Bigg Boss 10, episode 31, 16th November 2016 preview: Is Bani's captaincy in question?

Colors TV's Bigg Boss season 10 is now onto its 31st episode, which will air on the night of Wednesday, 16 November 2016. The contestants have grown more comfortable around each other after so many days of being in the same house — but that's no guarantee that the occasional argument won't flare up, especially when you have personalities as varied (and dare we say, explosive) as these, having to stay put in such close proximity. So what's in store on episode 31? Scroll down:

How the day starts off...

After a day of living without their essentials, the contestants wake up to ‘Phatela Jeb’ which resonates with their current condition. While they crave their morning essentials including toothpaste and coffee, their tempers and patience levels are tested. Sitting with the opposing team, Om Swami casts aspersions on Mona Lisa’s character — saying that as she is engaged, her closeness to Manu and Manveer is questionable. Lopa, Rahul and Rohan, however, stand up for Mona and tell Swami Om that he does not have the right to question anyone’s character.

Bigg Boss 10, episode 31, 16th November 2016 preview: Is Banis captaincy in question?

Still from 'Bigg Boss 10' episode 31


On noticing that Manveer is fast asleep, Bani commands him to do 20 push-ups as a part of his punishment. But he refuses to comply. Gaurav attempts to defend Manveer but Bani asks him to stay away from the discussion. Since Manveer is not relenting, Bani asks Mona to explain the situation to him. And while the contestants are battling each other, Om Swami adds more points to his team’s kitty. As the task continues, Nitibha and Bani get into an argument based on the rules of the task, and Om Swami interferes, further enraging everyone. And finally, the contestants’ problems come to an end as Bigg Boss declares the task to be complete, allowing access to their belongings once again. When Om Swawi goes into the wardrobe storage area, he is miffed to see that Manu and Manveer have taken his spot. But, thankfully, captain Bani is close and is able to avert a possible battle from erupting.

Om Swami continues to spark trouble...

Bani finds Om Swami sleeping and when she doles out punishment, he refuses to do it by saying that he was actually meditating. He further says that he will follow Manu and Manveer’s lead and not accept her punishments. As the contestants recuperate from the after-effects of the task, Bani, Rahul, Rohan and Karan share a light moment with Gaurav where they joke about the special attention he gets from Lopamudra and Nitibha owing to his popularity.

Nominations loom...

As the day draws to a close, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to nominate two contestants who contributed the least and deserved the punishment of not getting access to the luxury budget or the delicious meal being sent by Bigg Boss. After two days of living like nomads without their basic necessities, which contestants’ sufferings will continue?

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Updated Date: Nov 16, 2016 18:40:48 IST

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