Bigg Boss 10, Episode 69, 23rd December 2016: Salman Khan asks Priyanka Jagga to leave

A sneak peek indicates that Salman Khan will ask Priyanka Jagga to leave Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 because of her bad behaviour

Seema Sinha December 24, 2016 11:00:59 IST
Bigg Boss 10, Episode 69, 23rd December 2016: Salman Khan asks Priyanka Jagga to leave

On the Thursday night's episode of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10, contestants Priyanka Jagga, Gaurav Chopra, Mona Lisa and Rohan Mehra were lucky to spend some time with their family members. The reunions were filled with some bitter-sweet moments: Priyanka’s children brought lot of joy and changed the hostile atmosphere in the house after the ugly fight between Priyanka and Lopa; Mona’s boyfriend Vikrant gave Manu and Manveer the cold shoulder and Gaurav and Rohan’s brothers’ visits were quite emotional and heart-rending. Both Gaurav and Rohan were thrilled to bits after meeting their brothers after over two months. Now Manveer, Nitibha, Lopa and Bani wait in anticipation to meet their loved ones.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 69 23rd December 2016 Salman Khan asks Priyanka Jagga to leave

Has show host Salman Khan had it with Bigg Boss 10 contestant Priyanka Jagga's bad behaviour?

Early on Friday morning — Day 69, Episode 69 of Bigg Boss 10 — Gaurav and Rohan, who seem to be quite happy, dance with lot of vigour. In the kitchen, Mona complains to Lopa about the housemates not taking the responsibility of cleaning the sink and washing utensils. She points out that Gaurav just wiped the platform but did not bother to clean the utensils even after seeing the mess. Lopa, in turn says that both Gaurav and Bani live in the house in isolation and are not concerned about what was happening with other contestants. "They don't exist for me," says Lopa. Manveer and Manu are seen poking fun at Mona’s fiancé, Vikrant and how he questioned M3’s friendship. Manu straight up tells Mona that he was wrong to make such baseless comments about their relationship. But Mona gives him back politely saying that she’s never ever uttered a word about is fiancé, Priya, so he, too shouldn’t be doing that.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss gives Manu and Swami Om a chance to charge the battery for the 'Family App task'. They have to walk on a hamster wheel for a considerable amount of time till the battery shoots up. Manu takes on the mantle of walking on the wheel and gears up for it. Om, however, also tries his hand at performing the task but fails in the process. At the same time, Nitibha questions Bani for sharing a cordial relationship with Priyanka even after she abused Lopa. Bani states that she is being a hypocrite by not talking to Om and being friends with Priyanka, but both of them are blameworthy. Further, Bani clears the air by saying that Priyanka has been good to her and she also cooks for her and that is the reason why she is maintaining an amicable relationship with her. When Bani remarks that how the situation changed on Priyanka's kids entering the house, Nitibha says that such situations should be taken sportingly and that kids should be kept aside from such unpleasant situations.

As the day progresses, Bigg Boss resumes the 'Family App' task and the first contestant to grace the app room is Manveer. He is given several options to meet his father, get a written message from him or to speak to him over a call. Manveer chooses the option to meet his father for 10 minutes and runs towards the garden area. When his father enters the house, a sudden rush of emotion strikes Manveer and he bursts into tears and gives him a tight hug. He introduces him to the housemates and spends some quality time with him. All the contestants meet Manveer’s father warmly. Manveer’s father tells him that he was playing the game very well and that he should stop being Manu’s shadow. He also wonders that how his son, who is otherwise so independent, has locked himself in a closed house of Bigg Boss. After Manveer's father exits, Manu gets extremely emotional and locks himself in the washroom, and Mona on noticing this informs Manveer. Manu’s missing his mother, he breaks down and tells Manveer that he remembered her when he met his father. Manveer tries to distract him and makes him smile while Mona watches them. Up next, Nitibha meets her mother, who advises Nitibha to make her presence felt just like Lopa by putting forth strong opinions. When Nitibha asks her mother what was other contestants' perception about her, she says that Manveer was supporting her and at times Priyanka passed negative comments about her. She further adds that Gaurav didn’t like her (Nitibha) for her strong views.

In the evening, Bigg Boss calls Bani in the confession room and gives her the option to meet her best friend and season seven winner Gauahar Khan. But with only six per cent battery remaining, the options appear irrelevant to her. However, Bigg Boss tells Bani that he is giving Om and Manu one last chance to charge the battery and in order to do it, she will have to convince them to nominate themselves for the next week’s eviction, it will be a straight eviction. When Bani tells about it to Manu and Om, it puts them in a fix and they discuss whether to take the risk or not. As of now they aren’t willing to make any sacrifice and they announce that it wasn’t possible for them to nominate themselves leaving Bani disappointed. But there could be a twist in the tale as the promo suggests that Bani did get to meet Gauahar. Looking dejected, Bani is seen going to the Bigg Boss gate and banging on the door while calling out for Gauahar. We have to wait and watch whether Manu and Om will change their mind and finally decide to sacrifice their safety for Bani.

And in a shocking turn of events, as the promo for the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ suggests, the show host and superstar, Salman Khan will be telling Priyanka to leave the show. It appears that Priyanka will be voted for ‘Khalnayak Kursi' when Salman, during the argument, will tell her that she was the most aggressive and abusive contestant on the show the last week. When Priyanka will insist on doing it again, Salman will ask her to check her tone, and the former will start raving and ranting that she is also a human. Om will be seen pleading to Salman for his ‘daughter’ but Salman will ignore him and tell Priyanka — “Don't do this drama with me. Please leave my show.” If this actually happens, then it will be the first time in the history of Bigg Boss that the host would have kicked out a contestant from the show.

Incidentally, there have been rumours going round yesterday that Priyanka will call it quits due to her ill health. It’s said that Priyanka had to step out of the house after her condition went from bad to worse. Her brother, too, posted the news of her exit from the show on his Facebook account, and sarcastically said that fans must be happy now. He concluded the post with, “I hate you all”. Priyanka’s brother's comment comes after Priyanka became one of the most hated contestants on Bigg Boss 10, for her notorious behaviour and insulting remarks. In a recent episode, when she lashed out at Lopa using extremely crass language, she was given a stern warning by Bigg Boss to maintain the decorum of the house.

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