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From Rs 270 crore to 7,090 crore, what makes IPL teams such a sought after investment

The world of IPL cricket has changed unbelievably since 2008, when Lalit Modi put together the concept of franchise cricket to subvert and demolish the rebel ICL.

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Traditional media awaits paradigm shift as sports move towards direct fan engagement

Direct fan engagement is not a one-off phenomenon. Technology has made traditional mediums of engagement redundant, or at least less relevant in the emerging world order, and sports coverage is no exception.


Emerging trends, technological boost has put India on cusp of sporting revolution

A wholly unexpected chain of events has put India on the cusp of a sporting revolution. It has taken a long time coming. But the signs are there to be seen.

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IPL 2020: BCCI’s decision to retain Chinese sponsors a pragmatic, rather than emotional step

The calls for BCCI to boycott Chinese sponsors, including Vivo, can be described as a knee-jerk reaction that rather than helping the cause would only end up in shooting Indian sport in the foot.

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BCCI awaits for Supreme Court to hear board's appeal as it seeks to overcome challenges on multiple fronts

The truth is, BCCI and Indian cricket desperately need leadership to overcome the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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UAE likely to take the cake as postponement of T20 World Cup opens window for IPL 2020

With the ICC postponing T20 World Cup, the IPL Governing Council looks keen to conduct the T20 league in UAE, subject to government's nod.

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Why money-churning IPL is eminently central to BCCI's immediate fortunes and how the league affects other cricket boards' revenue structure

The alternative of IPL not taking place this year could leave a trail of pain and hardship for Indian cricket. BCCI itself would be hit by a double whammy – substantial loss in revenue coupled with a pointless increase in expenditure.

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Smart wearables could be key to shining the ball in post COVID-19 cricket world

With the onus being on shining the ball, smart-material cricket clothing is headed in another path-breaking direction.

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As sporting action resumes in post COVID world, it is time to reimagine IPL with new realities

Even as broadcasters would grapple hard to create an atmosphere for the viewer, it must be accepted that IPL, in particular, and sport, in general, will seem very different for some time to come.

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In absence of cricketing action due to COVID-19 crisis, Vanuatu becomes hot bed for betting

Vanuatu, a volcanic archipelago of around 80 tiny islands in the south Pacific Ocean, is probably the only nation which has not been hit by COVID-19. Yet tourism, its main stay, has been severely crushed by world-wide travel restrictions.

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Ian Chappell's LBW theory will do more harm than good, bringing back days of unimaginative cricket

All bowlers are capable of bowling down the leg side but very few batsmen can survive if constantly attacked from outside the leg stump.

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BCCI needs to draw up a compact and manageable plan to salvage its domestic cricket

Certainly, the start of the Indian domestic season is some months away. But considering that local leagues, coaching camps, age-group matches and the run-up to it have been disrupted across the country, BCCI should use the coming weeks and do some strategic planning.

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BCCI must step up to lead world cricket out of COVID-19 crisis by drawing up an action plan

More than ever before, world cricket needs a strong and united BCCI to take the lead. The situation is ripe to reverse the wrongs of the ICC gang-up against a CoA-weakened BCCI. The obvious way to ensure this would be to stage IPL as soon as the COVID-19 threat is overcome and then drawing up an action plan to leverage the brand and advantages of the Big Three.


Coronavirus outbreak isn't responsible for newspaper industry woes; over-reliance on ads and poor pricing strategy to blame

In these times of the coronavirus pandemic, one of the unhealthiest industries around is the newspaper (print) industry. Most of its troubles are of its own making, but going by its matchless chutzpah, you would not think it was so

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Coronavirus Outbreak: With no cricket around, ICC must revisit short-ball rules to ensure safety of lower-order batsmen

Maybe ICC could well use these lockdown days to find ways to make the game safer for tailenders. A Phil Hughes-fate awaits some tailenders unless ICC acts fast.

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How BCCI should fight likely financial instability caused due to coronavirus outbreak

Even as BCCI tightens its belt, it needs to ensure that its cash cow, IPL, gets off the ground at the earliest. Perhaps the window that permitted state leagues like KPL, TNPL, etc to be staged during August- September is an opportunity.

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Time for cricket to clean up unhygienic practices from the sport in light of coronavirus pandemic

The international sporting calendar might swing back to life sometime in the future. But some of sport, particularly cricket’s appallingly unhygienic practices must be done away with from the grassroots level to the top.

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IPL 2020: Organising T20 League during coronavirus pandemic is disaster waiting to happen

The staging of the IPL is a logistics nightmare at the best of times and now in times of a coronavirus pandemic, it could be a disaster waiting to happen

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BCCI's decision to make national selectors attend team meetings defies logic and opens door to potential leaks

On the eve of India’s commendable ODI series win over Australia, BCCI astonishingly put out a message that its selectors would have to make themselves available to attend team meetings.

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India vs Australia: Immaculate planning, clinical execution underline hosts' series win in Bengaluru

India's on-the-fly planning in the absence of Shikhar Dhawan fell into place brilliantly and ensured that Sunday night at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium would be a triumphant one.