2015 Range Rover Evoque SD4 Prestige road test review

The new locally assembled Evoque is now much more affordable and now has a 9-speed gearbox. Is that one too many?

Overdrive May 24, 2015 08:30:01 IST
2015 Range Rover Evoque SD4 Prestige road test review

After clocking many miles behind multiple wheels of all shapes and sizes, I have come to the conclusion that seven is the perfect number of gears. The lower ratios closely packed provide punchy acceleration while the top two or three are in the pursuit of better efficiency. Many luxury cars now come with 8-speed automatics as standard and while they work perfectly well in our environment. I have never once found myself wishing for more gears. But Range Rover thinks otherwise and aside from a shiny new price tag, the now locally assembled Evoque also gets a new 9-speed gearbox.

The 2.2-litre engine is the same as before with 190PS of power and 420Nm of torque. But replacing the aged 6-speed gearbox is ...

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