Bigg Boss 10: Evicted contestant Nitibha Kaul talks about her equation with Manveer Gurjar, Bani J

After surviving on Colors TV's Bigg Boss season 10 for close to 13 weeks, and just about two weeks away from the finale, Nitibha Kaul was evicted this weekend. Having quit a high-profile job at Google, which had even surprised the show host and superstar, Salman Khan, Nitibha was very confident, and had staked a lot to be part of India’s biggest reality show. As Nitibha left the Bigg Boss house on Saturday post-eviction, she said, “The experience was unique and very different from anything I have done in life so far. I took the risk but had never expected to reach so far even as I was nominated several times. I expected to get evicted in the second week itself. Though I missed my family and friends while living in that strange environment, I learnt how to deal with stress, how to cook, clean, wash utensils... all of which I have never done before."

 Bigg Boss 10: Evicted contestant Nitibha Kaul talks about her equation with Manveer Gurjar, Bani J

Nitibha Kaul

Nitibha, who entered as a ‘commoner’ or ‘Indiawaale’ projected herself as a modern urban Indian woman and was clearly caught between the ‘celebrities’ and the ‘commoners’ when it came to who she identified with, and she is candid enough to accept that initially she found it difficult to connect with her teammates like Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Priyanka Jagga. “The contestants were chosen from across the country and they were all very different from each other as they came from different backgrounds, communities, conditioning...Initially, I bonded only with Akansha (Sharma) as both of us are Delhi girls with a similar background but I just did not feel comfortable with Manu, Manveer and Priyanka. I used to think that I will never be able to feel part of that group, and it took me some time to understand them and appreciate their (Manu and Manveer's) honesty. To stay in the game, both Manu and Manveer played with so much passion and heart as compared to the celebrities; it was incredible.”

Nitibha made many connections during her Bigg Boss sojourn but her chemistry with Manveer became the highlight of the season. While some felt that their friendship would last a lifetime, many labelled it as one of convenience and that Nitibha piggybacking on a strong contestant like Manveer so that she could survive longer in the game. When Manu made a brief exit from the house due to his mother’s demise, Nitibha grew close to Manveer and they became each other’s confidants. However, their friendship turned sour and they engaged in frequent fights after M3 (Mona, Manveer and Manu) reunited when Manu came back into the house. As Nitibha grew apart from M3, she found solace in Bani and they became friends.

Clarifies Nitibha, “If I really wanted to use someone to stay in the game longer and stay strong, I could have grabbed hold of celebrities like Lopamudra and Rohan and made them by best friends. Eventually, I did have heated arguments with Manveer when I didn’t like his attitude and the way he was treating me. I would have never wanted to be in his shadow. I’m an honest person and I am happy being with people who I am comfortable with — not because I need that person for my own gains. That discomfort of befriending someone for convenience will be seen on my face. Bonding has never been a strategy for me. Bani and I always got along well and we bonded over music and deep conversation. But it really gets stressful in the house, for instance Bani once nominated me by bursting my balloon and that could have led to differences.” She further added, “And I have no idea how the link-up stories between Manveer and me spread. They show just two minutes of footage from the entire day's happenings and it must have got misconstrued. We would say something rude, something cute and playful, so I don't know what was shown, but we were friendly and shared a very normal relationship inside the house.”

Not one to mince words or hideher feelings, Nitibha does accept that she would feel bad when the show host and superstar, Salman Khan would give more attention to celebrities like Bani. In fact, when Salman once addressed Bani as ‘sweetheart’ even as the latter was flouting rules of the house, Nitibha expressed her displeasure about it to other contestants in the house. Explains Nitibha, “It is very natural to feel a little left out sometimes because there were times in the weekend episode when Salman wouldn’t converse much with me and give lot of attention to Bani.”

Commenting on Bani and Lopa’s ugly fight during the ‘Call Centre’ task, Nitibha feels that they were lashing out at each other for no reason. “It showed the degree of maturity or immaturity in them. There was no reason for them to hate each other. I feel Lopa got mean and vicious during the task by saying that Bani has done Botox and further brought her mother into the conversation. Lopa is a beauty pageant title holder (Miss United Continents India 2016) representing India and she went on ranting without realising how she will look on national television. Bani was also wrong by overreacting and getting physical, she could have stayed calm,” says Nitibha.

Certainly a passionate player, Nitibha lost out to someone who hasn't shown much interest in the game —  the Bhojpuri actress Mona Lisa. In fact, just before announcing Nitibha's elimination, when Salman asked the contestants that between Nitibha and Mona, who should get evicted, most named Mona as Nitibha was a strong player and was keen on staying on in the game.  Nitibha once again gets candid and says that Mona doesn't deserve to be in the house for so long since she didn't show much interest. “Mona has done well by reaching so far but you need to contribute. She is not interested in any task or captaincy, she isn’t a passionate player and doesn’t care about winning. She is extremely sensitive and vulnerable and is only adept at dancing. She just spends time with Manu and Manveer and has got a good support system in place, she is not an individual player. She doesn’t deserve to be in the game but she belongs to the Bhojpuri film industry and probably has a crazy fan following. She has participated in about 2,500 game shows so far and even Manu and Manveer’s supporters must be supporting her. She does Manu and Manveer’s work and keeps them happy.”

However, Nitibha is happy that she became friends with both, 'commoners' as well as 'celebrities' and left the house on a peaceful and positive note. Coming to the winners, Nitibha lays her bet on Manveer and Bani. “Both are strong and have their own individual style, sometimes positive and sometimes negative. But I would like to see Manveer as the winner as he is representing the ‘common man’ very gracefully and has put his heart and soul in the game. He also has a strong community backing him.” And what is Nitibha’s take on Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga, who were ousted out of the show? “We should completely ignore such people. It’s not important for us to give them any footage or publicity. They are the kind of people who will ruin the country, we don't need such crap people in our lives.”

Updated Date: Jan 16, 2017 09:48:03 IST