Bigg Boss 10 winner: Manveer Gurjar triumphs; Bani J finishes in second place

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Bigg Boss 10 winner: Manveer Gurjar triumphs; Bani J finishes in second place
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    And as the 10th season of Colors TV's Bigg Boss ends, so do our updates from the show. Bani and Manveer switched off the lights in the Bigg Boss 10 house, and stepped out, their dream run having reached a fitting conclusion. 

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    Noida boy Manveer Gurjar, the owner of a dairy farm, was the very first contestant to make it to the Bigg Boss 10 finale week. And he has finally won the season as well.

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    And what a moment it is, for the contestant who began as part of the non-celebrity 'Indiawale' team, but soon became a star in his own right, thanks to his journey on the show, 

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    Which means...

    Manveer Gurjar is the WINNER of Bigg Boss season 10.

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    It's the final few minutes of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10. 

    And we can confirm that VJ Gurbani Judge — popularly known as Bani J — is the first-runner up (second overall). While this is no doubt a crushing blow to her many fans, it's been a great journey for the contestant.

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    It's an emotional moment for Bani and Manveer, for more reasons than one.

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    While the official announcement is still awaited, it is by now common knowledge as to who has won the 10th season of Bigg Boss 10.

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    Salman informs Bani and Manveer that they've crossed previous levels of popularity for Bigg Boss contestants. Salman shows them how fan support was drummed up for both of them outside the BB house.

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    It is now down to the wire for Bani Judge and Manveer Gurjar. The stress levels in the Bigg Boss house are rising as the duo waits to find out which one of them will walk away with the trophy and the Rs 40 lakh cash prize.

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    And Salman confirms Lopamudra Raut is the second runner-up for season 10! Lopa leaves the house, as Bani and Manveer wait to find out who has won. And so Lopa's journey on BB10 has come to an end.

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    But for some reason, when Salman announces Lopa's name, she isn't convinced she's really the winner.

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    Salman is ready to announce the winner of Bigg Boss 10!

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    The soundtrack, as Manveer points out, is the apt 'Dangal, Dangal...'

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    Salman is now ribbing Bani and Lopa about their extremely acrimonious equation on season 10 of Bigg Boss. But before that, both girls take to the stage for an appropriately confrontational dance routine. See pictures here:

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    A series of Salman's most hilarious outtakes from the Bigg Boss 10 shoot have now been aired.

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    All fun and good. Now can we please get back to the Bigg Boss finale please?

    Turns out the children, Sohail and Neha were all there to promote some other Colors show called Chhote Miyaan.

  • 23:06 (IST)

    All fun and good. Now can we please get back to the Bigg Boss finale please?

    Turns out the children, Sohail and Neha were all there to promote some other Colors show called Chhote Miyaan.

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    Sohail Khan and Neha Dhupia have visited the sets. At Neha's question as to whether or not they were mischievous as children, Sohail recounted an incident when Arbaaz, Salman and he got into a stone fight. Salman and Arbaaz turned tail and ran when a stone hit Sohail!

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    Salman proves he's a hit with the kids when these little stars come calling.

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    Aaaaand some more Rising Star promotions. A tad tiresome, we must say.

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    Karishma Tanna joined in too.

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    Some light entertainment before getting back to the tense business of the night: Mouni Roy dances with Salman Khan! The Naagin actress is all-grace as she dances to the Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo title track.

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    Bigg Boss 10 finale: How the controversial show unfolded over ten seasons}

    Fist fights, love affairs, scandals and even marriages - everything taking place under the glare of arc lights and tons of cameras. That has been the 10 year long Bigg Boss experience for you.

  • 22:51 (IST)

    Incidentally, Bigg Boss has now completed 10 years. A decade, already? Let's see how the controversial reality TV show unfolded:

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    Before that, here's a quick glimpse of the interaction between Salman Khan and India's Rising Star judge Shankar Mahadevan:

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    Salman says they'll soon be announcing the name of the second runner-up (overall third), whose turn it will then be to leave the Bigg Boss 10 house.

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    And the proceedings are back on track!

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    Also still to come, is Bani and Lopa's performance. We've seen a sneak peek of it, and it looks pretty racy!

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    The three finalists, meanwhile, have a long wait in store before they find out who among them will be the luckiest.

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    There's been a short break in the finale proceedings as a cross-promotional segment for Colors' new show India's Rising Star is being telecast.

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    And here's a quick video recap of Hithik's exchange with Salman on the BB10 finale:

Over 100 days since it started, the tenth season of Colors TV’s reality behemoth Bigg Boss has finally reached its conclusion.

As the last three contestants — Bani J, Lopamudra Raut and Manveer Gurjar (with Manu Punjabi having opted out; read about it below) — wait to find out which one of them will be declared the Bigg Boss 10 winner, viewers are assured of a spectacle, with several performances by a bevy of celebrities, including the show’s superstar host Salman Khan, capping off a rollercoaster season.

And what a season it's been. From contestant showdowns to stressful tasks and surprise evictions (and one not-so-surprising shaadi), Bigg Boss 10 has had them all. In fact, it started off on a surprising note, with its concept of bringing in non-celebrity contestants to compete against the celebrities.

Over a long season, it is these non-celebrity contestants, named the ‘Indiawale’ who grabbed the spotlight. From the most notorious contestants this season (Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om — both of whom had the ‘honour’ of being ousted from the house by Salman himself) to the most popular ones (Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi), it is the Indiawale who were the ones being talked about.

 Bigg Boss 10 winner: Manveer Gurjar triumphs; Bani J finishes in second place

Bigg Boss 10's final three: Bani, Manveer, Lopa

Of course, this doesn't mean the celebrity contestants were left behind.

Bani J and Lopamudra, both of whom have made it to the finale, were for long, favourites to scoop up the winner's crown.

Rohan Mehra proved to be a surprisingly hardy contestant, even as more successful celebrities like Rahul Dev, Gaurav Chopra and Karan Mehra were evicted in previous weeks.

And now, as the two-and-a-half hour finale extravaganza prepares to kick off, it is Manveer, Lopa and Bani who have a nail-biting wait in store.

Manu Punjabi, our sources have confirmed, has walked out of the Bigg Boss 10 house, having opted for a Rs 10 lakh payout in exchange for .

We'll be bringing you all the updates from the finale right here. So stay with us, and stay tuned.

Updated Date: Jan 29, 2017 23:57:42 IST