Bigg Boss 10, Episode 94, 18 January 2017: Monalisa, Vikrant exchange wedding vows, exit the house

As Mona and Vikrant’s big day arrives, the housemates wake up to the song‘Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai’ that heightens anxiety and spirits inside the house. As they take a walk around the house, they find the entire house decorated with flowers and a wedding mandap set up in the garden area. The housemates relish the moment and gear up for the ceremony.

Bigg Boss announces about the arrival of mehendi artists and tells all the housemates to collect their special clothes as well. In the morning, Vikrant is seen pulling Mona’s leg and tells her that it’s her only chance to give their marriage a second thought. She shouldn’t complain later that everything happened in a flash and she didn’t get time to think. Mona blushes and says that she is very confident about the decision and she need not think about it again. Bani says that it’s for the first time that she will be watching a real wedding on the sets.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 94, 18 January 2017: Monalisa, Vikrant exchange wedding vows, exit the house

Vikrant and Monalisa get married in the Bigg Boss house.

The rituals soon commence with Mona’s mehendi ceremony where all the housemates dance to popular mehendi songs while the bride-to-be adorns her hands with beautiful henna. Manu and Manveer also express enthusiasm and get M3 mehendi tattooed on their hands and latter teases Bani saying that she wouldn’t need one as she has tattooes all over her hands. When the ceremony is in full swing, Mona’s mother makes an entry and Mona is taken aback by surprise. She gives her a tight hug and ushers her inside the house. Mona’s mother gets traditional shaakar pola (bangles) and sindoor for her wedding. As the celebratory functions continue, the baaratis Nirahua aka Dinesh Lal, Amrapali, and Vikrant’s sister make a grand entry inside the house to partake in the celebrations.

Mona’s happiness knows no bounds and she thanks all the guests for making it for her wedding. As the nuptials begin, Panditji performs puja, followed by pheras, saath vachan, sindoor, and varmala ceremony. While Mona’s mother performs her kanyadaan, Vikrant’s sister does theganthbandhan. After Mona and Vikrant seal the deal, they seek blessing from everyone and thank their family members and friends by talking into the camera. Following the ceremony, Mona also prepares the first bhog and feeds Vikrant. Nirahua pulls Vikrant’s leg and asks him about his wedding night. Vikrant starts blushing, but Nirahua still continues with his jokes and asks him if the marriage is fake, to which Vikrant says it’s not. And then Nirahua starts talking to the camera and says if it’s not fake then the suhaag raat should definitely happen.

To ensure that the celebrations are top-notch, Bigg Boss asks the housemates and the newlyweds to prepare a dance performance for the grand wedding reception that is to be held in the garden area.  Manu and Manveer are given the responsibility to host the evening and make it an entertaining one. At that moment, Mona tells Vikrant that Manu and Manveer will be playing mischief during their performance and that he shouldn’t mind that. When the housemates enter the garden area, they find a brightly lit stage placed right in the center where they have to give their performances.  Just when the reception is about to begin, Ravi Kishen makes a dhamakedaar entry dancing to Dhina Dhin Dha and surprises everyone.

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He further sets the stage on fire by dancing to 440 Volt along with Bani and Lopa. After wishing the newlyweds a happy married life, Ravi Kishan calls hosts Manu and Manveer on stage to take the evening forward.  Being at their humorous best, Manu and Manveer kick start the function by narrating Mona and Vikrant’s love story and impeccably imitate them.  They also bring out Vikrant’s suspicious nature during the act. Up next, the housemates give a spectacular performance to a medley of Joote Do Paise Do and Aivayi Aivayi Loot Gaya. Nirahua and Amrapali add some Bhojpuri flavor to the evening by dancing to Laalipop Lagelu. Reveling in the moment, Mona and Vikrant give a romantic performance on Rang De Tu Mohe Gerua. 

The celebrations come to a close with the bride and groom cutting a cake as the guests wish them a happily ever after before they make an exit from the house to the special room arranged for them. As soon as Mona and Vikrant leave, the housemates get back to their regular chores, and Bani is seen complaining that she is doing washing and cleaning in the kitchen all by herself and that nobody was helping her. Rohan is around and he feels she was taunting him and goes complaining to Lopa about Bani. Manu tells Manveer and Bani about how Vikrant was still thinking about the game.

Apparently, Vikrant has told Manu that for the last two days the focus has been on Mona because of their wedding and hence Mona, who is nominated this week, will be saved from elimination. Late in the night, Manu, while calling Vikrant insecure, tells Manveer that Mona’s wedding has benefited him as now his fiancé Piku will not have any doubts about their (Manu and Mona’s) relationship. And with finale round the corner, the contestants will be given an extremely difficult task wherein they will go to any extent to defeat each other, and in the process, Bani and Lopa will have yet another round of heated argument and verbal duel.

Updated Date: Jan 19, 2017 11:26:58 IST