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Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 3, 19th October: War of words continues; Monalisa wants to quit

Bigg Boss 10 has kicked off on a rather entertaining note. The crazy mix of Indiawale (commoners) and celebrities is creating a lot of drama with the celebs as ‘sevaks‘ and the common folk as‘ maaliks‘ of the house.

This means the celebrities have to oblige all requests made by the aam aadmis, without any questions asked. Needless to say the latter are taking full advantage of this situation.

It’s day three and like the previous two days, commoners Manu Punjabi and Priyanka Jagga continue to dominate. They don’t lose a single opportunity in making the lives of celebrities miserable. Both seem to be overdoing it obviously to grab attention and also because both are in the danger zone this week.

 Bigg Boss Season 10 Episode 3, 19th October: War of words continues; Monalisa wants to quit

The celebrities bond over the 'Raaz' task.

When Priyanka says, “This is a war between the common man and celebrities and I can’t let the commoners lose,” she’s clearly aiming for the masses’ votes in the smartest possible manner.

But the fact remains that the commoners so far have been successful in giving sleepless nights to the celebrities. In the wee hours of the night, the commoners hold a secret meeting in the washroom area and decide to ‘trouble’ the celebrities. Priyanka succeeds in provoking Om Swami to demand food late in the night on the pretext of having a medicine. Swami orders Monalisa to make food for him and she loses her cool.

The dining table then heats up with an  argument between Om Swami and Rahul Dev, wherein the latter calls the former a ‘tharki buddha'. Soon after another argument breaks between Priyanka and Rohan Mehra. Priyanka even punishes Rohan (she can as a result of being a 'maalik' and asks him to wash her clothes in the middle of the night.

Each day, Om Swami is turning out be a player; perhaps just right for this controversial show. Swami whispers into Navin’s ears in the bathroom that Gaurav Chopra is manipulating Akanksha Sharma by telling her that he will marry her. Then, Swami apologises to Lopamudra Raut for speaking inappropriately to her. Swami is seen warming up to both the parties – commoners as well as the celebrities and as a result his own team member Manu calls him ‘double dholki’.

When Gaurav informs the commoners that Om Swami is bad mouthing them behind their backs, it leaves the commoners in a state of shock and they soon realise that the Swami is playing a double game


Priyanka Jagga and Manu Punjabi. The 'Indiawaale' who are nominated this week.

So far it is only a handful of contestants from both the teams who are actively involved in the game. The rest are keeping low profile as of now, or perhaps don’t know how to handle a volatile situation. Manu is shown wondering that why his teammate Manveer Gujjar hasn't been taking any stand over various issues. Strangely, celebrity contestant VJ Bani, who comes across as a strong personality, is keeping a distance from controversies. However, she stands by her teammates whenever the commoners ‘attack’ any of them.

In the midst of all this, Bigg Boss introduces two more riddles and asks the celebrities to decode the secret. For those who missed the previous episodes, this is a part of the first luxury budget task wherein celebs have to match dark secrets with relevant commoners.

If the celebs win this luxury budget task, they will become the masters of the house. So a lot is at stake with this one for the celebrities. While the celebrities are able to get one right, they fail in the other. Adding some more twist to the game, Bigg Boss introduces the bubble task where the ‘maliks’ now have the liberty to tie down the ‘sevaks’ by locking their ankles to a chain and prevent them from discussing the riddles with each other.

Amid all this, it looks like Mona Lisa aka Antara Biswas is not able to face the constant fights in the house, because while everyone is busy getting into these massive war of words, the Bhojpuri star goes up to the camera and breaks down.

BB10 Day 3 (5)

A fight erupts between Rohan Mehra, Swami Om and other Indiawaale.

Is she really fed up, or could it also be to gain sympathy of the audience? We can only guess at this point. Gaurav — who continues to keep his calm — Priyanka and Manu are the others who are also in the danger zone right in the first week, and all three are playing their games pretty well to move out of the danger zone.

Lot of drama awaits today, on Day four, with another major fight breaking between Rohan and Priyanka, after the former drops water on the latter. As a punishment she will send Rohan to the jail, which will finally get its first inmate in the current season. Tempers are sure to rise.

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Updated Date: Oct 21, 2016 18:25:28 IST

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