Bigg Boss 10, Episode 42, 27 November 2016 written update: Vidya Balan opens box of surprises, wild card storm hits hard

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode on Bigg Boss 10 not only brought loads of entertainment but also left the contestants shocked. After announcing that there won't be any eviction this week as the voting lines were closed, the show host Salman Khan finally introduces the biggest twist in the form of four wild card contestants.

Bigg Boss 10, Episode 42, 27 November 2016 written update: Vidya Balan opens box of surprises, wild card storm hits hard

Salman Khan with the wild card contestants on Bigg Boss 10

Supermodel Jason Shah, actress Elena Kazan, Bollywood and television actor Sahil Anand and ex- contestant Priyanka Jagga enter the house as challengers. The four challengers are revealed to the contestants in a very dramatic style. The glass partition in the living area bursts into pieces after an explosion and the housemates find the wild card entrants standing on the other side in an adjoining house.

Earlier, the episode opens with intrigue and suspense as the Kahaani 2 actress Vidya Balan calls the contestants while sitting in the confession room and tells them to guess who was calling while giving them hints through her movie names. Lopa guesses it right when Vidya mouths the dialogue 'Entertainment Entertainment Entertainment' from her movie The Dirty Picture. The actress finally enters the house on the song  Lamhon Ke rasgulle.  Vidya first begins to interact with the contestants whom she had assigned a secret task earlier in the day wherein they had to prepare a mimicry act. Starting the performances, Manu and Manveer mimic Bani whereas Rahul, Bani and Gaurav leave everyone in splits by mimickig Manu, Manveer and Swamiji during the lock-down task. Bowled over by Rahul’s impersonation skills, Vidya appreciates his performance the most. Out of curiosity, Vidya questions Manu and Manveer that what will happen to their friendship if they both reach the finale. Manu and Manveer, at their humorous best, reveal that they plan to split the prize; while Manu will keep the trophy, the winning amount will go in Manveer's kitty.

Furthermore, Vidya introduces the second task wherein she puts a box filled with placards with some negative and positive adjectives in front of the contestants. She further asks Bani and Lopa to stand on the podium who are then subjected to  judgement from the contestants. While Vidya picks one quality, the housemates have to attribute it to the contestants standing on the podium while labeling them as either good or bad. Both negative and positive adjectives are attributed to them but most of the negatives are attributed to Bani.

Soon after, Vidya joins Salman on stage and he asks her about her  experience of meeting the contestants. Vidya narrates a funny incident about how she ended up hugging Swamiji by mistake but she’d actually turned to hug Mona. She also mentions that she is feeling bad about unintentionally hurting Bani during the task. Salman then introduces a game for both of them wherein they are required to narrate few unheard stories about themselves while the other person has to guess if it’s true or false.  The  game takes an interesting turn as both Salman and Vidya reveal some bizarre, funny, yet true stories about their lives. Moving on, Salman and Vidya recreate the iconic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge scene that is set in 2016. While Vidya chooses Salman's ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif as Simran, Salman stands behind Shah Rukh Khan aka Raj's cutout imitating his as well as Amrish Puri’s voice and dialogues from the evergreen movie.

Finally, Salman decides to introduce the ‘storm’ in the form of four wild card entrants - Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Sahil Anand and Priyanka Jagga. “These four wild card entrants will challenge and replace the nominated contestants, who are in danger,” says Salman. Nominated contestants include Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev, VJ Bani, Manveer Gurjar and Nitibha Kaul. While the four wild cards enter the house with their minds set to win the game, they have also targeted certain contestants who are nominated and whom want to challenge in the house. To know who their targets are, Salman asks them to reveal the names by throwing a dart on the particular contestant’s picture. Jason targets Gaurav, Sahil targets Rahul, Elena targets Nitibha and Priyanka targets Bani. So it appears that Manveer is safe as of now.

Obviously, the existing contestants, especially the nominated ones, feel insecure with the arrival of the challengers, and this leads to a huge development in the house. Suddenly we see unity in the house and all the contestants come together and start discussing and strategising. Nitibha is heard telling Manveer that she has to win and doesn’t want any challenger to replace her. Manu clearly states that their unity will keep them safe and comes up with few plans of handling the situation in the near future. And as Priyanka shared a great rapport with Swamiji in her first run, she was unhappy with how he conducted himself. “What trip you are on?” she asks Swamiji, and warns him to behave inside the house from now on. However, Swamiji is thrilled and extremely happy to have his 'daughter'  back in the house.  Priyanka is seen sharing notes from the outside world and tells the contestants that she became a celebrity even though she spent just one week in the house.

However, it appears that Priyanka’s return on Bigg Boss 10 is going to ruin many relationships. It is said that she has come with an intention to play ugly games. Is it for the TRPs? Looks like so. Mona is clearly unhappy with Priyanka returning as the latter has hinted that she doesn’t want her friends, Manu and Manveer, to be close to Mona. And not surprisingly, Priyanka is already seen planning and plotting. She begins by misguiding Manu by telling  him that his fiancee (Priya Saini) has stopped watching the show because of  Mona and that she is very upset with his relationship with her. Priyanka is also heard using words like “Divide and Rule” while talking about Manu and Mona, to Sahil.  Mona shares her fear with Manu, who assures her full support till the time they last in the house. Soon Priyanka will also provoke Manu against the recently eliminated contestant Lokesh Kumari Sharma stating that how she called her post her eviction and was accusing Manu and Manveer of cheating on her.

Clearly, the dynamics have changed in the house and the fans wait eagerly for what is in store for them this week.


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Updated Date: Nov 28, 2016 19:23:51 IST

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