Bigg Boss 10, Episode 72, 27th December 2016: Swami Om outrages contestants during the 'igloo task'

Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 had begun with the 'Indiawale' (non-celebrity contestants) on one side and the 'Celebrities' team on the other.

Gradually, both teams began to merge, with every contestant on par with the other — creating a level playing ground.

However, for some, the differences still exist.

On Day 72 — aired as episode 72 — of Bigg Boss 10, the contestants wake up to the tunes of 'Ye Mausam Ka Jadoo Hai Mitwa', unaware of the storm that's about to hit them. The day starts with Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Swami Om criticising the ‘celebrities’ for not keeping the kitchen clean and throwing used tissues all over the place. So far, besides Priyanka Jagga — who was booted out this weekend — not a single ‘Indiawale’ has become the house captain, and Om says that this time he will make it happen. Manveer asks him to shut up as Swami has made this claim before, but it has never materialised.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 72, 27th December 2016: Swami Om outrages contestants during the igloo task

Contestants huddle around the 'igloo' during the luxury budget task on Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10's episode 72

Further, Om asks Gaurav Chopra to convince Bani J to have a conversation with him as he wants to clear the animosity and start afresh. Bani stopped talking to Om after he made a disgusting remark about her mother. “Bani hates me and nobody has hated me to such an extent. I won’t be able to go out with the burden but she is stone-hearted,” Om tells Gaurav with Rohan Mehra around.  Rohan tells this to Bani but she dismisses it. Then, it is learnt that Lopamudra Raut has stopped talking to her closest friend in the house, Rohan, but he continues to cook for her.

After constantly failing in the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss gives the contestants yet another chance to bag the luxury budget. In keeping with the winter season, Bigg Boss introduces the new luxury budget task, ‘Toofan’, which will also impact captaincy. The house is turned into a snow-clad region with a huge igloo placed in the garden area. The housemates are required to dress up as Kashmiris and build or repair and paint the ‘igloo’ with the help of the equipment provided. Time and again, a snow storm (a maximum of seven times) will hit the house when the contestants are required to take shelter in the igloo and the last contestant to enter will be disqualified from the task and captaincy. At the end of the task, two finalists will compete for captaincy.

Before the task begins, Om — who is always extremely aggressive during tasks — whispers to Manveer that they will push the celebrities in order to get into the igloo. He further warns the contestants that he will go to any extent to secure a spot for captaincy for which he won’t care if it was a man or a woman and that nobody should complain about getting pushed. He also adds that he doesn’t want to be a king but a kingmaker and would help the ‘Indiawale’ (that is, Manu and Manveer) in winning the task. As the first storm hits the house, Mona becomes the first one to be disqualified and she starts crying over it while Manu and Manveer console her. But we wonder why she’s crying in first place because she has never ever shown any interest in the captaincy unlike the others! Or has she taken Salman Khan’s words too seriously and believes that crying works on television in gaining people's sympathy?

As the day progresses, Om claims a seat near the igloo and blocks the entrance for the contestants, and we are not surprised with his act because his only motive so far has been to win the tasks. In an attempt to stop Gaurav from entering the igloo, Om makes few personal comments, leading to an argument between them. For the first time, Gaurav raises his voice on the show — maybe because everybody has been complaining about his non-committal approach. His dear friend Bani is surprised as well as amused by Gaurav’s reaction. Tired of Om’s actions, the housemates plan to lock him inside the jail but captain Lopa dismisses the decision. When Om refuses to move, Bigg Boss tells house captain Lopa to put a mark outside the entrance with the help of red tape, and asks the contestants to follow the rules.

As the second storm hits the house, the contestants rush to hide inside but end up hitting each other. Though Bani is the first one to enter the igloo, Lopa blames her for pushing and hurting her. When Bani retaliates, Lopa asks her to stop using bad language with her and does not accept any justification. Rohan and Manveer ask Lopa to calm down as it’s the nature of the task because of which everyone is getting hurt or bruised. As the day comes to a close, Om’s drama once again takes precedence over everything and Manveer is seen defending his actions by getting into a fight with Lopa and Rohan. And this time, Gaurav is out of the task as he entered the igloo the last. Around this time, in order to mend his relationship with Bani, Om tells her something and she stops him, making Om feel insulted. He starts raving and ranting saying that nobody can seal his mouth.

Om begins his dirty antics once again and decides to pee outside the igloo disgusting the other contestants. Irritated with Om's behaviour, Manveer pushes him and throws his stool away which he has placed very close to the red 'boundary'. The other contestants support Manveer and taunt Om. Tired of waiting for the buzzer, the contestants decide to go to the bathroom but Lopa and some contestants decide to stay back. Rohan and Lopa get into a heated argument with Manveer. Rohan loses his cool at Manveer as Manu plays the peacemaker.

The third buzzer goes off and the contestants rush to get inside the igloo. Nitibha gets disqualified. Nitibha is left outside but Manu suddenly decides to 'sacrifice' himself for her, and goes and sits next to her, making it appear that he was the last one to enter.  But Nitibha doesn't let him do so. All this while Om wanted the ‘Indiawale’ — either Manu or Manveer — to become the captain, but he once again takes a u-turn and goes around telling everyone that Manu had cheated and that he had pushed Nitibha behind during the task which led to her disqualification.  Om also gets friendly with Rohan. Om also tries to start a fight between Rohan and Manu. Manveer taunts Manu for being so forgiving with Om. Manu now picks up a stool and decides to cheat. Manu, Manveer, Bani and everyone else surrounds Om to make sure that once the buzzer goes off, Manu will stop Om from rushing inside. Lopa tries to cool things down but in vain.

Meanwhile, Mona and Gaurav, who are out of the task, are seen chatting in the bedroom. Gaurav tells her that how these 10 weeks in the Bigg Boss house has made him understand relationships and that how we take our near and dear ones for granted in our normal life. Mona says that she and her fiancé, Vikrant would watch the show together and it was unbelievable that they were both in the house at the same time. The 'Toofan'  task continues, and while all of them sit near the igloo entrance, they remember it is Manu’s birthday and they start singing for him on his big day.

Tomorrow will be another day of anxiety, aggression, tension and fights, and Om will once again shock everyone with his outrageous behaviour. Well, what else is new?

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Updated Date: Dec 28, 2016 10:26:12 IST