Bigg Boss 10, Episode 104, 28 January, 2017: Lopa and Bani fight yet again

As the contestants slowly inch towards the finale, they wake up all energized dancing to the song ‘Aanhu Aanhu’. Bani and Manu have a small argument after which Bani avoids him and instead strikes a conversation with Manveer. Manu gets upset about this and tells Manveer that Bani always talks to people according to her convenience and it's very unfortunate.  Soon after, Bigg Boss asks Manu, Manveer, Lopa and Bani to assemble inside the activity area for an elaborate panel discussion on the topic- Celebrities vs Indiawale – who deserves to win Bigg Boss.

Leading the panel are - Ex-contestant  Puneet Issar and RJ Malishka as they support the celebrities while actor Ravi Dubey and senior journalist of Aaj Tak, Sweta Singh backs the Indiawale. Popular filmmaker Farah Khan, who was the host of Bigg Boss Halla Bol – the extended version of Season 8, becomes the moderator of the debate. But before this panel discussion takes place, Farah enters the ‘camera gully’ of the Bigg Boss house. She peeps inside to see “Lopa sitting in a pose as if she was all ready for a photoshoot”. Farah has nicknamed Lopa as the ‘Dharna Chachi’ as Lopa was often seen fighting for everybody’s rights in the house. On finding Bani sitting all alone on a bench, Farah jokes that Bani hasn’t left any place for the second person.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 104, 28 January, 2017: Lopa and Bani fight yet again

Bani and Lopa in the Bigg Boss house.

As the discussion begins, Farah asks all four finalists to put across their point of views. While Manu says that an Indiawala deserves to win since the commoners have shown extreme determination and passion in every task as compared to the celebrities. “We wanted to prove that we are no less than celebrities and wanted to become someone and had accordingly fixed our target,” says Manu. On the other hand, Lopa says that the celebrities have achieved a lot of things in their lives so far and that’s an added advantage that they have over the Indiawalecontestants. Manu contradicts her point and says that they need to talk about Bigg Boss and not about their previous achievements. Farah agrees with Manu and says that the celebrities have contributed the least in all the tasks.

Furthermore, Puneet Issar puts across a point that Indiwale became aggressive and brash during the tasks and asks them for a justification. Malishka also seconds Puneet points and puts allegations on Indiawale contestants  for crossing their limits. In their defense, Manu and Manveer say that Bigg Boss was like a golden opportunity for them and they wanted to make the most of it. They did make mistakes, fell down, got back on their feet but still fought every battle or challenge with utmost honesty.

They did condemn Swami Om and Priyanka’s actions and their actions don’t  prove that all Indiawale were destructive. On this, Farah jokes with Manu and Manveer saying that they have become great orators and that they should be joining politics. She further tells Manu that he should be writing dialogues for her movies. Further, when Puneet defends Rohan and accuses Manu and Manveer for being unfair to him when Rohan was the captain, Manu says that Rohan had put him and Manveer in jail saying that he feels to do so but their Bigg Boss contract was about following the rules and not going by what they felt like doing.

Manveer is further questioned for putting Gaurav Chopra in jail while defending Swami Om when the former was made the judge in a task. Manveer justifies his stand, whereas Lopa says that as judge, Manveer should have been more neutral. Manveer is once again attacked for helping Priyanka Jagga in becoming the captain despite knowing how brutal she could get, and Manveer says that he had the soft corner for the Indiawaale, but Manveer also  asserts that if Om and Priyanka were so obnoxious then why were they inside the Bigg Boss house in first place. But Puneet argues saying that they have to encounter all kinds of people in the house and that was no justification. “Not everybody can be Raja Harishchandra,” says Puneet.

On the other hand Ravi and Sweta question Lopa and Bani for having superiority complex and for not warming up to the Indiawale contestants. They bring up the incident when Bani used words like ‘Gande Log’ when she saw tissues thrown around. Farah further reminded celebrites of saying things like the commoners were unfit to be sitting with them. Lopa and Bani defend themselves and say that they never showcased that they were superior to anyone. In fact, the Indiawalecontestants always stayed close knit and did not mingle around with the celebrities. Manu and Manveer say that Mona Lisa, who was a celebrity contestant, was undermined and highly criticized by her fellow celebrity contestants and it was them who resurrected her confidence and supported her in the game. Lopa puts her point across saying that the celebrities were the best Sevaks, and Bani adds saying, she till date is cleaning the toilet, whereas no commoner is seen doing that. Sweta accuses celebrities of being laidback, and after doing their tasks, they would get back to discussing holiday destination, food, etc.

Bani says that she didn’t step her foot into the Bigg Boss house to do tasks and she was never motivated about doing them as she has already participated in many aggressive reality shows in the past when she was just 18-19 years of age. Bani says that she had heard ex-contestants talk about spending 54 hours in a box but she wasn’t interested in such things. Farah says that in the first week the celebrities were not seen in the house at all and it was only the commoners who were playing with great passion. “And the first impression is the last impression,” says Farah.  Manu makes it clear to everybody that nobody should ask them anything about the ousted contestant Om. Soon, Lopa kind of ‘exposes’ Manu and Manveer for making the celebrity contestant Mona Lisa wash their vessels, and the former two jump to their defence.

The debate gets more intense as the panelists interrogate the contestants individually while they try their best to give befitting replies. They ask Manveer that if Manu was his close friend why didn’t he help him become the captain, and both support each other while answering. Bani, who is known as the superstar of reality shows is questioned about remaining alone and isolated and not having any friend. And when Bani says that she had many friends like Nitibha, Mona, Gaurav, Sahil, Jason, Elena, Manu cuts her short by saying that these were all calculated and one-sided friendships. Manu tries to justify saying that many a times, Bani didn’t give food to her friend Gaurav and it was Lopa, Rohan or the commoners who fed him, and Bani dismisses this accusation saying that Gaurav knew how to cook and there was no understanding between them that she had to cook for him. Bani also says that she never had any strategy in mind in befriending Gaurav and gets miffed with Manu for making her look like a bad person.

When Bani is accused of being selfish, she accepts that she likes being alone. She has also suffered all alone and cried her heart out to feel better. When Ravi questions Bani that when Om made a disgusting comment about her mother, everybody boycotted Om, whereas she didn’t take the same stand when Priyanka commented on Manu and his mother, or even when Priyanka and Lopa had a massive fight. Bani said she was sleeping and wasn’t aware that the contestants had boycotted Priyanka.  Ravi also accuses Bani of playing the victim card. He brings up the disgusting act of Om throwing urine at her and Rohan, which had cost Bani her captaincy. During Weekend Ka Vaar, Bani had got upset with Salman and told him – “Are you kidding me?” “Why should Bigg Boss or Salman Khan be obligated to make you the captain of the house?” questioned Ravi to Bani, who didn’t have anything to say.

Later, Manu is accused of being two-faced, diplomatic person and seen changing statements about people, and Manu accepts his weak points. Manu and Bani hug it out when Farah tells Bani that this was the last chance to clear misunderstanding. Bani, however, is found a bit hesitant and indifferent. Ravi, who tells Lopa that he had a crush on her, asks the reason for her vulnerability when ex-contestant Mandana Karimi lashed out at her while favouring Bani. Lopa replies that she was sensitive and with last few days left for finale, she felt that  such negative statements can change people and her fans’ opinion about her. “It was hurting and made me look like a villain, and I find it very difficult to accept defeat,” said Lopa. Ravi also reminds her of her childish behaviour which brought their prize money come down by Rs 5 lakh.

And just when all thought that Bani and Lopa have finally buried the hatchet, their animosity for each other surfaces yet again. Talking to the panel, Lopa accuses Bani for always being responsible for the fights with her. BUT, she quickly skirts around the topic by saying that they have sorted things out. However, Bani shoots back to remind her that she (Lopa) was the one who insulted her first by calling her 'roadside' and other such things. Lopa gets back to say that she was scared of Bani's friends and hence didn't try mending their relationship. Lopa further says that they were two different personalities and both lacked patience in conversing. On this, Manu says in a lighter vein, “Salman Sir rightly said that if they had become friends then we (Manu and Manveer) wouldn’t have reached the finale.” And on a positive note, Farah ends the discussion saying, “The fact remains that nobody could have been as deserving as Manveer, Manu, Lopa and Bani to have reached the finale.”

Later, back in the house, the contestants are worried about the kind of questions they will have to face once they are out of the house. Manu is heard saying that he was glad that Sweta spoke less or else she would have torn them apart. Manveer is particularly worried about queries such as supporting Priyanka for captaincy, or supporting Om and putting Gaurav in jail, and feels he won’t be able to handle the situation outside. But Lopa says that they can’t escape such uncomfortable questions. Bani adds that these were the side-effects of a controversial reality show and that they will have to be patient and have faith in people. All the four finalists celebrate their last day, and  jump into the pool. In the evening, as the finalists gear up for the last leg of the finale, they get a surprise makeover at the hands of beauty experts.

As the fans of this show wait with bated breath for their favourite contestant to emerge victorious tomorrow in the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 10, the episode will feature a volley of electrifying performances that promises to set the stage on fire. Kicking off the festivities tomorrow will be  the Bigg Boss’ host Salman Khan. He will perform to his songs ‘Mera Hi Jalwa’ (Wanted) and ‘Aaj Ki Party’ (Bajrangi Bhaijaan) along with evicted contestants Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra, Monalisa, Nitibha Kaul, Lokesh Kumari and Navin Prakash. Star power at the grand finale will be at an all-time high with Team Kaabil - Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam – shaking a leg with the finalists.

Making the grand finale a night to remember,  the big faces of Colors will make their presence felt as well. A soulful performance by the lead couple of Udaan - Sooraj (Vijayendra Kumeria) and Chakor (Meera Deosthale) and Naagin 2 - Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) and Shivangi (Mouni Roy), is on the cards. The 4 finalists will also be seen interacting with the cast of the channel's new show, Dil Se Dil Tak - Parth (Sidharth Shukla) and Shorvori (Rashami Desai). Adding a touch of fun to the evening will be Neha Dhupia and Sohail Khan accompanied by their battalion of little comedians from their upcoming comedy show Chhote Miyan.
The music quotient will also flow as Rising Star’s expert Shankar Mahadevan interacts with Salman, talking about their LIVE and interactive show, which will be aired soon.

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