Bigg Boss 10 Episode 29, 14 November 2016: Manu, Monalisa have major fight with Swami Om

Every Monday brings in lot of anxiety and excitement in the Bigg Boss house obviously because post Weekend Ka Vaar there are lot of revelations, talking points thanks to the show host Salman Khan’s  and then of course, nominations. They were pulled up by Salman Khan as well as ex-contestants VJ Andy and Tanishaa Mukherji for being "lazy and boring". And the contestants of Bigg Boss 10 seem to have taken the criticism to heart with Manu Punjabi and Om Swami nearly coming to blows and and Mona Lisa's cusses out the godman in a furious mood. Lopa and Bani, too get into a heated argument.

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Well, this was expected and this was the very reason why the show host, Salman showed the video footage of Om Swami while he was in the secret room and exposed to all those harsh and uncharitable remarks he was saying especially about Manu, Manveer and Mona which shocked many of them when the video was played. Earlier, Om Swami tries to make amends with the fellow housemates  but Manu and Mona choose not to speak with him and maintain a distance. Om Swami tries to manipulate Lopa and Manveer to save him from nominations. He further adds that he was just playing a game and had no intentions of hurting anyone. And, he does just that during nominations, he once again shows his double standards which we will come to later.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 29, 14 November 2016: Manu, Monalisa have major fight with Swami Om

Rahul Dev talks to Monalisa, Manveer and Manu about Swami Om.

As the day progresses, the housemates take up the household chores but some of them are not happy with the division of work. While Bani tries her best to sort out the responsibilities, she gets into a series of arguments with the housemates over it. From debating over who will wash the utensils to not doing the cleaning properly, contestants give Bani a hard time throughout the day. In order to be fair, she asks the cleaning team to divide areas among themselves and complete the task. Lokesh adds up to Bani’s problems by not preparing her breakfast. Guilty about her actions, Lokesh apologizes to Bani over and over again which gives Manu and Manveer a valid reason to prove that she is heavily influenced by herIt does appear that Bani has taken Lokesh under her wings and Bani being slightly intimidating personality, it is not surprising.

Taking a break from her responsibilities, Bani turns to Gaurav for advice in order to align her game plan.  They discuss that their biggest challenge at this point is to create differences between Manu and Manveer. Agreeing to the fact that they are both strong contenders, Gaurav and Bani discuss the reason why they are not getting eliminated.

With the nomination being the highlight of the day, Bigg Boss asks the contestants to unanimously nominate four contestants for the week. Bani being the captain is not allowed to be a part of this process.  After many debates and arguments, where Rohan nominates Mona, Manveer and Manu. Retaliating, Manveer names Rohan Mehra, Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev and  Gaurav Chopra to be eliminated. The contestants reach a consensus and  announce the name of the nominated contestants  But Swamiji turns the entire game just before the decision is announced. Playing his cards smartly, Om Swami, who first refused to nominate anyone, makes a last minute nomination. His decision sparks a fight between Manu and him. This comes after Om Swami declaring that Manu was trying to save his ‘premika’, Monalisa from the nominations.  Manu is further infuriated by Om Swami’s comments. Manu firmly warns him to watch his words while Mona ends up abusing him. Monalisa bursts into tears and feels bad about the fact that no celebrity came ahead in her support. Later in the evening, Manu confronts Rahul and tells him that he didn’t like the fact that he supported Swami when he pointed fingers at Mona.

Just when Bani gets back into the captain’s role she accuses Lopa of supporting the ‘commoners’ in the house and Lopa tells her that she would like to take a stand, and Lopa further reminds Bani that she is her sevika for the next 24 hours as Bani had lost the wrestling match with her on Sunday. Lopa demands for her food and back massage from Bani.  Meanwhile, Manu and Manveer again try to explain to Lokesh to not to go for support to the ‘celebrities’ and in the process, Manveer playfully touches Lokesh’s feet.  And the show gains further momentum with whole lot of heated arguments between Manveer and Om Swami and there’s also an ugly verbal battle between Rohan and Manveer.

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Updated Date: Nov 15, 2016 11:33:57 IST

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