Bigg Boss 10 Episode 33, 18 November 2016: Manu, Manveer sent to jail; Captain Rohan and Lopa get into a massive fight

With power comes responsibility. But looks like the new captain of the Bigg Boss house, Rohan Mehra, either hasn’t heard the phrase or cannot comprehend it. It has only been a few hours since the television heartthrob Rohan replaced VJ Bani as the captain and he is already at loggerheads with the housemates.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 33, 18 November 2016: Manu, Manveer sent to jail; Captain Rohan and Lopa get into a massive fight

On his first day as the house captain, Bigg Boss asks Rohan to punish two contestants. The punished individuals will have to stand in a huge box kept in the jail cell and will be required to stay in there until further notice from the Bigg Boss. They are also not permitted to use the washroom without being granted permission from the captain. Rohan asks Bigg Boss if it is necessary for him to justify his choices to the housemates and Bigg Boss says that it is up to him.

As expected, Manu and Manveer reject the punishment and they are supported by some of the housemates who are also not convinced by Rohan’s lack of explanation. Lopamudra tries to reason with Rohan but they get into a major verbal spat. Lopa tells Rohan, who gets support from Bani, that he was behaving like a dictator and not a captain.

Lopa gets too aggressive and the fight escalates to such an extent that she smacks a glass dish tray on kitchen platform, causing it to fall and shatter. Seeing that Manveer is unwilling to accept his punishment, Rohan asks him to take on his daily chores. But Manveer refuses and says “Mera mann nahi hain”, leaving Rohan helpless.

Ironically, the morning attempts to unite the contestants with the song, Ek Ho Gaye Hum Aur Tum which is the contestants’ wake-up call. The first person to rake up some tension is Lokesh when she argues with Rohan, who tells her to help the others to make breakfast. She reminds Rohan that he is her favourite, but despite that, she doesn’t appreciate being mistreated. Outgoing captain, Bani, on the other hand, teaches Rohan how to deal with the housemates while allocating the household duties.
Respite comes in the afternoon when Bigg Boss declares that it is the captain’s responsibility to play fair and take the right decisions. He also asks the contestants to obey the captain’s orders, reminding them that if they fail at doing so, it could lead to serious consequences. Following this declaration, Manu and Manveer head towards the jail to complete their punishment and Gaurav is appointed as the jailer.

While Manu and Manveer’s friend Mona is a silent spectator and shows her support quietly, Lopa and Lokesh are vocal about it so much so that Lokesh refuses to listen to the captain. When Rohan asks Lokesh and Lopa to finish their work in the kitchen, both refuse and choose to spend their time talking to Manu and Manveer who are in the jail. Rohan threatens to punish both of them but still they don’t pay any attention. Rohan punishes Lokesh by telling her that she will have to be in the outside area once the house lights are turned off. Lokesh frustrates him further and says she doesn’t know what the word "punishment" implied. Rohan tells her that she is getting onto his nerves. At the same time, Rahul, who is seated at the dining table along with Rohan, loses his cool on Lokesh. Lokesh, who is having a conversation with Rohan, keeps swaying a tissue box which comes pretty close to Rahul’s face. Rahul catches hold of the box and throws it across the table, asking Lokesh to behave herself and calls her badtameez. Ouch! Lokesh had this coming. She has been behaving weirdly for a week.
Rahul, Gaurav and Bani are surprised with the behaviour of Lokesh . The only person’s behaviour they are not surprised with is Om Swami, who keeps changing sides. On one hand he tells Rohan that the contestants should be obeying his orders and makes negative remarks against Manu and Manveer, and on the other hand he stands outside the jail and sympathises with the duo and in the process ‘breaks down’.
Come evening, Bigg Boss introduces the Garnier – Man of the Series Match for which the ladies of the house, on a scale of 1-4, will rank the men on their looks and physique. Ranking amongst the top 2, Gaurav and Rohan become the competitors for the Garnier Men Oil Clear Task where both of them are tied to each other and are required to gather the most number of medallions to win. Lopa is appointed as the judge for this competition.
As the day comes to a close, it’s evident that the contestants do not really consider Rohan to be their captain and we wonder how the rest of the week turns out. But before that, coming up is not just the Weekend Ka Vaar but it will be Weekend Ka Double Vaar with two eliminations out of the four nominated contestants – Mona Lisa, Rahul Dev, Karan Mehra and Lokesh Kumari. This week, nominations were not on the basis of any task but with the housemates unanimously deciding the bottom four mutually.

It is left to see how will the host Salman Khan deal with the eliminations tomorrow and how he is going to take on each of the contestants. But one thing is sure, Salman will take Om Swami’s case for his sexist and disrespectful remarks against women, especially Mona which will lead to a major showdown with Swami breaking down and explaining his side of the story. But, at the same time, there will be some heavy duty entertainment for the contestants with Alia Bhatt and Mouni Roy coming on the show and perhaps even entering the Bigg Boss house to interact with the contestants.

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Updated Date: Nov 19, 2016 00:26:14 IST

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