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Bigg Boss 10, Episode 74, 29 December 2016: Will Rohan Mehra leave the house?

After facing a dreadful situation that Swami Om puts the housemates into during the 'Toofan' task, they wake up on an energetic note dancing to the tunes of ‘Ooo La la la’. Lopa is quite amused with the way Om's dancing. Much excited to see Manveer as one of the contenders for captaincy, Om already declares him the winner. Agitated with Om for his unjust behaviour during the luxury budget task, Manu and Manveer advice him to stop making tall claims and to play a fair game. Further, pointing out his unpredictable ways, Manveer tells Manu that he (Om) will now go and tell the same thing to Rohan, the other contender.

Meanwhile, during an intense conversation, Manu tells Mona that her spending 75 days in the house was unexpected, while Mona says that unexpected occurrences in her life have always yielded results and given her happiness. Manu further advices Mona to get married to her boyfriend as soon as she gets out of the Bigg Boss house as live-n relationship wasn’t very “safe or secure”. As the day progresses, Gaurav also makes a few attempts to have a conversation with Bani after having a nasty fight the previous night. But Bani is still upset about it and gives Gaurav a cold shoulder. On the other hand, she is seen mingling around with Manveer and Manu and speaking her heart out.

In the evening, Bigg Boss finally announces the captaincy task wherein Manveer and Rohan compete to become the next captain of the house. A mud bed is placed in the garden area and  Rohan and Manveer are allotted two different set of flowers – Rohan (purple) and Manveer (Pink). After the buzzer rings, Manveer and Rohan have to plant the flowers on the mud bed and cover it completely with their respective share of flowers.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 74, 29 December 2016: Will Rohan Mehra leave the house?

Rohan Mehra and Lopa.

They are given two hours to complete the task and Bani is made the sanchalika of the task while the other contestants can support and help whoever they want to. Gaurav and Lopa are with Rohan while Manu, Mona and Nitibha support Manveer. Initially, Manveer and Rohan play fair by planting all the flowers but the game gets intense and competitive as soon as Bigg Boss announces that they have only 10 minutes at their disposal. They start plucking and throwing each other’s flowers in order to reach a fair conclusion.

Defying the rules of the game, Om barges in and starts displacing Rohan’s flowers. Gaurav makes a quick move and tries to stop Om but he once again breaks out and starts damaging Rohan’s flowers. Gaurav loses his temper and rebukes Om for breaking the rules. But he turns a deaf ear to Gaurav and starts passing personal comments involving his personal life and friends. They both have a yelling match as Gaurav gets furious and gives an earful to Om.

Manu tries to intervene and take control over the situation by holding Om aside so that Bani could complete her counting process and declare the winner. But just when the situation seems to have normalized, Rohan suddenly gets physical with Om, pushes him in aggression, and their fight takes an ugly turn. Soon Bani completes counting and Manveer is declared the winner and the new captain of the house. He’s told to take the responsibilities with immediate effect and all his supporters are seen celebrating.

Soon after, Om starts complaining that Gaurav and Rohan assaulted him and that he can’t hear from his one ear but Bani and Gaurav say that he was doing another drama. Manveer leads Om to the camera and tells him to voice out all his complaints and grievances. Bigg Boss asks all the housemates to gather in the living area and expresses extreme disappointment in Rohan’s behaviour.  He gives Rohan a harsh punishment by nominating him for the entire season. Upset about Bigg Boss’s decision, Rohan throws away his mic and locks himself in the washroom.

He tells Bigg Boss that he will either stay inside the washroom for the rest of the season or will leave the house. He’s adamant and doesn’t listen to Lopa, Gaurav and Bani who are seen pleading him to go to the confession room. Gaurav remains non-commital over the issue but Lopa and Bani feel that Rohan was being treated in an unfair manner and they also voice out their opinion openly. Lopa is also heard saying that Bigg Boss was unfair to Rohan even over captaincy as he was banned from captaincy for the entire season but the decision was later revoked. But Manu and Nitibha maintain that Rohan’s push was far more intense and hence the issue has got serious.

Finally Rohan comes out of the washroom and goes to the confession room and tells Bigg Boss that many a times contestants have pushed each other but nobody was punished and that Om had hurt him yesterday during the 'Toofan' task but no action was taken. He further tells Bigg Boss that he doesn’t mind being nominated for the entire season but he won’t accept this allegation of hitting an old man. He is adamant about leaving the house which amounts to paying Rs two crore fine for breaking the contract. Rohan leaves the conversation with Bigg Boss halfway, he gets up saying that they can call his father as well as their (the Channel's lawyer) for settlement and until then he decides to lock himself in the washroom again. Lopa tries her best to stop him but he doesn’t listen and tells his supporters that unless and until he takes such grave measures problem won’t solve.

Further, in an attempt to solve the grave situation, Bigg Boss calls Gaurav and Lopa in the confession room to tell them that Rohan was in the wrong also because he has removed his mic and locked himself in the washroom which is not only against the rules but also quite unsafe. Both go back to convince Rohan, who goes to the confession room to say that he can’t stay in the house with the allegation of attacking someone and that even he sustained bruises yesterday during the task.  Rohan once again leaves the talk with Bigg Boss midway and locks himself in the washroom while telling Lopa that he is finding peace inside.

Meanwhile, a doctor comes to examine Om who says that he was fine but he needs to leave the house for check-up in case there was some internal injury. Talking about Rohan, Manveer says he can sit at the gate instead of being so adamant. Manveer and Manu also criticise Lopa for taking Rohan’s side. Lopa keeps waiting for Rohan outside the washroom and tries all the possible ways, including emotional blackmail, to get him out but Rohan doesn’t budge. Bigg Boss once again makes an announcement about Rohan’s issue. Bigg Boss tells all the contestants, that he explained to Rohan about the repercussions of locking himself in the bathroom without his mic but Rohan is adamant and doesn’t understand how his image will take a beating if he leaves the show this way.

Bigg Boss, in strong words, gives Rohan one last chance to think about the gravity of the situation. Tomorrow there will be some more action with an ugly fight between Lopa and Om, who will be sent to jail along with Gaurav.  Rohan will once again threaten to hit Om saying that if he was leaving the house he might as well beat him and go. There will also be a verbal battle between Bani and Manu.

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Updated Date: Dec 30, 2016 10:00:46 IST

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