Bigg Boss 10, Episode 68, 22nd December, 2016: Priyanka-Lopa fight, Mona's fiancé visits

Day 68 — what was broadcast as episode 68 — of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 begin with the housemates dancing to  ‘Punjabiyadi Battery’.

In the kitchen area, Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar are seen discussing their stay. Manveer points out that till date, the celebrities have never had a single major fight, but the Indiawale have gone too far with personal attacks.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 68, 22nd December, 2016: Priyanka-Lopa fight, Monas fiancé visits

Lopa has a breakdown after fighting with Priyanka

Proving his point, just when everyone thinks that Priyanka Jagga’s anger has subsided, a fight breaks out between Lopamudra Raut and Priyanka. Lopa enters the room asking Priyanka to return the clothes that they got for the luxury budget task. Priyanka curtly refuses, saying that she is unwell. Lopa replies that Priyanka doesn't seem to have a temperature and there's nothing wrong with her. Unsurprisingly, Priyanka lashes out at Lopa, saying she will throw the clothes in the pool. Lopa asks her to do what she wants and Bigg Boss will take care of the rest. The disagreement turns into an ugly fight when they start abusing each other. Lopa’s anger hits the roof after Priyanka’s remarks turn crass. Lopa  breaks down and then responds similarly.

No one in the house is able to calm her down. Lopa keeps screaming on top of her voice and cries at the same time. She bangs the confession room door asking Bigg Boss to call her inside. After some time, Bigg Boss opens the confession room for her and she vents her frustration inside. She tells Bigg Boss that she has represented the country internationally and does not want to face such humiliation by a person who has done nothing in her life. She expresses her concern about how this would affect her image outside the house and even requests Bigg Boss to not air this in the episode. She also says that the show was not her life. After Bigg Boss calms her down, he warns Priyanka against personally attacking people in the house. Bigg Boss also tells Lopa that if she abuses the way Priyanka does, then there won’t be any difference between the two. Later, Bani and Gaurav are seen discussing the matter wherein Bani says that Lopa is feeling bad because she too, used crass language. Gaurav agrees saying that she shouldn’t have gone and messed with Priyanka if she was already in bad shape and that Lopa should have stayed quiet.

The housemates get a bit of a relief from the ongoing drama after Bigg Boss announces the ‘Family App task’ wherein they will get an opportunity to reunite with their near and dear ones. As per the task, a battery will be placed in the garden area charged up to 100 percent. Bigg Boss will call the contestants one by one in the activity area and give them four options to choose from and meet their family members. Options entail meeting in person, video message, written message or voice message. Every time a contestant chooses an option, the battery will go down by a certain percentage. Manu and Om Swami have to make sure that the app’s battery never drains out.

Priyanka's children visit the Bigg Boss 10 house

Priyanka's children visit the Bigg Boss 10 house

The first one to go inside the activity area is Priyanka who gets an option to unite with her kids. She decides to use 60 percent battery to meet her children for 10 minutes.  Her two sons, Alex and Jermaine, soon enter the house and Priyanka bursts into tears. Keeping aside all the animosities, Lopa too has a good time with the kids before they make an exit. As they leave, Bani is left wondering about the change in the atmosphere which she mentions to Priyanka. Bani says that if she had had a fight with someone, probably she wouldn’t have allowed them to meet her children. However, a mellow sounding Priyanka says that she would leave it to her children to decide what is right and what is wrong. Extremely happy after meeting Priyanka’s children, all the contestants wonder why Priyanka behaves so badly.

The next one to be called inside the activity area is Gaurav who is given the option to meet his brother or speak to him over a call. He uses 27 percent battery to meet his brother for two minutes in the confession area. Gaurav’s happiness knows no bound after he sees his brother Raghav, who advises him to get less stressed out and to keep going strong in the game. Raghav tells Gaurav that he looked tough and everybody outside liked him as he was a contrast to the others.

Mona reunites with partner Vikrant

Mona reunites with partner Vikrant

Mona is the next one to go inside the confession room where she is given several options to meet her boyfriend Vikrant. But the problem is only 13 percent of the battery remains and is not enough to avail any option. To recharge the battery, she has to convince Om and Manu to promise not to use the luxury budget for the rest of the season. She goes out and tells the options to contestants. Manu and Om happily agree to give up their luxury budget privileges for Mona to meet her boyfriend. As soon as Vikrant enters the house through the main door, Mona runs to hug him and breaks down. However, soon the atmosphere changes as Vikrant confronts Manu, who had told Mona that Vikrant suspects their friendship and is not a good man. This obviously didn’t go down well with Vikrant, who tells Manu that he is an actor and knows what Manu and Mona were doing was for the cameras. He also made it clear to him that he never doubted Mona. Vikrant tells everyone that he is not very comfortable with Mona and Manu’s closeness. He also tells them that he used to like Manveer a lot but he doesn’t anymore after he made baseless comments about him.

Here, Lopa plays an important role in mending fences between Mona and Vikrant by saying that Mona would often talk about him and remember him. When Vikrant complains about Manu to Mona, the latter stops him saying that she wouldn’t have survived in the house without the support of Manu and Manveer.  Before leaving, Vikrant tells Mona that he loves her very much. Once Vikrant leaves, Bani comments that what she saw when Vikrant came into the house, was something really ‘awesome’ and intense. But Gaurav maintains a diplomatic silence. Later, Manu jokingly tells Mona that Vikrant hardly spoke to her and instead behaved like an actor and it appeared that he was reading a script from a film. Since Manu uses a few abusive words for Vikrant, Mona prevents him from doing so.

The day comes to a close with Rohan Mehra reuniting with his brother, Siddharth, and spending a couple of minutes chatting with him in the confession room. Siddharth advises him to maintain decency, be mature and never get provoked. He also tells Rohan to take a stand for himself as well as people who support him, for instance, Lopa. Manu, who seems to have been affected by Vikrant’s words, discusses the issue with Manveer, who says that they kept quiet because of Mona. Tomorrow there would be few more family members coming in.  On seeing his father, Manveer will have a major breakdown. Bani will be left in a spot because in order to meet her close friend and former Bigg Boss winner, Gauahar Khan, she will have to convince Manu and Om to get nominated for the next week. Om feels it was a big risk, and Manu has to take a call.

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