Bigg Boss 10, Episode 41, 26th November 2016: Ex-contestants call Gaurav boring; applaud VJ Bani

Om Swami’s actions, his over-the-top and rude behaviour were the highlights of the week in the Bigg Boss house, and most importantly his unstoppable banter on Rohan Mehra's upbringing, questioning his family background made everyone angry. As it is his antics have made him the most talked about contestant of Bigg Boss 10, be it for his ever-changing loyalties or his derogatory remarks on fellow contestants. Neither warnings nor boycotts have been able to deter him from practising his ill habits. In the past few weeks we have seen him getting a warning from Bigg Boss and show host, Salman Khan. Previous weekend episode saw Salman lashing out at Swami for passing inappropriate remarks on the women of the house. He pointed out that he is no one to pass a judgement on a woman's character or dress. Salman had asked him to stay in his limits and not to repeat these mistakes with folded hands.

Bigg Boss 10, Episode 41, 26th November 2016: Ex-contestants call Gaurav boring; applaud VJ Bani

A still from the episode.

So, all thanks to Swami, the Weekend Ka Vaar episode opens with the contestants unanimously nominating him to sit on the 'Khalnayak Kursi’ even before Salman could ask them. The drama continues as the unapologetic Swami willingly takes the seat and faces the wrath at the hands of Salman. In a series of events when Salman grills Swami, he gets in a defense mode and continues to put across his point without letting anyone in the room or outside speak. Furthermore, Salman lightens the atmosphere by telling Swami that the housemates are just jealous of his swag but also reminds him that he needs to take things easy as this is just a game and not the country's border where he is fighting to save the nation.

And when Swami answers to this, that he is just acting makes Salman more angry, to which he says that this was not any form of entertainment. And, with Swami who just can’t stop talking interrupts Salman while he makes him understand, Salman loses his cool and walks out of the house saying Om Swami you can keep talking. Annoyed with Swami’s behaviour, the housemates lash out at him. But the host also feels that Rohan’s division of punishments during the task was unfair as out of three punishments, he had given two to Swami. But Salman concludes by telling Swami that it wasn’t the age factor, he will get respect if he changes his behaviour.

Moving on, Salman discusses the nominations task –‘Viral Video’, where he shows contestants a glimpse of the tie-breaker video. Every contestant is embarrassed about it. While Bani’s team admit that the ‘morbid’ video they had produced was like a gamble for them to win the task team, Lopa looked a bit tense owing to the content of the video as they had highlighted the weak points of the opposition team and had done some leg pulling, which Gaurav doesn’t like. Up next, Salman gets to the captaincy secret task and questions Lopa and Manu for their disappointing performance in this extremely important task of captaincy.

Soon, former Bigg Boss Season 8 winner Gautam Gulati and previous season contestant Mandana Karimi join Salman for his segment 'Salman Ki Sabha'. When asked about their take on the contestants and how they are performing in the game, Gautam and Mandana point out that there still exists an imaginary wall between the commoners and celebrities. It is not only affecting their game but is also inhibiting them from giving their best.

They further criticize Swami’s behaviour wherein Gautam says that Swami was rude and can handle himself in a better manner. Talking about Lopa and Manu’s secret task, Gautam clearly tells Manu that he had become over-confident as he didn’t even read the note Lopa showed him that had the details about the task. However, both, Lopa and Manu blame each other for the failure of the task. Manu feels that Lopa’s closeness with Rohan could have been made it easier to do the task. Giving her take on how she would have performed the task, Bani feels it wasn’t difficult to plot and plan with teamwork in place.

Speaking about Bani, Gautam and Mandana say that her headstrong attitude and outspokenness will take her ahead in the game. Before making an exit, Gautam empathizes with Bani's current situation and tells her that he was stuck exactly in the same spot but continued to fight and ultimately won the game. Bani is one of Mandana’s favourite contestant. “She is bindaas, she stands for herself. As an audience I connect with her,” says Mandana about Bani, and further targets Gaurav and asks him that why has he been telling Bani to watch what she was saying. “You are very image conscious, you are boring,” Mandana tells Gaurav, who shoots back saying, “I’m here as an actor. I am only aware that there is camera, there is audience, there is perception and there is image.” To which Mandana says that he was on a reality show and he has to be himself.

Meanwhile, the contestants are oblivious to the wild card ‘storm’ that is about to take over the house the next day, instead the housemates mentally prepare themselves for the week’s eviction. As usual Salman keeps the suspense growing and fools them by taking Nitibha’s name. With a straight face he tells them that she didn’t get a single vote and everybody is shocked, but soon Nitibha is relieved when Salman says that he will give out the name on Sunday. But the fact is that all the five nominated contestants – Rahul, Gaurav, Bani, Nitibha and Manveer are in the danger zone because four wild card contestants – Priyanka Jagga, Supermodel Jason Shah, German-Russian actor Elena Kaz and Bollywood actor Sahil Anand will enter the house to replace the nominated contestants. Besides the entry of wild card contestants, Vidya Balan will enter the house on Sunday and bring new twist and more entertainment to the reality show.

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Updated Date: Nov 27, 2016 01:35:30 IST

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