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Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 27 October 2016: Swami Om and Monalisa are back in jail

Day 11, week two of Bigg Boss’ season 10 on Colors TV has seen high drama unfold.

As episode 11 kicked in, we watched the contestants in the Bigg Boss house get used to the reversal of roles once again.

The celebrities’ team lost their brief coveted status as the ‘maaliks’ of the house after losing out on the laundry challenge aka the luxury budget task. With this, the Indiawale are back in the reigning position.

The celebrities go back reluctantly to serving the Indiawale once again. An argument arises when Bani J, clearing up the area around the beds, comes across a pile of dirty tissues. She cringes, muttering “gande log”. While the moment passes, there's someone who has taken great offence at Bani’s utterance, and that's Nitibha. Nitibha confronts Bani about what she sees as her contemptuous attitude later, but Bani says it was very a reflection on the general untidiness and not a moral or judgmental issue as Nitibha is making it out to be.

The argument, while stressful, soon pales in comparison to what unfolds in the Bigg Boss house as the day progresses.

The contestants are thrown a curveball when Bigg Boss announces that each team must nominate one member to be sent to the jail. The criteria is whoever had the weakest contribution to the luxury task. The Indiawale pick Swami Om, the celebrities nominate Mona Lisa.

 Bigg Boss 10 Episode 11 27 October 2016: Swami Om and Monalisa are back in jail

Indiawaale comfort Monalisa.

And then all hell breaks lose.

Swami Om goes on the warpath, claiming that he has been unfairly targeted. His incessant and loud protests finally get to Manu and Manveer, who try to tell Swamiji that he must abide by his teammates’ decision. To no avail. Finally, they give up, leaving it to Bigg Boss to enforce the decision.

Meanwhile, Mona is expressing her unhappiness with being sent to jail in a very different way. She sobs without intermission, all through the meeting where she is nominated, to the conference with Bigg Boss where the contenders name who they're sending to jail, to the time she has to pack her bag for her incarceration.

As  expected, Bigg Boss doesn't make any exceptions for either Mona or Swami Om and they both have to march off to jail.

While Mona and Swami Om sit in prison, two contestants from among the Indiawale must vie for immunity in a fresh task.

Navin and Lokesh are the ones who must go head-to-head in the task, which involves winning over the other contestants in the house to give them dominoes; these dominoes must then be stood upright and whoever makes the longer row, wins.

Lokesh wins over the other contestants by wooing them aggressively! She uses a mix of praise and the promise of parathas -- which swings their votes in her favour. But even as she builds her row of dominoes, Navin decides he won't let her win. In a shocking development, while Lokesh is talking to the other inmates, Navin knocks her dominoes over and even takes away a few. Lokesh tries to save as many of her dominoes as she can, then she turns on Navin, and as both turn aggressive, the argument takes an ugly turn:

Navin threatens to slap Lokesh -- a threat the other girls in the house immediately take offence with. Navin finally backs down from the argument even as Lokesh refuses to be calmed down.

As one of the housemates later remarks, with this action, Navin hasn't just dropped Lokesh’s dominoes, he's fallen in everyone's estimation.

What will happen next? Stay tuned for Firstpost’s coverage of the upcoming episode.

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Updated Date: Oct 27, 2016 23:44:13 IST

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