Bigg Boss 10, Episode 92, 16 January, 2017: Mona Lisa, Rohan Mehra nominated for evictions this week

With the season finale of the show fast approaching, the game seems to be getting intense and challenging for the contestants with each passing day. As the housemates continue to anticipate as to what’s in store for them this week, they wake up to the song ‘ Tohfa Tohfa, Laya Laya’.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 92, 16 January, 2017: Mona Lisa, Rohan Mehra nominated for evictions this week

The sets of Bigg Boss 10. Colors

Early in the morning, Mona tries to explain to Manu the game, both, Bani and Lopa have been playing and also starts cribbing about how she is being misunderstood by Manu and Manveer at every point, but Manu is perplexed and tells her that she is not being able to explain or is not expressive enough and he can't understand what she is trying to convey. They have a small argument after which Mona walks out of the room muttering that it was better if she remained quiet. Manu continues to wonder what exactly went wrong with her. On the other hand,  Rohan jokes about Bani quitting tasks and it turns into a heated argument between them. Rohan clarifies that he was joking but Bani refuses to believe it and he leaves the garden area where Bani is seen bonding big time with Manu and Manveer.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces the nominations task for the week with a twist and definitely one of the most emotional ones. Dressed up as a postman, every contestant is assigned a parcel of one of their fellow contestant which they have to either deliver or destroy in a foyer. If they fail to destroy and instead deliver it successfully, they will be nominated for the week while the contestant owning the parcel will be safe from nomination and vice versa. The parcel would entail gifts or letters sent by their family or loved ones.  Since Manveer has already qualified into the finale week and since Rohan is nominated for the entire season, they cannot participate in the task and hence they are made the sanchalaks of the task. As the housemates slip into their costumes and get ready for the task, they begin to strategise and find the best solution to the problem at hand. Mona feels distressed and starts crying as she is caught in a dilemma whether to deliver or destroy Manu’s parcel which is from his fiancé.

After the first buzzer rings, Mona volunteers to go first and delivers Manu’s parcel. Manu gets furious as he feels that Mona is being an emotional fool and has taken a hasty decision. He keeps asking her that why has she chosen to go first but Mona has taken the decision of delivering the parcel and get nominated. Mona gets miffed by Manu’s comments and starts crying again while Manveer and other housemates try to console her. Up next, the housemates come up with a plan that they would deliver everyone’s parcels so that they all get nominated uniformly. When Lopa asks for Bani’s opinion, she takes it in a wrong way and snaps at Lopa. Bani says that she will have no remorse if someone destroys her parcel in order to save themselves as she would also do the same at this crucial stage of the game.  Bani further tells her co-contestants that had Lopa been polite with her and extended her friendship earlier the way she (Bani) did, she would have delivered her parcel and got nominated. She also states that if she could nominate herself for someone like Priyanka Jagga then she can do it for anybody in the house.

As the second buzzer rings, Bani decides to do the process and destroys Lopa’s gift.  Lopa initially feels bad but she collects herself and strikes back in the game. Upon finding that Bani has not been able to destroy her letter completely, Lopa goes near the foyer and attempts to read through the half-burnt letter along with Rohan. The letter is from her sister who has written some encouraging words that she (Lopa) wasn’t in the wrong in her recent fight with Bani and that she didn't speak ill of Bani's mother.  Lopa is excited reading this and tries to put her hand inside the foyer to read the entire letter when Bigg Boss interrupts her and asks her to back off immediately. Bani is also watching from the kitchen that Lopa was reading the letter and wonders whether it was permitted. Bigg Boss further calls the sanchalaks Manveer and Rohan in the confession room and gives them a piece of his mind for being extremely irresponsible and for not stopping Lopa from reading the letter.  He asks them to keep a close watch on everyone otherwise they will have to bear the repercussions. Manveer and Rohan warn Lopa and other housemates to not repeat the mistake and complete the nominations process with utmost honesty.

The third buzzer goes off and Manu goes to burn Bani’s parcel. He tells her that she has received greeting cards from Gauahar Khan and puts it in the foyer. The final buzzer goes off and Lopa, who is in two minds, finally decides to burn Mona’s parcel. She decides to save herself at this juncture and opens the parcel.  Mona gets a cushion from her boyfriend which has, ‘You and Me Forever’ written on it. A guilty Lopa puts the the heart-shaped cushions in the foyer burning it. Mona is crying inconsolably as Bani is trying to console her. Lopa apologises to Mona and she forgives her saying that at least she could read her boyfriend's message.

Bigg Boss announces that Rohan and Mona are nominated to be evicted this week. Bani tells Manu that Lopa was waiting for so long to make sure that she doesn’t look bad in front of the camera. She also says that Rohan should be evicted and Manu should stay in the show. Manu and Manveer joke around asking all the celebrities in the house to appeal to Bigg Boss to make them (Manu-Manveer) the winners and they justify by saying that the others were all established celebrities and have nothing much to lose. Manu and Manveer are later seen recollecting their life before entering the house. Before retiring to bed, they are seen reminiscing their auditions for Bigg Boss, and how their life has changed for the better.

Tomorrow, there will be tons of excitement  on the show with Mona's boyfriend Vikrant stepping inside the Bigg Boss house with a wedding ring in his hand and he will propose to Mona for marriage. While Vikrant will wait in the activity area against a brightly lit romantic backdrop, Bigg Boss will ask Mona to go inside without revealing anything. As Mona will step inside, she will be taken aback to find Vikrant standing there. When she will ask him the reason of his visit, he will go down on his knees, take out the ring and propose to her for marriage. Mona will instantly agree. Vikrant will further inform her that the entire wedding ceremony would take place inside the Bigg Boss house in the span of the next two days.

Updated Date: Jan 17, 2017 00:13:14 IST