Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24, 9th November 2016 written update: Om Swami is back; targets Monalisa

It’s a new beginning for the contestants as Bigg Boss announces that from now on Indiawale and Celebrities stand equal, will enjoy equal rights and will be addressed as housemates.  Marking a new beginning, the rule book’s pages are set on fire one after the other as the housemates rejoice this moment. All excited, Bani tells Nitibha that the real game has just begun while Manu and Manveer dance and celebrate. Lokesh looks at the dissolution as an opportunity to prove her worth and show her true side. This is conveyed to all in the wee hours of the night when the housemates wake up to the noise of a siren wondering what’s in store for them.

Welcoming this new change in a cheerful way, the housemates wake up to the song ‘Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana’ and this time almost every contestant is seen dancing and rejoicing. In the morning, Karan, Gaurav, Manu, Manveer and Mona discuss delegation of household chores as everyone is now entitled to work. When duties are being allocated, Monalisa and Navin throw a fit saying that they don’t want to clean the utensils.

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24, 9th November 2016 written update: Om Swami is back; targets Monalisa

Couple of episodes ago, when Om Swami and Monalisa were in jail.

While Bigg Boss alerts Om Swami that he will be going back into the house provided the contestants want him back, Om Swami, who is watching all the happenings on television, in his secret room, is deeply disturbed and keeps complaining to Bigg Boss about the contestants. “But why would they want me, they are all selfish people, they are playing the game only for money. Now I have understood the game.” says Om Swami, and further agrees to go back into the house, saying, “Okay, I will go back and win the game and will donate the money to poor.”

And in the evening, Om Swami re-enters the house on his own composition  ‘Om Ji, Phir Se Bigg Boss Ke Ghar Mein Jayenge’. Unable to contain their happiness , Manu, Manveer, Navin and Lokesh run towards Swamiji and hug him tightly. Navin seems to be the happiest of all with his arrival. Swamiji claims that he has re-entered the house as ‘Om’ and not as Swami Om. Just when the housemates are busy enjoying this moment, Bigg Boss drops a bomb on them and introduces a new task ‘Parda Phaash’. He also adds that Swamiji was in a secret room for the past three days and will now reveal few hard-hitting truths about any six contestants of his choice.

And, as the task begins, Om Swami targets Mona Lisa first putting allegation on her for backstabbing him and also questions Manu and her relationship.Om Swami tells Mona that Manu’s love and concern towards her are fake and he has claimed in front of the cameras that he is alone and has only one friend outside the Bigg Boss house. Also, he blames Manu for ditching Lokesh whom he considers his sister. But it seems Om Swami's revelations will upset Manu as he will misbehave with him. It is not only Manu who will get angry with Swami, Mona Lisa too will lash out at him for maligning her image on the cameras. Mona is quick to put her point across. Manveer also jumps in the conversation and speaks in favour of Mona. As Swamiji moves from one person to another, fights and abuses take precedence as tempers begin to soar. Meanwhile,  cracks are seen in the relationship between Lokesh and her close friends,  Manu and Manveer as Lokesh feels that both are friendly with her only when it comes to cooking and getting their work done. Manu and Manveer notice the change in her behaviour towards them while questioning her, "Are you holding us responsible for your nomination?"

But before we witness the power packed return of Swami Om, Bigg Boss will drop a big bomb on the inmates of the house. After repeated violation of rules in the house, Bigg Boss has decided to cut down this week’s luxury budget as a punishment. He even offers them to take back Swami Om in the house and give up their luxury budget for him. Rahul Dev sarcastically asks his fellow housemates, what will they do if Swami Om returns. Even Manoj Punjabi is not in favour of bringing back Swami in the house. And everyone unanimously chose the luxury budget over him. And in a new development, Bigg Boss announces electing the first captain in the house, and the three contestants to be voted from are: Om Swami, Manu and Bani.

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Updated Date: Nov 10, 2016 15:44:34 IST

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