Big Boss 10, Episode 79, 3 January, 2017: Bani J condemned for leaving the task midway

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10, the contestants got the chance to win back the amount that was deducted (Rs 35 lakhs) from their total prize money of Rs 50 lakh. Pre-empting the task that they are soon going to be subjected to, the housemates wake up to the song Main Maal Gaadi. With almost the entire house now turned against Bani, Manveer and Manu start the day by talking about her indifferent behaviour and how she spends most of her time cooking or eating something.

Pointing out the new friendship blooming between Lopa and Bani, Mona teases her (Lopa) while Manu and Manveer do the opposite and advise her that they should continue talking to each other. As the day progresses, M3 (Manu, Manveer and Mona) are seen having a discussion about Nitibha in the kitchen area where they say that she is following Bani’s footsteps as she feels that she can survive in the game alone just like Bani. At the same time, Rohan finds solace in having a conversation with Bani and tells her that he is completely disheartened by Lopa’s behaviour as she ignores his comments and tries to put him down all the time. Bani also becomes the go-to person for Nitibha as she vents outs about M3 undermining her and having least expectations from her. Bani provokes her further saying that M3 were talking about her that she (Nitibha) has isolated herself and was getting too ambitious.

Big Boss season 10

Big Boss season 10

Later in the day, Bigg Boss calls Rohan and Mona in the confession room to discuss a task wherein the contestants will get the chance to win back the amount that was deducted (Rs 35 lakhs) from their prize money. Bigg Boss tell them to attribute a certain amount against the names of the rest of the housemates. They attribute the highest amount to Lopa (Rs 11 lakhs) and Manveer followed by Manu and Bani, while they bid the lowest on Swami Om and Nitibha. Bigg Boss tells Rohan and Mona that they cannot disclose the amount to the rest of the contestants and if they do so, the task will be terminated.

Elaborating on the task, Bigg Boss tells Rohan and Mona that they will act as the jailers in Maalgaadi task while the rest of the housemates will be the prisoners. The rules of the game are simple. Whenever the gong is sounded, Rohan and Mona need to release one member from jail and the amount attributed to their name will be credited to the winning amount. The person who is named will also lose their chance to contend for captaincy. If any contestant quits in between the sirens, they will lose out on the prize money attributed to them but will become a contender for captaincy. If the task is completed, the prize money will once again become Rs 50 lakh. Nitibha, Lopa and Bani are seen discussing the merits of leaving the task for captaincy as well as the benefits of winning a higher prize. The discussion ends with an argument between Nitibha and Bani. Rohan and Mona are required to continuously rotate the levers placed near the engine while the prisoners have to survive for a considerable amount of time inside the jail.

As soon as the task begins, Manu and Manveer strategise and etch out a plan to survive in the task. After a couple of hours, Manu tells Mona that he is feeling uncomfortable and wants to use the washroom. Mona remains tongue-tied but hints that Manu needs to stay on the maalgaadi for a longer time and Manu obliges. After contemplating for a while, Bani decides to join the captaincy race and escape from the jail. Upset about her decision of giving up on the task once again, Lopa reminds her of her new year resolution that she had announced in front of everyone but Bani says that she can earn money anytime. All the contestants go against Bani for giving up so soon.

Soon after Bani quits, Swami Om returns to the house. The self-proclaimed holy man was out of the Bigg Boss house to attend a court case for which he has a non-bailable warrant and he is asked to be a part of the task. On his entry, he too is placed as a prisoner in jail. When told that if he walks out from the ‘jail’ he will be able to contend for captaincy, he immediately takes the keys and starts to unlock himself – to everyone’s dismay! The other housemates try stopping him but he is adamant! The moment the first siren rings, Om opens his handcuffs and escapes the jail by breaking the rules. Om gets a thrashing from Bigg Boss saying that he should go back in the ‘jail’. He refuses. Bigg Boss announces that he won’t be eligible to be the captain. Mona and Rohan pick Lopa to be released. Mona makes Om go back to the jail and he exits the jail again after five minutes. Later, the task comes to an end after Bigg Boss’ announcement.

The housemates bitch about Bani J leaving the task midway right on her face. Upset about her decision of giving up on the task once again. Meanwhile, in a late night conversation, Lopa is heard telling Rohan that Bani is getting friendly with him for her selfish motive and that it was her strategy, but Rohan tries to explain to Lopa that Bani was looking for friends after Gaurav left the house. Lopa gets angry at Rohan and throws stuff at him when he refuses to agree with her. And tomorrow, on the second day of the Maalgaadi task we will see how Manu, Manveer and Nitibha will choose prize money and lose captaincy.

Updated Date: Jan 04, 2017 00:38 AM

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