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Bigg Boss 10, Episode 67, 21st December 2016: Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om stoop to an all-time low

Episode 66 of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 was probably the most controversial of all. It got so intense that Bigg Boss had to stop the luxury budget task. In fact, for the first time in the history of the show, we saw Bigg Boss losing his temper with Swami Om. Om and Priyanka got physical with the contestants and made personal comments. Om took things too far when he broke the washroom door and threatened to ruin Rohan Mehra’s face. Despite Bigg Boss’ warnings and repeated commands to enter the living room area, he stubbornly guarded the bathroom door. He even touched Rohan inappropriately to find the hidden letters. Finally, Om was called to the confession room where Bigg Boss gave him a final warning and told him that next time he threatens someone in the house, he will have to pack his bags.

Priyanka’s behaviour was also quite obnoxious and disgusting. She made nasty remarks about Mona Lisa, despite Manu Punjabi's repeated requests that she refrain from doing so. Priyanka even broke Nitibha Kaul’s locker to tear all the letters. While Nitibha lost all interest in playing the game, Manveer Gurjar motivated her to get back into it. The episode was quite possibly the ugliest one so far.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 67, 21st December 2016: Priyanka Jagga, Swami Om stoop to an all-time low

Om Swami is issued a warning by Bigg Boss. Image: Twitter

Day 67 — and episode 67 — in the Bigg Boss 10 house however, started on a happy and cheerful note.

After facing the heat from the housemates for creating a nuisance during the luxury budget task, Om becomes reclusive and is seen cooking his own food since no one in the house is willing to cook for him. He grabs a few eggs to make himself an omelette. He stands next to Bani J, who is making breakfast for herself. Bani tells Gaurav Chopra that Om is preparing his breakfast, and both are shocked when he takes not two but six eggs to make an omelette. Concerned about what the others will eat, Bani complains to house captain Lopamudra Raut about Om's behaviour.

Lopa intervenes and tells him that he cannot take so many eggs and Om retaliates saying that if Bani can eat so many eggs, why can’t he? Lopa points out that Bani is on a special diet and can only eat eggs. The argument turns into a fight when Manu Punjabi interferes. But Om refuses to budge and threatens to steal food again. And unknown to the housemates, he has already stocked chicken and fruits in secret locations in the house before he has this conversation with Lopa. When Lopa finds the chicken that they earned as part of the luxury budget task missing, and questions Om about it, he replies that he ate all of it. This is when their fight escalates and Om makes a comment about Lopa’s father. Obviously this doesn’t go down well with Lopa, who gives it back to Om while raging, “baap pe mat jaana”.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to resume the luxury budget task — ‘BB Hostel’ — and informs that they have lost out on the chance for captaincy as a result of their irresponsible and violent behaviour. But even before the contestants could start afresh, a fight breaks between Manu and Priyanka after the latter says something unsavoury about his and Mona's equation. Priyanka says that Manu was responsible for breaking Mona's relationship with her fiancé Vikrant, and that his (Manu's) fiancée Priya Saini too had called her (Priyanka) to discuss the matter.

An enraged Manu tells Priyanka that he will continue to support Mona as she is his friend, and further warns Priyanka to not to get personal right away but she refuses to budge. Moreover, Om adds fuel to the fire and says things about Manu and his fiancée. All hell breaks loose and Manu gets into a massive argument with Om and Priyanka and asks Bigg Boss to intervene. Mona and Manveer, too, tell Bigg Boss to intervene in the matter. The fight gets uglier and the entire house turns against Om and Priyanka except for Bani and Gaurav, who remain unaffected and continue with the task. The rest stand up for Manu, who says that he might just hit someone and also threatens to leave the show.

After the contestants once again fail to perform the luxury budget task cordially, Bigg Boss discontinues it and cancels the luxury budget for the week. The contestants blame Om and Priyanka for misbehaving during the task and irking Bigg Boss with their actions. In the evening, Bigg Boss punishes Om for damaging the property and orders him to repair the washroom door that he had broken the other day. Manveer is asked to be the sanchalak and keep a close watch on Om. While other housemates rejoice and thank Bigg Boss for teaching Om a lesson, Manveer, Manu and Lopamudra lend a helping hand in the process. Om leaves the repair work midway while blaming Rohan for the same.

Soon after, Bigg Boss asks Bani and Gaurav to get ready for their dinner date and gather in the activity area. A romantic set up has been arranged for Bani and Gaurav to spend some quality time over dinner and music. Gaurav compliments Bani and tells her that the show wouldn’t have been fun for him of it weren’t for her. They raise a toast to their two-month-old friendship. As the day comes to a close, Priyanka once again slips into her villainous avatar and randomly snaps at Nitibha. After she abuses Nitibha, they get into an argument and Nitibha asks Priyanka to stop attacking everyone. Priyanka again upsets the housemates. After the lights are out, Mona is bewildered to find Om having chicken that he had stocked earlier in the day.

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Updated Date: Dec 22, 2016 10:58:37 IST

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