Bigg Boss 10, Episode 88, 12 January, 2017: BB 'call center' task gets loud and ugly

Celebrating Manveer’s big win in the ticket to finale task, the housemates wake up to the song, ‘Sala Main Toh Sahaab Ban Gaya’. Early in the morning, Manu and Manveer are seen sharing their experience of the mall task, with the housemates. Manveer says that by seeing their fan following and getting so many votes has made him confident. Manu and Manveer also say that the house grows on you and they wonder how they will feel when they will finally leave the house to never return even as they may be cut off from the world as of now. They will definitely miss the house.

In a similar context, Manveer tells Manu that Nitibha's reaction to their win was something very unexpected and it came across as if she was envious of them. Manu replies in affirmation and says that it's Bani who is drilling all these thoughts in Nitibha’s head.  Rohan too agrees with them and he says that Bani was playing divide and rule policy by getting friendly with both the teams and provoking them.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 88, 12 January, 2017: BB call center task gets loud and ugly

The BB call centre task.

Soon after, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task 'BB Call Centre' wherein the housemates are divided into two teams- call centre executives and customers. While Manveer, Manu and Lopa are given the responsibility of the call centre executives who have to patiently listen to their customers’ complain, Bani, Rohan and Nitibha are asked to be the cranky callers.

While the executives have to maintain their composure and try to give a suitable solution to the customer’s problems, customers have to make sure that they irritate the executives and instigate them to disconnect the call. As Manu, Manveer and Lopa begin strategising and etching out a plan, they anticipate that Bani and Nitibha will become the troublemakers during the task.

As the buzzer rings, Rohan makes the first call to Manu from a phone booth placed in the garden area. He makes harsh remarks and rubs it in to irritate him. Rohan tells Manu that he is incapable of doing a task as simple as eating a bowl of rasagulla. He further adds that Manu always engages in backbiting about other contestants and labels it as entertainment. Rohan also says that Manu does not contribute to any household chore apart from cooking food. Manu listens to Rohan patiently and sustains the calls till the end buzzer rings.

Up next, the great rivals Bani and Lopa get on a call. Bani makes most of this opportunity and says the nastiest things possible. From taunting her beauty pageant victory to being good only at make-up to doubting her shopping skills, Bani points out everything possible that will annoy Lopa. She even goes on to say that Lopa treats Rohan like her puppy dog who follows her around the house wagging his tail and following her instructions. After the call is done, Lopa justifies her stand in front of Rohan to neutralise the situation.

After Bani’s second attempt to instigate Lopa again proves unsuccessful, she nudges Rohan to reveal a couple of Lopa’s weak points as she didn't know Lopa too well. Rohan first takes this conversation lightly and ignores Bani’s request. Looking at Rohan’s reaction, Bani tells him that he is not playing the game sportingly enough and is just protecting his friend. After she prods him further, Rohan loses his cool and asks Bani to stop bothering him. He tells Bani that she was asking senseless questions to Lopa and irritating him by asking latter’s boiling point all the time.

Bani tries to explain her stand but Rohan refuses to listen. While they both indulge in a fight, onlookers Manu and Manveer nibble on a paratha while enjoying the drama. Further, when the buzzer rings, Nitibha calls Manveer and the first question she puts to him is: “Aapke liye dosti ka kya matlab hai?” (What does friendship mean to you?) Responding to her query, Manveer assures her that whatever complaints she has pertaining to their friendship, he will work towards resolving her issues. Making the moment light, Manveer even mentions how he wants to hear something more along with the term ‘friendship’ from Nitibha.  Manveer assures her that his friendship with her is lifelong. Nitibha is also remains unsuccessful in provoking Manveer.

As the day comes to a close, Nitibha joins Manveer, who is seen sitting alone, feeling sad about the game coming to an end.  Nitibha tells him that he is not going away so soon as he will definitely reach the finale. Manu, too, joins them and they wonder why they have been fighting all this while, and try to sort out their differences. Later Bani and Nitibha are seen analysing Manu and Manveer’s attitude towards life,  and Nitibha tells Bani that Manu was far more deeper person with a better level of understanding and listening ability as compared to Manveer. Bani and Nitibha come to a conclusion that both, Manu and Manveer have seen lots of ups and downs in life and they can now understand from where their emotional reactions are coming from. Soon Bigg Boss announces that the 'BB Call Centre' was over for today and it will continue the next day.

Tomorrow, Lopa will be the customer or the cranky caller while Bani will be the executive. And all hell will break loose when Lopa will try to instigate Bani by saying that she tries to gain sympathy by using her mother. Furious and completely out of control, Bani slams the phone down, walks out of the booth and kind of attacks Lopa with the war of words. She further holds Lopa tight by her waist and also starts pushing her (Lopa) by using her shoulders and Lopa too retaliates. The rest of the contestants try to stop them but both are unstoppable. Finally, Lopa is seen telling Bigg Boss to take action against Bani or else she will leave the show.

Updated Date: Jan 13, 2017 00:13:55 IST