back into the Bigg Boss house and the next thing he did was tell the most controversial character, Priyanka that I was entering the house! Priyanka even asked Manu that was I the same person who 'went nude' on the show in Season 6.  Sparks flew and the news about me entering the show was all over the place. Well, thanks to Manu, my branding is done for the next two years. If I go into the house, I will bring method to the madness. It is a great platform, there is no bigger opportunity than this.”

While giving his feedback about this season, Imam said, “Earlier, I was asked all the time whether the show was scripted but with this season it’s confirmed that the show is not scripted. I am enjoying watching the show because of certain contestants who are playing a great game without being bothered about their image and pre-conceived public profile. Such contestants have the luxury of choice and their attitude is, ‘This is the way I am’. They are themselves, whereas the body language of image conscious people is (evident). Then, power has got divided, it is not resting in one pocket. The contestants have come from diverse socio-political background and culture, which is an interesting mix. And to top it all, there are no alpha males this time. With the presence of two alpha females (Lopamudra Raut and Bani J), there is a female movement inside.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the show that airs on Colors TV, also denied the rumours and confirmed that Imam was not entering the Bigg Boss house.

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Updated Date: Dec 15, 2016 17:55:51 IST