Bigg Boss 10, Episode 81, 5 January, 2016: Swami Om expelled; Bani wants to quit

Looking forward to the captaincy task for this week between Swami Om and Bani, the contestants wake up to the song Seesha Se Seesha Takraye.  In an attempt to secure his place as the new captain of the house for the next week, Om tries to convince the housemates to vote for him. He also approaches his contender Bani and reminds her that they share a father-daughter relationship. Tired of Om's constant blabber, Bani decides to ignore him for the entire day. Manu says that he will vote for Om because he feels everyone should get the chance to become the captain, whereas Rohan is clear that he will vote for Bani and let Om win from outside as he has been telling everyone. Manveer frightens Om by telling him that he will check his bags to seize all the unnecessary things that he has buried inside but Om’s nonchalance once again amuses him. Meanwhile, Bani, who is usually quite aloof, is seen getting friendly with everybody, and we know the reason. Manu laughs saying that Bani was offering him parathas in the morning and the latter is also seen having a friendly chat with Mona. Om is only thinking about becoming the captain for which he is willing to do anything.

Om Swami is issued a warning by Bigg Boss. Image: Twitter

Om Swami is issued a warning by Bigg Boss. Image: Twitter

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss introduces the captaincy task wherein Bani and Om  compete against each other and Manveer is made the Sanchalak. For the task which will last for the duration of 90 minutes, two pyramids of miniature blocks with Bani and Om's pictures are placed in the garden area on a table. While the contestants are given an option to destroy the pyramid of the contender they do not wish to support by throwing squishy balls at them to displace it by staying outside the border line.  Bani and Om have to protect their pyramids. They also have the liberty to build it all over again. The contender with a maximum number of blocks standing in a shape of a pyramid by the end of the task will be declared as the winner. Taking into consideration that both Bani and Om were feeling under the weather, Bigg Boss also gives them the option to pick up a representative who will perform the task on their behalf. But Bani and Om decide to fight it out on their own.

At the very beginning of the task, Rohan declares his support for Bani and blames other housemates either directly or indirectly for supporting Om. Bani wants to make sure that Om is kept away from the pyramids because he has often sabotaged tasks in the past and Rohan assures her that he won’t let it happen. While Nitibha also decides to support Bani, Manu, Mona and Lopa decide to destroy the pyramids of both the contenders as they are not interested in supporting or going against either. After the initial few minutes of the task, Om finds his pyramid scattered all over the ground as the housemates intensely target it. He further decides not to participate in the task and parks himself on the table on which his pyramids were placed, while Bani keeps building her pyramids and this results into a messy situation with contestants hitting with the balls all over the place. Bigg Boss reprimands all and remind them the rules of the task.

Taking the role of the sanchalak way too seriously, Manveer makes his own rule and gets into an argument with Rohan for supporting Bani conscientiously. As Rohan continues to remind everyone that their decision to not support Bani is wrong, the housemates turn against him which further leads to a massive fight between them.  And to Rohan’s surprise, his close friend Lopa also turns a deaf ear to his requests and joins the gang.  As the task continues, Manveer and Manu try to convince Om to actively participate in the game.

As soon as Bigg Boss announces that they have only 10 minutes at their disposal, suddenly Om isolates himself and the contestants do sense that Om was planning to do something untoward. With Bani being his contender and Rohan completely supporting her, Om suddenly comes close to them with a pot and throws his urine (filled in a pot) on Bani and Rohan and also on few other contestants that stirs up a storm inside the house. Rohan immediately grabs him from behind and Manu and Manveer also hold him tight and put him in the ‘jail’. Bani, Mona and Rohan feel sick and Rohan starts throwing up. They rush to the washroom. They not only put Om inside the jail but also request Bigg Boss to throw him out of the house.

After some time Bigg Boss calls Manveer in the confession room to tell everybody to not to talk to Om nor go near the ‘jail’. Om is seen holding a piece of pot which he was threatening to throw at the contestants. Manveer also checks Om’s bag. Meanwhile, the house gets divided with Bani getting irritated with Lopa as she is constantly talking about the incident in a loud pitch. Nitibha tells Lopa that she may be right but she needs to time it well because nobody was in a mood to discuss and analyse the incident. Nitibha wonders that why were people going on a totally different track of who supported who in this serious situation. Except for Bani, everybody seems to be upset with Rohan. Mona voices out by telling Rohan that it appeared as if only he was supporting Bani, whereas she, too, was supporting Bani. Rohan tells Mona that he had nothing against her.

Rohan and Bani sit separately and Rohan tells her that he did his best by grabbing Om immediately but the last time when he had pushed him he was punished by Bigg Boss. Rohan breaks down thinking that people will talk about this incident outside. Soon Bani removes her mic and tells Bigg Boss that she wants to talk to her friend and Bigg Boss winner, Gauahar Khan. Bani also says that she wants to leave the show leaving Rohan stumped. Strangely enough, Om continues his dialogue while looking at the camera. He now tries to fool everybody by saying that it wasn’t urine but plain water. He keeps harping about his popularity outside and how he was treated badly in the house as everybody felt threatened by him. As the condition inside the house worsens, Bigg Boss once again dismisses the task and calls all the contestants in the living room. Om gets expelled and soon security guards appear to take him out of the house while all the contestants watch them aghast.

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