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Bigg Boss 10: Controversies await eliminated contestants Priyanka Jagga, Akansha Sharma

Priyanka Jagga from Delhi was the first contestant to be evicted from Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10, in the very first week. This weekend, it was Akansha Sharma, also from the Indiawale team, who was evicted.

Both the ousted contestants have controversies waiting for them outside the Bigg Boss house.

Priyanka Jagga (L); Akansha Sharma (R)

Priyanka Jagga (L); Akansha Sharma (R)

Priyanka’s alleged ex-boyfriend, Gautam Arora, recently made some shocking statements about the contestant, who wreaked havoc during her one-week stint inside the Bigg Boss house with her rude and aggressive behaviour. Priyanka told Firstpost that she will be taking legal action against him. Gautam, who is a DJ, claimed that Priyanka has been estranged from her husband for more than three years. Not just that, Gautam said that he dated Priyanka for four to five months and also went on to 'reveal' that her profile of a marketing recruiter is a fake one and that she 'can do anything for money'.

Sounding distressed with these accusations, Priyanka said, “If you saw the premiere episode of Bigg Boss 10, you obviously also must have seen my kids saying that I can’t cook and that my husband cooks for everyone. Will a seven-year-old kid lie, that too on national television? We celebrated my son’s birthday on 3 October and my husband was very much there with all of us. So even if I was separated, why wouldn’t I talk about it while I was inside the house? Why would I post my husband’s picture on my Facebook? And would the audience not accept me just because I was separated from my husband?”

About Gautam claiming that he was her ex-boyfriend, Priyanka said: “He has one group picture shot in a club with both of us in it and he’s forging that picture and showing it to the entire world. He will definitely pay the price for this 'character assassination' because I am filing a defamation suit against him. We are taking legal action.”

While Akansha had a quiet exit, her entry into the Bigg Boss house stirred enough controversy with her declaration that she was cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s former sister-in-law. Akansha was married to Yuvraj’s younger brother Zoravar for four months. However, the couple has been estranged for nearly two-and-a-half years ago. Akansha clearly said on Bigg Boss that the problems were not between her and Zoravar, or Yuvraj, but with their mother Shabnam Singh. She also said that she would soon be obtaining her divorce, and that her purpose of being on the show — when Salman Khan quizzed her about it — was to start life afresh after a bad marriage. Not too pleased with the “revelations” made by Akansha, Shabnam told Firstpost. “First of all, the matter is sub judice and neither Akanksha, nor any of us, are allowed to talk about it. It is contempt of court; the matter will come up for hearing in some time.” Apparently, Shabnam had threatened to take action against Akansha if she continued talking about their family issues on national television.

But this has not stopped Akansha, an aspiring actor, from speaking her mind. After she was evicted from the house, she told Firstpost, “Let her (Shabnam) do what she wants to, I am willing to face the consequences. She cannot put pressure on me and stop me from talking. She cannot muffle my voice. I believe in karma and hence god gave me the opportunity, an outlet to voice my opinion. There is something called freedom of speech and expression. I know the kind of ideology she represents, she believes in slavery. I gave her enough opportunity to sort out our issues but she didn’t let it happen.”

However, Akansha wasn’t too surprised being voted out. “I knew it coming. I take some time to open up and I had not yet warmed up to my stay inside the house or to the contestants, so obviously I wasn’t doing much on the show. Since I wasn’t playing the game well then why would people vote for me? Unlike others I can’t react aggressively to trivial issues. Many other contestants are good at fights, getting attention and they are getting more camera time as well. People like Om Swami, Manu (Punjabi), Manveer (Gujjar) are good at creating hype but I am not comfortable doing all that, that’s not me,” said Akanksha, further adding, “But I wish I could have got some more time to voice my opinions, my ideologies and showed my personality to the nation, and if I get the opportunity to come back on a wild card entry I would be happy.”

Meanwhile, Priyanka felt that the celebrities who began as the ‘sevaks’ on the show, were spoilsports and not adept at playing the game. Justifying her aggression on the show, she said, “It was just a game and celebrities were given the responsibility of handling the kitchen but they didn’t know how to make chapatis or even cut lemon. Rahul Dev once asked me whether he should be putting garlic in dal with its skin. If I was made the sevak, I would have even pressed their feet if told to. Due to my aggression people started calling me Dolly Bindra (former controversial contestant on Bigg Boss) but I will be fine if I am given the title of Khalnayika.”

Updated Date: Oct 31, 2016 11:11 AM

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