Bigg Boss 10, Episode 85, 9th January 2016: Housemates turn against Lopamudra

It's day 85 of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10, and on a happy and joyous note, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’. Early in the morning, Manveer Gurjar, who was pulled up this weekend by Salman Khan for being inefficient as the captain, is seen having a friendly chat with Nitibha Kaul to persuade her to complete the household work. But Nitibha pays no heed to Manveer’s request, she keeps dilly-dallying and walks away. At the same time, Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra are once again seen sorting out their differences but their discussion soon turns into a pointless argument. Rohan tells Lopa that she says a lot of things under the influence of anger which she regrets later. As Lopa tries to defend herself, Rohan cuts her off and says that he does get affected by her words but he does not express it since they share a great bond. Later Manu Punjabi tells Lopa that these days Bani J has been instigating Nitibha and Rohan and hence cracks were developing in their friendships with Manveer and her (Lopa) respectively.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 85, 9th January 2016: Housemates turn against Lopamudra

The ranking task

Later in the day, Bani is seen having a conversation with Nitibha and gets reprimanded by Bigg Boss for using English words. While she stops immediately, Manveer takes a note of this and warns her for not following the rules. Soon after, in a similar light, Nitibha also gets pulled up by Bigg Boss twice for speaking in English. Manveer gets furious and lashes out at Nitibha for being careless despite his warnings. Nitibha tries to give a justification but Manveer leaves her tongue-tied by rightly pointing out her mistake. But the conversation soon snowballs into an ugly fight and Nitibha and Manveer start hurling abuses at each other. Nitibha also ends up saying that Manveer could do no good as a captain in the past seven days and is now forcing everyone to follow the rules while Manveer tells her that in these 12 weeks she has done nothing.

In the evening, Bigg Boss introduces the ranking task as a build-up to the ticket to finale week task. The contestants are made to rank themselves in the order of 1 to 6 and claim their position by standing on a ranking podium. Bigg Boss also informs them that the task will have direct implications on the ticket to finale task and the one with the highest rank will get an edge over other contestants. Rohan is made the sanchalak of the task since he is nominated for the entire season. As the task commences, Manu, Lopa, Bani and Manveer appeal for the number one spot and try to support it with a legit reason. Manu says that he has never failed in any task while Bani feels she is more deserving because she was more popular, she has had three Appyfizz callers ask for her and most celebrities who have come in the house have known her. “The more hatred I got in this house, the more support and love I have got from people outside,” says Bani who finally takes the number two spot. Nitibha also tries to seize this opportunity for her own good and claims third spot. When Bani is trying to put forward her point, Lopa starts interrupting her and makes sarcastic remarks. Bani does not take Lopa’s comments in the right spirit and snaps at her. After hours of discussion and bickering, the housemates finally reach a conclusion and announce their ranks. Mona takes the number 6 spot, she justifies it by saying that the rest were far more entertaining. Manveer is on 5 and he says that Manu has been a better entertainer and hence he (Manu) was on 4. Nitibha takes number 3 position, she feels that her performance was as good as Manu’s but since Manu was out of the house for personal reasons, she is in a better position. Bani occupies number 2 position but feels that she actually deserved number 1 as she has got lot of love from her fans. Lopa is on the top and she feels she deserves to be number 1 because she has won almost every task.

After completing the task, Bani is seen analysing her stand in the task when Manveer comes and tries to strike up a conversation with her. He tells her that she is showing herself as a weakling in front of others by giving up on everything so easily. But Bani acts inconsiderate and tells Manveer to not interfere in her matters. Furthermore, Manu, Nitibha, and Mona also join in the conversation and they begin discussing Lopa’s attitude towards the contestants. It seems they have turned against Lopa after the ranking task. Manveer says that Lopa is unaffected by anyone and she doesn’t deserve to be on the no. 1 position. Manu is quick to say that Lopa is no less than a spoilt brat since her every wrong action was encouraged by Rohan, Karan Mehra, and Rahul Dev in the past. As a result, she now refuses to take criticism from anyone and moreover tries to put the other person down. With so much animosity brewing inside the house, wonder who will end up being at the top of the ladder and gain an advantage in the ticket to finale week task.

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