Bigg Boss 10, Episode 58, 13th December, 2016: Manu and Priyanka control other housemates

With nominations creating ripples in the house, the housemates wake up with a feeling of uncertainty to ‘Duniya Re Duniya, Very Good’.

And so begins day 58 — episode 58 — of Colors TV's Bigg Boss season 10.

Surprised by Manveer and Nitibha’s closeness, Manu — who along with Priyanka is in the secret room watching the contestants — confides in her that it’s quite shocking to see this, as Nitibha had always insulted Manveer.  Priyanka says that even if she gets Rs 100 crore, she won’t meet any of the contestants outside the house, and Manu tells her that it was important to have one or two friends and loyalists in the house as it helps survive in the game. Commenting on Gaurav, Manu says that he has showed his true colours and that he won’t survive for long, and all this while he survived because Bani supported him.  Meanwhile, in the house, Gaurav and Rahul are discussing Bani wherein the former is saying that it was getting more and more difficult talking to her. However, Manu is not able to understand who were they discussing, and ends up saying, “They don’t take names and keep everything suspenseful because they are scared.”

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 58, 13th December, 2016: Manu and Priyanka control other housemates

Manu and Priyanka are still in the secret room

Until there is a captain in the house, Bigg Boss announces democracy and subsequently introduces a luxury budget task — BB Democracy — which will have an effect on the subsequent captaincy task. Based on situations given by Bigg Boss, the contestants will need to take decisions by selecting options from a voting panel. With just a minute to vote, the contestants will not be allowed to discuss their choices. Adding a twist to the task, the final decision will rest with Priyanka and Manu which the contestants are not aware of.

Trying to strategise, Om Swami attempts to plot with Manveer and Mona but they refuse to cooperate. Excited about the power to make contestants dance to their tunes, Priyanka tells Manu, “Hum dono ek aur ek gyarah hain”.  Kick-starting the task, the first situation requires the contestants to choose, ‘Which contestant will make food for everybody’, and the contestants choose Rahul. Watching Rahul chop onions, both Manu and Priyanka make fun of him. The second situation requires the contestants to vote if Bani should stop using the gym. While Manu tries to argue with Priyanka that Bani using or not using the gym won’t make any difference to them,  Priyanka decides that she should be stopped from using the gym.  Upon seeing 'yes' as the final decision, Bani gets upset and walks away as she feels that most of the contestants were against her. She goes to bed and Rohan comes to pacify her saying that it was just for a day. However, everybody wonders who are the contestants who don't want Bani to use the gym. The third situation requires the contestants to choose which two contestants from among  Lopa and Swami, and Mona and Gaurav should use the Jacuzzi for half an hour every day. Without wasting a moment, Manu chooses Mona and Gaurav, and the duo head to the bathroom. All the housemates tease them about what Manu would say if he knew Mona was in the Jacuzzi with Gaurav.

When they chat, Gaurav tells Mona that the Jacuzzi task was to create some sensation and the latter wonders what he meant. On seeing this, Manu remarks that Mona pretends to be innocent but she isn’t, whereas Gaurav is flirting with her. Meanwhile, Mona tells Gaurav that Bani needs to stop getting annoyed over every small matter. She also tells Gaurav to go to Bani as a friend and pacify her. Hearing Nitibha talk badly about Mona, Manu gets upset and tells Priyanka that Mona’s the most rational person in the house.  The fourth situation requires one contestant to put all of his or personal belongings in the store room with the choice being: Lopa, Nitibha, Rohan and Manveer. While Priyanka wants it to be Lopa, Manu totally disagrees saying that it would be difficult for a woman to live without her personal belongings, and insists upon Rohan or Manveer. Noticing Manu take Lopa’s side twice while making decisions, Priyanka enters into an argument with him.

As the night comes to a close, housemates are seen discussing Manu and wondering about his whereabouts. Om praises Manu saying he had the power to convince other housemates (to a certain point of view). Manu tells Priyanka that Manveer has changed a lot and Bani is now left with nobody on her side. “Manveer has clearly come to play the game and he is just not bothered about any one. He thinks that the show is over, not realising that about 50 more days are left,” says Manu, further adding, “Bani was treating everyone badly when the wild card entrants were around and she had the support of Jason and Sahil, but now there is nobody on her side.”

On Thursday night's episode, we will see Manu and Priyanka getting back into the house giving everyone a huge surprise. Bigg Boss will announce that all this while, the decisions were taken by these two contestants while operating from the secret room. Priyanka will pull up Om, who will end up saying that he belongs to nobody and he was here just to play the game. But before Manu and Priyanka enter the house, we will be provided with some more entertainment with decisions that they take regarding the other contestants.

Updated Date: Dec 14, 2016 10:18:21 IST